predictionsIt seems that everyone wants to know what the future holds in store for us. We invest so much time and effort in planning and creating our futures, it’s no wonder we are concerned about how things will turn out.

Some people will go to a psychic reader to get input. Others will just worry a lot. Some people are able to simply live in the moment and don’t worry about their futures, but they are in the minority.

Do psychics really see the future? If so, how do they do it?

These questions require some not so simple answers. Not all psychics function the same. Some are better at seeing probable futures than others are.

Some psychics don’t look at possible future events. They may look at people and events and provide clarification; others may be able to communicate with those on the other side and receive information. Some psychics have multiple abilities.

As to the question, do psychics really see the future; some have the ability to see potential future outcomes very clearly. They may work with their spiritual guides, angels or others on the other side to do this.

Some psychics will see pictures. Others get impressions. Still others communicate with their ‘advisers’. Some readers are able to access our akashic records and get some very useful information.

It’s interesting to note that there are many excellent psychics who channel higher-level beings from the other side, but because they do so in a trance, they don’t remember anything about the material they channel. Often it is these higher-level beings who are able to have access to information which may often not be available to others. These beings may be either be ascended masters, angels, archangels, or sometimes ETs who are highly placed within the galactic governing bodies.

I have said elsewhere that the future is available probabilities which exist. That is because we all have free choice and can change our future probabilities in a split second. If someone else makes a decision that changes their future it may also affect your future, or mine. Some probable future events are more locked-in than others. There will also be alternatives for situations where options are available to us, but we have not yet decided what to do.

In the past I have done some readings and I was able to confirm the accuracy of those readings. However, that is not where my interest lies. Primarily what I am able to do is see more global outcomes.

I can remember reading in business publications about certain business leaders that were being touted as the person who was going to change the fortunes of a certain company. I often had an inner knowing that was not the case. (I personally knew nothing about these individuals; only what was written about them.)

I was able to see things about these business icons that was very negative. Over time, when that was my vision, I came to see these former leaders subsequently either get fired and discredited or, worse, convicted and sent to prison. This happened many times.

Why I was able to see these things I do not know. Now, when I have such an impression I acknowledge it.

I have discovered that I also am able to see coming trends that will affect society. It’s been very interesting to follow these and see the outcomes. Especially in this current time we live in, it’s becoming more and more helpful to be able to see at least some of the trends which will be unfolding.

How do I receive this information? For me it is a knowingness. I just receive an idea and know that it is going to manifest, or I know that something is untrue.

In the past there have been some knowings that simply seemed unable to be the case given all available evidence, but time proved them to be one hundred percent correct.

So now, when I get an impression I acknowledge it.

I suggest that you can also develop these abilities for yourself. When you do ‘see’ or ‘know’ something and it comes to pass, it is important to acknowledge it.

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