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new world

4. New World (painted oil on canvas in 2015)

For two very dear friends of mine that sometimes find themselves almost lost in the turmoil of their lives, I painted this as a token of hope for our near future.

A New World is born around us. Preferrably without mega-companies, corporates, big countries, groups of countries or other big-sized organizations that only work through legalized theft, power and ego-tripping. They that just want to rob our world and leave our Nature completely destroyed and without any future.

Let us hope a New World is born, built on a more human-size and properties; and where every individual is valued and honored, each having their own responsibilities. A world without money or power groups and without politics. But a world based on love for our Nature and each other.

Maybe it still is a big dream, that I like to dream, but I keep on dreaming Big.

More of my paintings can be seen on my websites: (only in Dutch language)

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