It is about the shift of our 3D reality, where banks, corporates and the 1% filthy rich almost succeeded to own us and everything. But we are determined to make the shift towards a World (with everything) for Everybody. I tried to make use of light, colors and frequencies and show our final aim as a Holy Grail, on which the 4 apocalyptic horsemen ride the edges.

And from the turmoil of our time a New World rises. High Spirits guard our process.

I like the poem that Andrea has put in another topic ( The Day out of Time), because this poem almost exactly tells what (I think) is happening:

The Galactic Affirmation for this Year is:

“I Dissolve in order to Catalyze
Releasing Energy
I Seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Spectral Tone of Liberation
I am Guided by My Own Power Doubled.” (1)


(1) The Galactic Calendar, (meaning of Blue Spectral Storm, which is the iconic Mayan Calendar symbol for 2016).

More of my paintings can be seen on my websites: (only in Dutch language)

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