remember lovers rule this world

Remember Lovers Rule This World

Came to stay
came to stay in the wonder and play
in this the realm of form and fire
with a heart full of mad desire
to create here whatever I may

spinning me round and around
all wild beauty on display
I am love that has come to ground
creator love come to stay

How to live
how to live in this fear?
bearing down on me, choking down
the wonder was once so clear
wounded world, I may drown

Yet within
in my heart to be found
still I have so much love to give
love on fire come to ground
so I find my wings again

So, who am I?
who am I to say why?
to deny it is I or how much I care
to spread my wings and fly
here my will is laid bare

Mad desire
love that burns from within
bears no shame in a cheater’s game
daring to love for a win
our core is love’s earthly choir

Now I know
I know I am the one
who came to bring my lover’s heart on fire
one among many ones
Our love is here for the show

We are One
deep within at our core
in the core of our deepest love
remembering we are more
the will of our love is done

Remember lovers rule this world
Remember lovers rule this world
Remember lovers rule this world
Remember lovers rule this world

Written by Andrea Scully 3-12-16

Taken from a private blog in Gaia Scene community forum

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