2020 I’m going to be sharing here a bit about my personal journey through 2020. Disclaimer here is that I honor the natural year cycle, and not the Gregorian year one, which I regard as fakery (or f@ckery). That said, for me, the new year I’m going to tag as 2021 is beginning, in an actual timing with the cosmos, now, as the first new moon in Aries, the 11th of this month of April. Beyond this, I will also be riffing a bit on the collective one, which is always, in my estimation, a chaotic and very diverse mix of our individual journeys seeping into the pool of collective energies and (sub) consciousness we all share.

What a year! I say this with a grin, since I know this statement and its tone is going to find few, if any at all, disagreeing with it. This last year has had more than enough of disagreeing about anything and everything, enough to last me a long, long time. I doubt I will find much disagreement with this statement either.

Though it has been a couple of years now since I have felt like writing much (at least in the blogging sense), on a personal level, all of my everything came home to roost endlessly in my own lap. I struggled to find the energy to even deal with everyday tasks, suffering some serious health issues, which asked me to bring all my mastery and self care up, up, up, in order to even be able to function at all. So, my personal journey through 2020 was very physical and personal indeed.

However, in spite of not blogging much, I still have a whole lot of energy in networking with Gaia Scene forum and members. My personal stream of communications goes on as always, so this part didn’t change; if anything, it got deeper and more profound.

The collective experience of 2020 was, from what I could tell from internet scanning, pretty shocking and terrible. Of course, we all know (at least those I hang out with) that REAL life exists beyond all the hype and the narratives pushed out relentlessly by any and all with agendas to do so and the money or juice to finance this push.

Much has changed in the last year for me though. Much of this is related to self management, in a very boots on the ground way. In spite of the intense focus needed to deal with health issues that were very physical, I think the real mastery challenge this year was all about the attitudes I have and the values I hold dear.

2020 has asked me to both review, and also recommit to, whatever this is for me. This process has been intense, and on a level where I truly just don’t care about what I don’t care about, and I just don’t care what anyone may think of this. In a very real way, dealing with illness left me not enough energy to care about what I deem to be the false, the trivial, or the stupid.

The main theme and question this last year of 2020 brought me was all about values, and therefore, also about meanings. Who is responsible for assigning values and meanings? This is where the buck stops here. Right here and right now. With ME.

I can see the collective chaos and confusion and all the narratives and agendas swirling and entangling many people, enough so, that I think I might choose this theme to be a main theme in general for 2020. The individual challenges in such a theme remain the same, even as the individual experiences springing from this are varied.

How has 2020 affected your attitudes, your own personal values and meanings? I truly doubt that anyone has been left untouched by 2020 in some deep and very profound way.

My wish is that this be the very thing that brings forth the greatest good and the most abundance in everything that matters. My belief is that it has and it will continue to do so.

Original @ Notes From the Center of the Spiral.

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