resistanceisfutileLife is changing so rapidly within my divine space of love, both in the spring-time garden and also in my own life.  The pace of the change is so fast that it can be scary at times, and we tend to contract a bit out of unconscious habit. 

Having faith that the universe always conspires in our favor brings a tremendous amount of peace to the heart allowing it to open up to this  flow of change.

This article also reminds me that resistance is futile. I am on this path to expand, evolve, heal and grow.

Trying to avoid these uncomfortable times is not only not in my best interest, it is literally holding myself back from what my soul has chosen.

Anyone who has walked the spiritual path intellectually knows that resistance is futile. We have all heard the old adage: What you resist persists.

Most folks move into extensive clearing of issues in order to move past blocks in their energy and psyche in an effort to get clear and evolve spiritually and intellectually. It is a tough path, but those dedicated to the work, when it happens at the appropriate time, come to feel it is so worth it. Try and push this process, and it is an uphill battle indeed.

I have been finding on my path, even though the whole sale clearing of certain key issues that triggered me over this lifetime, it doesn’t stop them from coming up again. This can be very frustrating and disheartening. Sigh, I thought I was done with this, and now, here it is again!

At that moment, a bit of higher perspective can really help.  If we all agree that we create our reality, and we all agree that what we resist persists, then what is coming up for us in our lives is absolute evidence that we have not fully cleared something.

Physics gives us the accepted law that an object exerting force will be met by an equal and opposite force. When we push, the universe, the table top, our family, pushes back.

But. But. I cleared this! It shouldn’t be coming up!

As we move into higher and higher levels of energy and enlightenment, deeper and more subtle stuff is going to come up. We can choose to move into victim mode and spend all our time wondering why it is coming up, or we can use this opportunity presented to us from the universe to really get clear and move into more expansion.

I spoke in a previous article about truly creating our reality by our constant thought focus and word invocation, and many of us are seeing the quickening of this mechanism in our daily lives. We are also seeing it interconnect with those who we are closest to. In fact, it is quite miraculous to note its occurrence.

My dear daughter was talking about a friend of ours who we hadn’t seen in a long time. She mentioned that she remembered her son’s name being Aidan. It wasn’t Aidan, but when I had viewed tagged photos of this friend online she was in a picture with a boy called Aidan. Zing! Connection made. Name drawn in through my daughter because I had made a mental note a few hours before.

Why wouldn’t that also apply to the things we have buried deep? Why wouldn’t the folks closest to us assist in our really cleaning house?  We don’t exist in a vacuum; our energy overlaps and interconnects with those we are close to.  They often deliver the opportunities for our greatest growth and shifts.  It might be a pain in the proverbial butt, but from a higher perspective, it is the deepest form of love one begin can offer to another.  Whenever I feel irritation at a lesson presenting itself in this way, I take a minute to regroup and give thanks. Without a soul stepping up to provide the lesson, I would not grow at all.

So, after thanking the universe for the lesson, I do my best to step into an honest assessment of what is coming up, in the moment.  There is no way around it. What is coming up is a real-time evaluation of how completely we have cleared the things we resist. Upon further review, it often reveals some interesting results and coping mechanisms.

Are we like the princess and the pea? Have we buried issues, hurts and triggers under massive layers of energetic padding to protect us from the bruises we imagine we will get from these thoughts, feelings and events? Remember folks, no matter how many mattresses the princess piled up, she still got bruises. It is inevitable. It is inherent in our evolution. From long experience, I can say that ripping the band-aid off is always preferable to delaying the inevitable.

Are we an everything “but” person? Do we accept all others’ divine free will choice, except THAT choice which irritates us? Do we forgive everything a person has done to us, except for that one thing that hurt so deeply?  Do we allow that we are all divine sovereign beings, except for that one person who feels so wrong when we are around them? Do we accept that all people make mistakes and have vices, and support their decisions except for the ones that we cannot accept within ourselves?

It is an interesting intellectual discussion. We can quite obviously speak intelligently about the need to clear it all, but if we are telling the truth, and that’s the point of all my sharings, most of us have those tiny little seeds of hurt, hate or rejection still buried within, even after the majority of clearing has been done.

Think about a farm field for a minute. The farmer comes in with a massive harvester and strips the plants of their bounty. The field appears empty of all plants and fruits. Winter comes and the field is fallow. When spring arrives, before the farmer plows the field and plants new seeds, the gentle rains and an early warm spell will change the field.  While it was obvious that the field was empty after the harvest, a quick walk through it will reveal sprouts from scattered seeds that remained buried beneath the soil.  This is similar to what is occurring now. Our fields all looked clear, but with the added light and love, these last seeds are sprouting up.

The increase in energy is a fact on planet. We can look at it from a scientific prospective by simply checking some space weather websites, or we can look at it from a more spiritual perspective by checking in with our bodies and what is occurring in our lives. The spiritual path is not a straight one with defined steps.  We are all at different places in the spiral of this evolution, and no matter where we perceive ourselves to be, the universe is happy to give us new ways to practice our growth.

Recently, I experienced a number of these long buried seeds coming to the surface, and I felt the triggering of exasperation around them. I then took a deep breath and honestly self-evaluated, and saw that I was being a bit princess and the pea and a bit, anything but THAT one seed.

I was riding the fence and hedging my bets related to a long-held victim habit. I thought I had cast that construct out the door, but obviously I had saved some seeds to plant in the future, just in case. Any good farmer does that, but it isn’t necessary any more.  I decided to cast those seeds out in the most loving way. I imagined myself as water, which flows around objects when it is in its natural state.

When its vibration is low and it is in a frozen state, water acts differently, as anyone who knows the history of the Titanic can attest to.  Deeply held, hidden, low vibration pockets will push back. What raises their energy and allows them to flow out is love and gentleness to self.

Once we love on these constructs, these remaining seeds of energy that are ready to be finally released so we can be free, the energy rises and the flow returns. As with water, the energy can flow through even the tiniest of cracks. It offers no resistance to our beingness and easily flows back to the universe. There is no time-table for this. I take as much time as is necessary. I sit with anything for as long as it needs to sit. Generally, it is beyond ready to be released and return to the universe.

I will also note that it must flow back to the universe, or the pressure will build up causing tremendous discomfort.  We all know how to make water balloons and we all know what happens when we over fill them! If something wants to be released from your body, from your energy field and from your life, it will make itself perfectly clear to you. No need to go looking for something that is not ready to go! Just try finding a specific shell at the bottom of the ocean on a dark night, and I think you will get the picture.

All this happens perfectly, so there is no need to brace yourself for it. As I said before, we are all at different points ,and some may be past this point, or yet to begin; others right in the thick of it like me. It’s all good.

I am just so grateful to be able to perceive this and move forward into the process of flowing through the resistance which will allow it to be released. I bless it for its final lesson and the assistance it gives me to recognize the deepest and most subtle levels of my evolutionary path.

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