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3. Out of the Blue (triptych painted in oil on panel in 2013)

The expression ‘out of the blue’ stands for unexpected and sudden happenings, and is related to spiritual changes we expect to happen in this world. Blue is also an important color for ideals and spiritual development.

The world around us is changing in a rapid rate and these changes seem to come out of the blue. But …I do not believe in so-called coincidences….

In my view, these changes are what humanity has been working on for many ages, for some people more than others, but everyone is involved, consciously or not.

Without being able to indicate a clear plan or an overall general picture for our near future, I presume there absolutely is a major Divine Plan.

Central in this triptych is (again) Horus, as Peregrine Falcon, guarding and overseeing the changes in our world. These changes are’ in the air’ so to say, and given here as vibrating waves, patterns and colors.

The landscape contains several ancient mythological elements (Buddha, White Horses from Wiltshire) and (of course) an almost endless row of trees pointing towards the central Tree (of Life).

More so than many of my paintings, this one has a high level of spiritual feeling in it (for me).

artist: Peter van Beek

artist: Peter van Beek

More of my paintings can be seen on my websites: (only Dutch language)

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