sacred-vent-spaceWith the ever intensifying energies of this now moment, we find an increased need for processing emotions.  Much is being revealed about our world, and with those revelations comes strong reactions and emotional turmoil.  We may even be finding out that what we thought was true, is not in the least bit so.

Spiritual Hacks Related to Emotions

Many on the spiritual path came to the side of the trail via various teachings that were good up to a point, but leave us cold at the moment.  In my personal estimation, one of the biggest hacks to moving forward spiritually is acceptance of what is.

Acceptance isn’t surrendering to what is and working to feel OK with it. Acceptance is accepting in this now moment that things present as they do, with the full divine sovereign knowledge that we, as creator beings, can indeed change what is, through our creative application of our focused energy.

It is a given that life changes from moment to moment, and when we focus our energy in a circuitous loop, trying to accept this very now moment, we give away our power. We can waste tremendous amounts of time and energy trying to feel ok about things that are absolutely not ok and are not meant to be on our path or a part of our sovereign energy field.

A second hack that I see consistently in those walking the spiritual path, that holds them back significantly in moving forward, is the basics of the law of attraction. When broken down to its teaching kernel, we have ‘you get what you think about’.  I would posit that we actually get what we vibrate about. The hack is in the fear of thinking and feeling anything that we don’t want to happen.

Many speak about policing their thoughts and feelings so as not to add specific energy and focus to the things they do not wish to create. Emotions pop up organically when we interact with reality, and instead of dealing with them in a natural way, many try to reject them, or begin to fear them as they could lead to creating something that they do not wish to manifest in their lives. Placing the brain and the heart in a false and convoluted check and balance situation, in an effort to control what we attract is also a huge energy drain.

Emotions As Energy Signals From The Soul

All beings experience contrast related to the things that they do not wish to manifest in their fields. This is simply the soul sending an intuitive message that states loudly and clearly, ‘This energy is not a part of my path. This energy is not meant to be included in my energy field’.

The emotions and the contrast exist, nonetheless, and many mistakenly take this to mean they are attracting the very things they do not want, because they have taken these spiritual hacks to heart. Instead of seeing these emotions and feelings as simple reminders of the soul’s path and purpose, a fine tuning of the path, if you will, they see them as portents of what is to come.

We get to choose, in every moment, what energy we allow to spin out in our own Divine Sovereign Free Will energy field. This is our own. It is an extension of our celestial higher self here on planet. This is our only responsibility on planet at this time; to recognize and care for our own energy field and tend to its focus that we chose before incarnation.

This focus and responsibility is true for every incarnated being. No exceptions. Each being is, in fact, eternal and sovereign, no matter how they appear to us in our focus. Asleep, awake, evolved, devolved, they are Divine. End of story.

Their experiences, and by extension the experiences of all beings at all times, in all parallel realities are valid. No incarnations could have occurred without previous agreement on a soul level. Again, no exceptions. This is how it works in the Metatronic Universe in which we currently exist. It has always been this way.

The experiences of others; the issues, energy, constructs, history and beliefs, are all a choice. We can choose, by intuition and following the inspiration of our hearts, to include these things, or by intuition and following the contraction of our hearts, to exclude these things.

When we get quiet, and really listen to the signals of our body, emotion and hearts, the choices become very clear.  I am exceedingly grateful for these intuitive emotional messages from my soul that help me fine tune my path, coming into more direct alignment with my soul’s focus, which was agreed upon prior to incarnating.

Rejecting Emotions

Many of those on the spiritual path have, out of habit, training or adherence to a certain spiritual teaching, become uncomfortable with expressing strong emotions that are deemed dark. Judgements (which are just more hacks to keep us from moving forward) have rejected emotions such as anger, rage, irritation, frustration and the like, in favor of emotions like love, bliss, joy and peace.

What happens in this case is that beings experience emotions in a normal and natural way, and instead of responding in a normal and natural way by feeling these emotions fully, processing them and releasing them, they block them and stuff them back down because they are deemed ‘unspiritual’.

Those emotions do not go away. Emotions are energetic constructs. They are creations. They do not disappear, and they have to go somewhere.  When stuffed back down into the body and denied, they can indeed cause havoc in the physical structure. When hidden back inside the brain, they continue to travel and pop up in hopes of release, coloring the experience of the being in more and more shocking ways until they can’t be ignored any longer.

Working With Energy Constructs: The Creation Of The Sacred Vent Space

A number of years ago, this all came through loud and clear for me, and in discussion with others on the spiritual path, I learned that their lives also confirmed this to be so. Emotions are natural. They are signals from our soul and intuition to indicate the inclusion or exclusion of energy constructs from our personal energy field.

Emotions are momentary indicators and must be expressed and processed in the now moment for them to do the job they were designed to do.  Try to hold emotions back, stuff them, or dilute them, and their energy will try to break free in unwanted ways.

Many are also unaware that as creator beings, we can construct our own energy tools, and set their parameters. Just like a coder writes a computer program, we can develop the skill to write our own programs that direct how our energy field handles different situations.  Everyone has this skill, but few apply it.

I have been tremendously blessed to work with beings who understand how to create energy constructs and define their processes and intentions. We all came together from different paths and with varied skill sets, and have used these skills in the creation of the Gaia Scene Community Forum and Gaia Scenics’ View.  One of the first times we worked with energy construct creation was in the development and use of The Sacred Vent Space. (1)

I brought the basics of The Sacred Vent Space with me to our group and we fine tuned it along the way.  What we wanted to achieve was the creation of a safe space of witness, where all emotions can be expressed, blessed, witnessed and released to be recycled to the highest light to the Universe.

A deep sense of love for all beings interacting within the construct was important as well, especially when sharing emotions anyone may feel are related to another being.  The love for all beings was anchored implicitly, even if a being brought up anger or rage in another. The point of the vent was to process the emotions fully, without judgement, so that the situation eventually shifts back to love and balance.

We wanted to create a space where energy was released and transmuted, and did not contribute to our shared creation through its present emotionally distorted focus. We desired to birth an energetic vessel, out of time and creation, in order to witness and honor how we are feeling when experiencing the intuition of our souls related to energy that we do not want to include in our personal energy fields.

We understood that focusing on the emotions that come up when we looked at what we did NOT want in our lives and energy fields was just as valuable as the emotions that came up when we looked at what we DID want in our lives. We wanted to honor these guideposts of spirit completely, by expressing the emotions fully, and returning them to balance with love and gratitude to Source.

Intentionally Creating the Sacred Vent Space

We created an opening of the space to flow; a process, an invocation and a closing of the space.  In fact, the sacred space can be invoked, or it can be set to ‘auto-pilot’, opening, processing emotions, releasing them with blessings to be recycled by the Universe, and closed when the ‘user’ comes back to balance and love. (2)

The Sacred Vent Space can be used alone, or in a group that maintains a Circle of Trust.  This circle can be a small as our own heart space, where we develop trust in our own self to treat the body, inner child and mind (gently) and in a non-judgmental way.  This circle of trust is based on sacred witness and implies that all sharing is released and recycled to the Universe and goes no further than the circle.

In situations that involve deep healing or information that a being is frightened to share, ‘The Vault’ can also be invoked as an overlay to The Sacred Vent Space. Invoking The Vault indicates that the information shared is very sensitive and the user wishes only for witness to their process, and assistance with the releasing of the energy. They are not looking, in any way, for advice or evaluation and they require the deepest levels of privacy and respect from the Circle of Trust in that moment.

Invoking The Sacred Vent Space

To invoke The Sacred Vent Space, for yourself or in a group, begin the process with deep gratitude to the Universe and this earthly plane.  If you wish to call in any guardians, guides or angels, as is your custom, feel free to do so. Whatever makes you truly comfortable in creating a safe and trusted space for yourself and others is perfect for this process.

Imagine your life stream, through which you create the path of your life and co-create experiences with others, disconnecting from the creation space. I liken the process to a human heart that is preparing for cardiac surgery. The surgeons hook the circulatory system up to a blood recirculating machine, so that the heart can be taken offline and repaired.

Once the repair is complete, the surgeons reconnect the heart to the circulatory system and the heart goes back online.  In this case, the construct is taking the life blood of creation, which is energy, offline so that work can be done, and when it is complete, the energy of creation comes back online.

Once the vent space is invoked the being can either silently or out loud, alone or in a group, VENT–RAGE-SCREAM–CRY–whatever they need to do to release the distorted energy.  A friend recently shared that she has even beaten a pillow or pounded a stick into the ground to release energy that was very physical in nature.  There are no expression rules within this space, and letting your human self hang out fully with all its extremes is fully encouraged. Letting go, releasing, purging and shaking loose of what must go is the key to getting the most out of this process.

The witnesses hold the space of love, for the highest good of all to unfold perfectly, and stay with the sharer in that space for as long as it takes for the emotions related to the vent to be fully processed.

At the conclusion of the vent, those present ask that the energy be recycled with love and gratitude for the highest good of all.

The Circle of Trust stays in a space of purely honoring their own feelings and those of others in a Witness mode. Unless otherwise expressly requested by the focal sharer, the witnesses offer no advice, only support. At all times the witnesses express no judgement, only love. Simply RELEASE!

We then thank the space, knowing that any baggage that needs to be released is released and that the Universe can handle it, as we are fully supported by the Universe simply because we are beloved children of the Universe. And it is so.

 The Sacred Vent Space then closes and the energy of creation comes back online.

This construct can be used to process emotions and experiences individually, with a group, or within a group. After using this sacred space for a while, and getting comfortable with the process, you may find it extremely useful when conflict develops between beings.  It is a wonderful way to process information, misunderstandings and hurt feelings, and can help shift relationships quickly back into balance.

The Sacred Vent Space has been a tremendous benefit for me personally, and it can be used in many areas of our lives. I silently invoke it whenever I hear a being complain or bemoan anything, whether they are consciously on the path or not.

It is also a process that invites fine-tuning and practicing with constructive application of energy management skills. I invite everyone to play with the concept and see how it feels, as I am deeply grateful for the Sacred Vent Space and see it as a magnificent blessing in my life.


(1)  It is important to note that any being can create their own energy constructs all by themselves. A group is not necessary at all, but it is sometimes enjoyable to co-create a construct.

(2)  Our Sacred Vent Space is merely an example of a process that any being is able to create. The process is presented here as a tool to invite beings to practice with the creation of energy constructs to assist their path. As always, please listen to the calling of your own soul and group when investigating new ways to engage with energy. Your soul knows what is best for you.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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