As we stand on the Solstice, which paradoxically represents abundance and lack all at the same time, depending on our perspective, here is what I know in my bones about the energies we swam through this path season of life on earth. It infuses everything I do as I move forward into the new.

The Higher Perspective

From our individual human perception, we don’t know what the highest good of all is. We can only see “in the moment” what is the highest good for US and our soul in THIS NOW moment.

When we overlay linear time, dimensions, parallel timelines and all the now moments of the Billions of incarnated souls we cannot, from our perspective, apply it all and know what the highest good is.

We can get all twitterpated about that and feel powerless, or we can take a big breath and realize that we need to let ourselves off the hook. We are again reminded that we came here to serve the One THROUGH ourselves. This is our focus and our responsibility. All the other stuff, events, things and people are not our responsibility.

Energetic Aspects of the Highest Good

That said, there are overarching issues that I truly believe, as I watch things unfold (on a need to know basis), that serve the highest good perfectly.

Firstly is the collective ability to see the probable paths forward, or as many would say, the most inevitable timelines, and the need to, as a majority, say no to the worst of them, even if we don’t know what the other ones are. Being comfortable with or having faith in our gut feelings, even with all the distracting presentments that are being thrown at us daily meant to cloud our ability to reason, is a huge step in the right direction.

Regardless of what any other being chooses, our ability to align with Divine Will and the highest good means that a whole range of choices fall out of possibility for us as individual empowered humans walking in mastery.

When aligning with Divine Will, gone is the ability to choose between the lesser of two evils. Gone is the ability to choose anything that benefits the one at another’s direct expense.

Gone is the ability to hide blindly in a belief that we are separate from each other and from our blessed earth mother, Sophia-Gaia. Gone is the ability to force our will on other sovereign beings. WE might not all be there yet, but I feel it in my bones that this is the direction we are moving into.

Secondly is an energy of shaking awake.  Many of us are experiencing the squeeze, this higher energy, this activation that is shaking loose the last remnants of our baggage. We, who have been on the path for a very long time are used to this energy and generally welcome it, until we don’t. When we don’t welcome it, or receive it with dread, something is definitely up, and we need to look very deeply at this.

Individual and Collective Activations

I am coming to understand the energy at this time is an activator to release the moorings we have laid for ourselves to keep us under the radar, quietly doing our work and healing and releasing and transforming. The last vestiges of our hiding places and those moorings do not come off easily. They weren’t meant to come off easily. We put them in place for a reason.

They may also have been put in place so strongly and so firmly that we, as individual souls, could not muster enough strength to release them by ourselves, and thus we actively aligned with and engaged the help of other loving souls to assist us. Without their assistance and energetic activation, we may remain moored at this point in our evolution and go no further.

Even in this, we are given the ability to choose. Are you really sure? Are you really ready? If we choose to circle back and take another turn or an entire lifetime around the Sun, that will be honored, as it is our divine free will sovereign choice, but the choice point will come up again and again, because we love ourselves and because we agreed as an immortal soul that we wanted to accomplish these shifts.

Multipurpose Energy

These energies are inviting us to release those moorings and stand in our power. The energy is multi-purpose though and boosts, creates or shakes loose different experiences for the many unique beings along the path at this time.

For those who have chosen to be in a long sleep, they needed this extra jolt to awaken. For those who chose to come only to experience the energy and hold the space, it signals a completion and opens the space to make another choice, either to leave, reaffirm, or shift the choice of life/soul paths.

For the collective, this energy signals more disclosure as well and being shoved into a corner so to speak, for we are learning that nothing can remain hidden in this now moment. Without all the truth, we cannot make real sovereign choices, and the energies no longer support choices made out of alignment with full understanding of the choices being made.

Monday Morning Campaign Quarterbacking

I will turn to the energy of the US, because it is my current reality, and to the energy of Bernie Sanders, who I have long felt was pivotal in this reality. From the moment I felt on his energy, I knew he was unique and important to the whole.

That said, had those in establishment power been flexible, seen their opportunity to continue to hide and apply new skills to the energy, Bernie could have been the perfect foil.  Give the people what they want. Continue to hide in the darkness. Figure out a new way to feed. Go into hibernation and let things calm down for a few decades and regroup.

I think we all know on some deep level that this is no longer possible. Those bridges and those paths were wiped out as the energy on planet has increased.  Those who are open to receiving these energies, open to integrating their shadow and their light, are becoming whole.

I feel his experience, as it unfolded, was perfect in so many ways, because it allowed us each to see where our will was out of alignment with the highest good, and to reaffirm a resonance with Divine Will.

Through this experience with Bernie Sanders, so many hidden programs were exposed to the collective.  Without this true disclosure, nothing can shift and heal, but simply continues to run, unabated, in the background.

Through this experience, he showed us all the ways we had given up our power, or simply ignored it, and then he showed the way. It was all about Us, not Me, and that sounds a whole lot like unity consciousness to me.

And finally, through our experience of him, many have brought up the collective construct of the Messiah Complex and the Savior Mentality for healing and clearing. This is an ancient and deeply imbedded societal hack that must be released for us to realize that we as individuals, and together as a collective, are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the divine humans walking in mastery, and without role-models to show us the way, in all their humanness, we continue to look for saviors that will fail to appear and deliver us.

Leveling Up

These empowered human beings then level up and a whole new skill set becomes available to them. Many have been discovering new ways of doing things,  and abilities they didn’t even know they had are coming on line. It may come in in small ways or striking ways, but it is happening to all who stand with their proverbial eyes to the sun and allow the light energies to stream in.

Simply look around you and see those who are engaging with this world in ways that were completely foreign to them previously.  See the youth engaged for change. See those who stand up for the environment placing their bodies, lives and energy in collective trust with protecting the earth and water.  See those who are stepping into service on at all levels in all countries. See those who are witnessing that which they do not choose to include in their energy field, and acting in supportive alignment with their highest truth in the creation of a different path forward.

It Was, Is and Will Always Be a Choice in This Universe

It is a choice. We all have that ability to choose. EVERY LAST ONE OF US, no exceptions.

For some, their ability to choose has been obfuscated, hidden under spell and magick, hands bound, eyes blindfolded, but the choice is still there, just like the mooring lines we cast off to step into our fullness.

The shackles are very real, as is the belief that another holds the key to freedom. This is the ultimate hack. WE hold the key to freedom. Every last one of us.

There will be experiences, situations and forces that will try their best to distract us from this very real truth, because it is in their best interests for us not to see the truth, and the truth of the truth is even deeper.

WE may have chosen from a higher perspective, not to see the truth that we have the power to set ourselves free.

Even if we did not chose this, know that there are many who have choosen to continue to be blind to this truth, and with a huge sigh of release and relief we can let go of our complete exasperation and inability to understand the behavior, beliefs and experiences of those around us.

Yes folks, not your circus, not your monkeys. They get to choose and whatever choice they make is valid.

While we might have done things differently, looking on 2016 in retrospect, this season has invited us all to look more fully at the agreements we have made and then forgotten about, the agreements we have made and then not honored as individuals and as a collective.

Without feeding an energetic construct with love and attention, it withers, like a stray flower at the edge of a barren field, or worse yet, its care is taken up by those who wish to pervert its sovereign meaning and turn it to other endeavors.

I invite all to look forward with open eyes and find what resonates with them. I invite all to see this opportunity to evaluate the energy we allow into our fields and to shed that which does not serve the full and open heart.

I invite all to look at the agreements that they have made, as an individual sovereign soul and in a collective, and choose to reaffirm those agreements, renegotiate them or release them.

That is what sovereignty is all about. WE get to choose. It has never been any other way, we simply allowed ourselves to forget that, and now we can choose to remember it.

An Open Invitation

I also invite all to have deep self-love and compassion and who understand that from the higher perspective of our souls, we loved ourselves so very much that we implanted protections and safeguards along the way to meter our evolution and protect against birthing, blooming and shining too early.

Many of us can either remember, or resonate with the energy of times when we (or others we remember) did shine too brightly and too early, and we can remember what happened and the exasperation of having to start all over again.

I do believe that those times simply gave us the ability to truly recognize the exact right moment for blooming deep down in our bones as well as the patience to wait for that exact moment and be ready for it whenever it presents itself.

The time is now. The energy is present. The ability is here. The sovereignty is here. The support is here. The love is here.  I invite you, dear beloved child of the universe, to choose how you move into the new. It is completely, eternally, sovereignly and lovingly up to you.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View.



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