prizeThe Prize of Public Agreement to Narratives

With all the recent current events going on in the world, it’s a challenge some days to get my mind around what it all means.

What’s not so difficult to understand is there is an epic war going on about who is going to control the public narratives.

There’s a non-stop narrative from different planetary factions, dueling it out for control of consciousness on all levels. I think it’s fair to say this part has become too obvious to ignore for most everyone.

I won’t go into the particulars of this, as I’m sure whomever may read this can easily perceive this part for themselves. What interests me most at this point is how obvious this playing for control of our consciousness has become.

The Herding of Collective Consciousness and the Narratives of Agendas

Oh, it’s nothing new. For instance, our entire world economies are set up to harness our energies and our attentions.

What we trade in currencies are underpinned nearly entirely on confidence, as fiat currencies are, for the most part, not pinned to anything real, or anyway to anything with inherent value in and of itself. They haven’t been for a long time now. They have value only so long as we think they do, ergo, confidence.

Marketing and advertising agencies have spent billions of these ‘CON’-fidence based currencies in figuring out just how to herd our attention and energies (living and spending habits) to where they may be harvested to finance whatever agendas are being pushed by whatever factions or entities are behind such agendas.

This has been going on for as long as I’ve been alive, 60 years now, and for much longer than this. I leave it to the history buffs to offer the evidence for this, as this is not my role.

So, no, nothing new here, and no signs of it letting up anytime soon either. It’s worked wonderfully for so long, and hey, don’t they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?

At the Heart of the Harvesting Agendas

There is a prize here that is at the heart of what all this fighting for our consciousness and all the social manipulating is all about. It’s the reason there is so much push and pull, and a reason epic amounts of money are being poured into who controls the public narratives.

Let’s take a closer look at what this is.

We are, as the collective consciousness of humanity, the pool of energy and potential that make up the fields for harvesting. It is our awareness, our attention, our creative life force (equalling our support and spending and attitudes) that are the true value here. This is the core of what the current battle is about.

It’s our living and creative energies that this fight is over, plain and simple.

Time to Reevaluate Values

Here’s a bit of the context or backstory that plays into this discussion:

We are conditioned to think we have little value as individuals. We are conditioned to think we are too little (individually) to matter in the big scheme of things.

Again, nothing new here, but what is new is the awakening to how artificial this notion is. It doesn’t hold up to the realities of awareness. In fact, it’s an idea which only has any substance at all when we imagine (through this conditioning) that it is true.

Kind of like the confidence in fiat currencies, which have no ties to inherent values or realities, right? It’s interesting how this line of thinking has so many layers to it.

Broadening the Perspective

Take a broader view of the struggle on the world scene right now. See through the smoke screens and manipulations long enough to see what the real prize is that is being wrestled over.

The prize isn’t the fake ass money that world currencies are based on right now, it’s our confidence in them.

The prize isn’t the political narratives, or the religious ones, or the dogmas of church, or state, or nation, either. The prize IS what we believe in, it’s the meanings we agree to, and the values we agree to, and the moralities we agree to.

All of these issues flying around chaotically in the current narratives are smoke screens to obscure that we’re the true value, and that the harvest of this value is all about our agreement and compliance.

If this statement makes the proverbial light bulb go on overhead, then what to do about it now?

The Truth About Meaning

So, where does the rubber meet the road here?

What is true? What is the meaning? Who decides?

Notice, if you will, how these questions are the same ones being answered for us in avalanches of information and disinformation. Everywhere I look on the internet right now is a tug of war of these kind of herding and harvesting activities, telling me how to think and who to follow to tell me how to think.

Whether the focus is politics, economies and national or world finances, or right down to the wire dealing with what morality I should embrace on a personal level, there is a clear and pervasive ploy to suck my sympathies, my energies and to force my choices out of me everywhere I turn.

I say ‘suck them out of me’ with a purpose. Can you feel this too? The manipulation factor is quite high, right down to the ones who feel like violence against others is a totally appropriate way to force compliance.

I mean, literally, almost no one is asking me to offer what I hold within me for answering any of these important questions of meaning or value with any respect. Instead, it is a steady stream of attempts to force me and my attention, my support, etc, into one camp or another.

Assignment of Meanings

The forces of polarity are so high at this moment. An epic fight of Good against Evil, as so many are quick to put forth?

I’m not so sure it’s that black and white, or that it is that simple either. In fact, I see this line of thinking as a massive honey trap to corral me into confusion, and into not doing my own thinking and knowing.

If this is as far as I get in managing my own awareness, then it’s a sure bet I’m just what is on the menu for those who are betting everything on me being their next meal in one form or another. Ball up enough of us in this state of being and we may be herded into a massive feeding festival of epic proportions.

And yet, I am not a meal. I’m a sovereign being here on planet to express Divinity in form. I take this seriously, as not only as my privilege, but as my solemn responsibility to know this and to honor the sacredness of this task within the context of my life and my living in each moment.

So, again, I ask, who assigns meaning to anything? Whether it is words, or actions, or agendas in any and every other aspect of worldly realities?

Yes, we have a ton of laws and texts to tell us this and that about such things. Guidance that ranges from wise and useful to outdated and currently out of the context of what is happening in real time.

Putting all that aside for a moment to see to the heart of this question, who assigns meaning? Because if the answer to this question is anyone except me, then where is the acknowledgement within me of being a part of the Divinity we are all formed of?

Without acknowledgement and commitment to this assignment of meanings, individually, we will remain, as a collective, a source of energy that never reaches its true potential. We will remain, as a whole, mostly the value of a herd to be managed into energetically creating and manifesting the agendas of those who understand these principles.

It shifts our value as the Kingdom of Humanity on Mother Gaia from herd to manage and harvest into Divinity in Expression once we take our rightful place, with awareness and commitment to assigning meanings consciously, individually.

What About Values?

Yes. What about them? Who assigns values to anything, and how may we come to agree to set values in our interactions?

This is a question that is bound to become so much more important than any of us may have dreamed of, and in my estimation, there is going to be an epic upset on the world stage in terms of values very, very soon.

As a seasoned veteran of utilizing my creative life force for manifesting realities on a personal level, I can testify how central to this process assigning and appreciating meanings and values is.

Whether or not this goes on in an individual’s awareness, or beneath the conscious awareness zone in the subconscious areas of their psyche; either way, whatever this is will be the underpinning of what will come forth.

So then, who thinks that allowing the assignment of values to be ‘outside’ of themselves to be a good idea? I don’t need to know the answers from anyone, I just pose the question. Anyone can hash this out for themselves to know the truth of it.

We can only understand true values if we take up the conscious responsibilities to own up to the fact that we either assign values ourselves, or we allow them to be assigned for us.

There is no halfway here, nor is there any lack of push and pull of forces in play to do this for us. Decide or don’t decide to be responsible for what is valuable and why. Not deciding is also a decision too. It’s a decision to have these primal and foundational choices made for you.

As we have clearly seen for eons, those ‘others’ we have trusted in make such decisions regarding meanings and values which are of benefit to us, or to this planetary body, or in alignment with the greater good… well, let’s just say their intentions have so often has been questionable at best, and criminal at worst.

Morality as a Trigger

Ah, the wonder of the morality trigger! Take a good look at what this is and how it’s being played out in the political stages right now. This is such a fertile place to manipulate, which is why it is the mainstay of religious dogmas as well as in the courts of public (conditioned) opinion.

Again, who decides what is moral and what is not? We do.

I’m personally suspicious of anyone who is so weak in their own inner sense of morality that they can only quote scriptures, or parrot what they’ve been conditioned to or what the neighbors might think.

Deep down inside, we know what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need anyone to tell us what this is.

I’ve found out, by long-term negotiating my own immaturities and hypocrisies, that the problem is never about whether or not I know what is right or moral, or whether it is so complex as to be a confusion to tell which is what.

If there is confusion about the right or wrong of things, it’s always related to my ability to be honest enough. Not about whether or not I’m intelligent enough to figure it out. Not about a need to go to a greater authority for instruction. Not about anything at all, but the courage to be completely honest about what it is I’m seeking.

The questions and confusions about morality are seated in the dishonesties we are willing to carry. There is no actual question once it is clear who is seeking what, and the excuses then fall away like the smoke screens they are.

Being honest about what we seek is the foundation of the ability to understand morality and to act in ways that are morally responsible. It’s about personal integrity and impeccability, and as free and sovereign beings, nothing less will do.

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