I daily focus on gratitude as I move through each moment, and I am always reminded of something my grandmother said; it’s the little things that make life so sweet.

I remember sitting with her when she lived with us in my childhood, as she enjoyed her afternoon cup of Earl Grey tea with a biscuit, or taught me to prepare vegetables, or watched her daily soaps while her knitting needles made a constant click clack in the background. She truly enjoyed the small moments in life, and I think that is what got her through raising seven children during the war in England.

While others seemed to be looking forward to being grateful when something big came their way, she taught me to focus in a much smaller way and be happy with what I found.

Some would say that is setting the bar low, so I would not be disappointed in life, but I would disagree.

It set me on a path of being thankful in almost every moment, because I have always had the ability to focus in with gratitude on a microscopic level, and trust me folks, there is a lot to be grateful for.

There is a great line in the movie Men In Black, where J and K are interrogating a galactic that looks like a pug dog. They are looking for a galaxy in order to save the world, but they can’t get their head around the idea that the galaxy could be on earth.

The pug says, in paraphrase of course, that humans are rather silly because they can’t understand that something could be very very powerful and still very very small.

That shift, that dropping of the belief that big means powerful, leads them right to the information they need.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? We drop a belief and everything comes into view.

The truth is, that all of what we see and don’t see in this incarnational plane, all that we experience, is supported by small things. Without them, nothing exists, nothing materializes, nothing gets done.

This universe is created out of fractals of energy that can coalesce into vast things as they expand out exponentially, but begin with one simple construct.

Conscious energy, in the form of quanta, the smallest particle of energy, even smaller than an atom, desires to come together in service, and unites with other quanta in order to create matter.

Thus, every single thing in this universe is born out of the conscious service of quanta.

This is where we are. This is what we are. This is how we came to be.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Then, let me blow your mind yet again.

At its basis, all quanta is the same, and everything that exists is simply quanta and the space between quanta.

Thus, everything is connected to everything else.

This is the physical factor of it all. In this universe, there is nothing but quanta, in service to creation, coming together to manifest form in all its wonders.


Quantic energy unites to create things, and then dissociates and reunifies to create other things.

It is said that in this universe energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply comes into form, through form and out of form.

This is the eternal dance of quanta and I bless it in every moment of my life.

Without this dance, we would not be here. We would not have the ability to incarnate into body and live our lives here on earth.

Without this dance, quanta would not have come together to formulate our DNA, which contains the blueprints for who we are, contributed to by our ancestral family lines.

Without this dance, on the microscopic plane, two sex-cells would not have been created from this vast wealth of genetic matter that would eventually come together.

So tiny, so many variables, so much history, so many paths taken to that moment when the two come together and make one.

A second before, and I am not me, as another cell unites with the egg and an entirely different set of variables and outcomes are put into play.

At the microscopic level, lives are created and physical expressions of genetic matter are anchored and manifested.

The quanta knows just what to do. It is given the directions for creation from the genes, which are like computer programs that begin running when the two infinitesimally small cells come together and unite.

The dance of creation begins like a literal explosion, changing from one moment to the next, dividing, folding, building organs, bone and blood. The vehicle for incarnation is created at the miniature level, grows larger and stronger in the quiet darkness of our mother’s womb, and it is imbued with spirit to become who we are.

Quanta comes together to create us, in service to the universe. Every cell, with its complex system of organelles and nucleus, containing a copy of our blueprint at its center, is created out of quanta.

Quanta comes together, unites and then dissociates. In physical incarnation, it is not held bound for eternity, and not even for the course of our lifetime.

We go through a number of physically distinct incarnations within a lifetime, from infant to toddler, to child, to adolescent, adult and elder. Even within these varying presentations, quanta comes into form and out, over a continually evolving course every seven years, so that not a single cell in our bodies is the same as when we started.

Other than the eggs in a woman’s ovaries, which are born with her and seed her future children, nothing that was born with us in physicality remains with us throughout our lives.

What we are, in physicality, is passed down from cell to cell, in the memory of our DNA as it moves through each cell division in the long parade of constant creation that is going on within our bodies.

This process goes on generally without our knowledge, and largely without our gratitude. It is only when we stop to look at the smallest level of creation, do we gasp in awe at the level of support we receive from the universe in every moment, simply because we are its beloved children.

Oh, to know the vast travels and history of a single particle of quanta! To know its ancient trail as it came together with other particles to create in this reality for eons.

We often think of past lifetimes or past eras of human history, but the history of the smallest particle of conscious energy is the largest volume of information on our plane.

Living, non-living, large, small, liquid, solid, gaseous, it matters not to quanta, because it can contribute to the form of it all.

One moment quanta could be a part of an apple, and then it becomes a part of a body, slipping in seamlessly where needed, following the sleek design protocol of creation, only to eventually be freed and respirated, becoming part of a snowflake.

The possibilities are endless and isn’t that what this universe is all about?

So, the smallest thing is actually the biggest thing of all.

How about that?

Blessings on you, sweet quanta, in service you create all things within this universe and I thank you all, every single one of you, for giving us the opportunity to exist in physicality and play with you in the creation space of every single moment.

You contribute in your small way, to every other single thing I am thankful for. Thank you for being our partner and our medium in creation.

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