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It’s been truly fascinating to watch the current explosion of awakening going on, with all the expose actions on alternative media platforms. The Q phenomenon, and all the geo-political awakening happening full bore, especially among some younger people, is what I’m talking about.

For some of us, this geo-political awakening process is like a milestone, one we recall passing a long time ago now. Regardless, it’s inspiring to watch it all takes place in a much broader demographic at this time. It’s a wonder of chaotic, and yet encouraging, messiness.

It’s encouraging, simply because this type of awakening encourages people to begin the process of doing their own thinking. It does not, however, force this, only bringing forth an environment where it is encouraged.

We still get to see the standard fare of conditioning going on in this chaos too. People come out and wave the flags of polarity in everyone’s faces, for instance. We see groups of people huddled together under banners of good vs evil of different varieties. Which is which depends on who you ask. 

It would be rather comical if it weren’t for how tragicly naive this is. It’s simply the same old game plan with a shiny new visage. Divide and conquer by division. Political parties, skin color, gender, religious affiliations. What a ridiculous free for all it is.

A part of me loves the immaturity and naivete of this youthful enthusiasm. Another part of me wants to shout out, please grow up!

None of what is coming to the surface to be exposed right now is anything new. Unfortunately, many henious things have been going on for a very, very long time now. 

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that his parents, while informing him of the wisdom in the Torah, talked about some people who sacrificed children thousands of years ago. I’d venture to suggest that they haven’t stopped doing so, and we see this evidence coming to the surface to see.

But this is only one branch of the giant tree of disclosure in the process of happening right now. There are many more branches all blooming with great profusion at this time. We have yet to see what will bear fruit from all this avalanche of information and of expose. And, how we see the process and feel about it is also another question.

Much of it is unbearably ugly, and yet, I find it encouraging anyway that it is now more and more difficult to keep the lies hidden from public view. No way do bad things stop happening just because I can’t bear to think about them. 

My heart goes out to those who are just now coming to understand how evil has been going on in the world and how much our tendency to avoid wishing to know about it has supported it. There is also no prize for understanding this sooner, as many of us have. It doesn’t get any less ugly, any way it happens.

So, let the expose continue, on all levels and in all areas. And my blessings to all of us as we witness it unfold. The healing process has to begin somewhere. I suggest it begins with seeing things as they are and starting from here.

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