QQ can be… 

… a pool hall tool, a question or a line at the checkout.

As it turns out, it can also be none of these.

It is a line up of researchers eagerly putting forth (or fifth) the results of their endeavors.

What a wonderful solution to the problems of adeQuate self expression.

Reading into a waterfall of dangers, cabal, black hats, conspiracies, pedophilia, slave trade and other horrible stuff, there does not appear to be any room at the balance end of the seesaw.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m all in favour of paying the electricity bills and turning the light on, thereby removing dark places. We do need to be careful of not taking the joy out of life and of the recognition of the beauty around us, whilst gleefully swimming down to the bottom of the sewer.

I am a glass half full person, with hope and trust in the many positive messages all about the outcome of this chaos. I have said before, when you clean the kitchen cupboards there is a helluva mess before the tidy happens. We are emptying the cupboards, so be careful where you put your feet.

Like a wave lapping the shore, throughout the world, humanity is embracing the concept of brotherhood or sisterhood. The other end of the Q seesaw is the huge number of NEW groups gathering to feed, clothe and accommodate the displaced and homegrown unfortunates.

Our little wave is going to grow up to be Tsunami of Sharing. Stick that up your Cabal…

By the way does anyone need a war? There is more money in anti-war banners than weapons and the colours are nicer. We can handle military chest thumping, doesn’t hurt me and they may break a rib… (oops, sorry…) Have you noticed how many wars have dribbled to a halt?

That was my Q uestion, have a great day.

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