Preface to The Reply:

I felt constrained to write a letter to the Universe outlining the concerns of Light workers and the seeming slowness of results.

I did that, and from the moment I posted a draft in the Scenics’ View, I felt a pressure to reply to my letter. 

It came from a different source than my usual nagging (Elementals) and the pressure was greater and whirling around in my head. It even woke me with words to use.

Friend, and family, here is the reply.

The Reply from the Universe

Hello Dawn, thank you for your letter. You would be aware that I know of the problems you write about. Never the less, I appreciate your comments and will give you an answer where I may.

Your concern for the multitude of disadvantaged millions on Gaia’s surface is commendable. There are more than sufficient food and shelter assets for all the World’s populations.

You ask why we do not share more evenly. Here is the ‘back story’ as you say.

Profit, greed and power were locked into the hearts of the Planetary Rulers, whilst innocence and a desire to please was found in the population. Respect for all other non-ruling entities allowed for the interaction with the Angelic, Devic and Plant Kingdoms, etc.

What happened over millennia was the conversion of the people’s love and independence to mindless obedience, fear and reduction of the Natural Laws, replaced by laws which were based on a punishment regime.

This was a vast deviation from the intention of the Creator and Mother God, and it became evident that things would become worse not better. The Angelics, Galactics and Ascended Masters were tasked to reverse this situation and restore the Master Plan to it’s full glory.

Brave souls volunteered to return to Gaia and help the correction as boots on the ground. Many paid a dreadful price for this bravery. If one drips enough water on a stone, it will be worn away and the drip became a trickle, with more people seeing the light and calling out wrong doers. The result, during the past hundred or so of your years, has been a rapid escalation of Whistleblowers, Truthseekers and Lightworkers.

The drip has become a flood. Many now work to overthrow the power players known as the Cabal and it is working. Their power is reduced, but the evil intent has not.

Time as you know it is our asset and we do not want to rush in and spoil our forward momentum. We hasten slowly. Believe that the correct outcome is foreordained and all the pain inflicted on Gaia and her children will be replaced by love and abundance.

So much for the ‘back story’…

Now the Star ship crews are becoming visible to more humans all over Gaian skies, Angels are visible in the cloud formations, your Youtube internet is showing more and more videos on all aspects of the return to the Creator’s Plans.

Because government of all stripes considered you incapable of absorbing the knowledge and gifts we freely offered, we took a slight deviation to avoid the imposed lemming scenario. You will be happy to know, it is working well.

Dangerous medications are being replaced by natural activities and clean plant-based medications. Over diagnosis of illness is being discussed and replaced by a more common sense approach, looking at diet, not dis-ease.

The high technology beings from other dimensions and worlds have been dropping bricks for years and it is a sign of change that the light globes in laboratory’s are lighting up all over Gaia, to our benefit.

You are living the Event, it is accelerating, as many of the foot soldiers will and do attest to.

No, I am not going to give you a time and date because the evil ones WILL try to sabotage the outcome. I can advise the time frame is soon, your time, not mine.

Know that you all are loved and we look forward to welcoming you home!

The Universe and Friends

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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