Sovereignty is an ancient drum that I have been beating for a very long time. Anyone who knows me has heard me say that I am a freedom-seeking being and I claim my divine sovereign energy space. It isn’t just a statement or a game I play, it is the way I roll.

Some folks may not understand the concept of Sovereignty, but it is defined as supreme authority for self determination and rule.  In other words, claiming our divine right to determine our own path.

There are so many old sayings that remind us we are sovereign. To paraphrase, who hasn’t heard that we are the ones we have been waiting for, or everything you seek lies within?

Even Luke gets into the act in the bible by stating, neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Again, not just words, but truth. God is us and we are sovereign, and yet connected to the One.

We have been invited constantly to give away that sovereignty, that self-maintenance and self-responsibility to others. We do it when we incarnate and subjugate ourselves to our family, our culture, our countries and often our religions. Of course, they stress this and reinforce it every step of the way. After all, we are weak, we are “Sheeple,” we are sinners and we need others to plan the easy path for us.

But how many, at this time, are railing against these shackled constructs that reinforce our weakness and our need to be led? We see it more clearly when on the spiritual path, but it is certainly popping up all over the place, even in the world that still seems asleep.

For me, the truth is that the field has shifted. Gone are the days that anything not aligned with sovereignty, or self designation and responsible rule can remain hidden. Everywhere we look and every interaction we have is asking us point blank, does this support sovereignty and self-responsibility or not?

It has often been discussed, sometimes ad nauseam, why the celestial realms do not more strongly interact with the earthly planes? The answer that most strongly resonates with me is that they follow strict rules of non-intervention and non-attachment. First, they must be asked and given permission to be involved. Second, they cannot override free-will choice. Third, they must adhere to the highest good of all, and from our limited earthly perspective, we certainly don’t know all the variables that go into the highest good of all.

There may be other rules involved, but I think most will agree on the basics here. When one asks for something, but does not fully own their own sovereign power, and gives it away to another being in order to act on their behalf, they are not in alignment with their sovereignty, which is not in their highest good.

Certainly this is simply an old habit that has been reinforced by society. It is part of the old ‘red-tape’ bureaucracy that has kept us stuck for so long. When we give away our sovereignty and our ability to be self-responsible, whether it is to another person, a social or spiritual construct, or any other outside force, we hobble our own power and are at the mercy of the constructs we surrendered to.

It is easy to control those who have surrendered, and when we truly evaluate our life path, we can see how many times we have unconsciously agreed to this control.

Some may even posit, this is all well and good, but there are many rules, laws and institutions in place to block our sovereignty. What about them? Society would degrade to anarchy if we all just did our own sovereign thing.  Can we be truly sovereign when we don’t get to have free reign in all areas of life?

Certainly, at the present moment, there are constructs that seemingly inhibit our sovereignty, but when we claim our power, we get to decide exactly how we feel about anything. We get to decide the energy we invest into these constructs and whether to feel oppressed by them, passively support them, rail against them or use our energy and focus to actively create something new. No one and no thing can take our power and sovereignty, focused in our heart centers and divinely gifted by the Universe, unless we agree to it.

Waking up is a sticky thing. First, we become aware of all the places we have given away our power. We rail against that for a while, before we realize we can take our power back simply by reaffirming our sovereignty.

There may still be things we have to deal with in the outside world, where, by our conscious choice, we collectively decide to put power behind actions taken by others on our behalf. We are certainly doing that when we purchase apples from the green grocer, giving abundance to the farm producer so he can grow the apples for us instead of setting up our own orchard. These collective energy agreements are actually time and energy savers that are in our own personal best interest.

When we do this consciously, we retain our power. We are making a free-will choice, and abide by the responsibility of that choice. We are taking an energetic action and fully understand the energetic responses and consequences of our choice. We could make a choice to support the highest good, by purchasing local organic apples, or we could make a choice to support factory farms and GMO apples.

Either choice is viable, but what energy do we choose to support?  When looking at our own highest good, and the highest good of others, we come closer in our sovereignty to making our free will choices in alignment with Divine Will. We see how our choices are energy sent out into the field and how that energy interacts with the whole.

But let’s first admit to the societal and spiritual hack that has allowed the construct of Divine Will to control us and completely negate our power. There is intense pressure to ‘surrender’ to the Will Of God, which is akin to taking the rudder off the boats we are steering, our own lives, and throwing it away, completely giving up on directing our own path. Then energy is happening to us and we are no longer responsible.

This construct becomes more and more uncomfortable as we evolve, because we know in our souls that we are here to create and direct energy and not simply respond to it.

Our souls cry out for sovereignty, for owning our own power and for being self-responsible. When we then consciously align our choices with the highest good of all, we are contributing energy to the whole in a way that is supported by the universal construct we exist within. Then life flows and our soul sings, no matter what is occurring around us.

We also relax into the idea that others are also sovereign and are working toward self-realization on their own. We give up the need to direct them on their path, because they are sovereign and powerful in their own right. We realize how much energy and power we have given away to influencing the paths of others and inappropriately applying our will to their existence.

When we give up on this wasted effort, we are actually aligning with Divine Will, which supports individual sovereignty. Conversely, giving up the need to reflect our choices against the will, desire and choices of others in order to affirm our path, takes back the power over us that we have given to them and cements our sovereignty even further.

As a beloved child of the Universe, I am grateful for my own sovereignty. I appreciate all the experiences that give me the opportunity to go within and see where I may have given away my power or unconsciously applied my power to the path of others.

I also note that the push back against misdirection of power and interference with the sovereignty of others is only going to get stronger and faster in the increasing energies.

I see this as a more direct invitation, as we move into the higher energies, to explore our own conduct and see where it may be less than impeccable or unaligned with the way things roll in the higher dimensions. After all, if we wish to move into these new energies we certainly need to learn the new rules of the road, and to me, the first sign post is sovereignty.

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