Rest Easy, Remember


No worries, darling, rest easy

There is no rush for anything right now



We are not any of this stuff

With or without it 

We are the essence and the meaning and the value


Remember ourselves

The memory of Eden

Like the birds and the beasts and the fishes 

Like all the Devic kingdoms in the Body of Gaia

We are Her Body and we are loved


Remember, lover

The love which forms us

Just being informs us

Rest easy, be calm


This fear is a parasite

Seeking a host

An artificial construct

Invading the nerves

Producing anxieties to feed upon


We are not a food source

We are creators


The cry of a parasite

The lies to confuse us

The truth is so much simpler

It is so much more primary and basic


When complexities overwhelm

It is a hint to remember

Remember to breathe now 

Cling onto nothing


Our families, our bodies

Belong here by Right

Divine dominion and rights 

By virtue of Being

Of occupying this space

It’s my space, I own it


Remember now

We are formed of Love

Like the Body of Gaia

Like the lifeforms upon Her

We are Her Love and Her Body and Life


Original @ Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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