Ron Kalvin

Chapter 1


Dear reader, I decided to title this book How To Navigate The Coming Spiritual Changes because major changes are coming which will affect each of us, and indeed, they have already begun. Since you are reading this you must be one who is ready to progress, or at least has questions about how to progress into the new age which is upon us.

We are fast approaching the Ascension of our planet and many of Earth’s inhabitants. I, too, have had many questions about this process.

Much has been written and channeled about what the new age may be like and what changes we might expect. But, based on what I have learned and been told by my celestial guidance, much of the information we have been exposed to is either incomplete or inaccurate.

In other words, after stripping away the beautiful sounding New Age metaphors about what is coming, we are still left with the need to know what to really expect.

Before I say anything else, let me be very clear about one thing. This book is different from the many other books which are out there. In this book, I will not simply repeat all the mumbo-jumbo you have been fed for so long.

I fully understand that some of what I am to reveal will be controversial and will be rejected outright by some people. However, I also know that with the passing of time, the truths revealed here will be validated. What is going to happen and the changes we will experience are too important to face without having some background and understanding of what is happening and why. In order to do this it will be necessary to also understand the bigger picture, which, for the most part, has not been told by most New Agers.

It may seem at times that I am addressing sociological issues rather than spiritual issues. Yes, I am. But, it is precisely these sociological issues which must be acknowledged and addressed if we are to be able to ascend. The subjects discussed are precisely those where society as a whole must change.

In order to present this information properly, it is first necessary to clear up a number of misconceptions and reveal the broader picture of how things are and how we came to this point in history. I ask you to read and consider this information with an open mind. Accept what feels true to you and feel free to reject anything you can not accept. This book is not designed to be a self-help book. A lot of those have already been published. What is needed now, I feel, is more truth (coupled with a dose of logic).

At this point, I feel that I should tell you something of my background and how I came to write this book. You might reasonably ask how am I qualified to ‘reveal’ the truth when there are numerous well-known channels and others who have been sharing the secrets of the universe for years?

My answer may not be good enough for you, but I will attempt to answer this important question. Over time, I have come to know why I came to Earth at this time. You likely already know that we are at the beginning of the process of what many people refer to as the Ascension, with its many changes.

From my early teens, I have been compelled to seek answers and to understand how things really are. I have spent over 65 years researching, evaluating and learning about metaphysics and spirituality. I was compelled to look at the bigger picture and to question everything. I have seen certain patterns emerge. I have seen many so-called truths conflict with each other, which few people seem to question.

And, while most of the New Age practitioners of today would disagree, I have also found that there is an incredible logic to our universe and how it functions. In fact, there is intelligence and logic behind everything we experience. We very often just can’t see it.

In my life, I have personally experienced or witnessed many of the things I will speak of. I came to the place of wanting to know everything to the extent that it was possible. Many times an answer to a question would also create several new questions which then had to be researched. This has been a journey of wonder for me. And now, I am told it is time to share these truths with you.

I spent most of my life living as a very ordinary person who functioned in the corporate world. I was a ‘closet spiritual person’. I would seldom discuss metaphysical things with people I interacted with. But, one of my tasks has been to observe and learn about the complexity of humans. I will speak more about this later.

I have been able to personally experience most of the things that other psychics do and I have been able to have my experiences validated in various ways, so I know that they were real. Some of what I have done includes communicating with animals, doing readings for people, psychometric readings, accurately predicting many key events in our world, and most important, learning how to communicate clearly with my celestial team at a very high level. I have even had the opportunity to communicate with a group of ETs and I can tell you that many of them are not all that advanced, as we have been led to believe.

I have been communicating with my angelic contacts for years now and they have been able to reveal some things to me which I will share with you. Please keep in mind that the future is always subject to change and although I report what I am taught with as much accuracy as I can, it is certainly possible that some things might evolve slightly differently. I’ve found that my celestial team will normally not lie to me (unless it is for a very good reason), but they will often tell me that the answer to my question is too complex to understand. When this happens we then negotiate how I can receive what information I can process.

There are some things about God and the creation of our universe we can know. Unfortunately, so much that has been written about this has been seriously corrupted or distorted. In our past, various information was relayed concerning so-called gods which was mythological and largely untrue, as we know, yet many people relied on that information.

It is no different today. History shows that the Catholic Church is responsible for modifying the Bible, which was highly inaccurate in the first place. Virtually everyone in positions of power in the world of religion has changed or interpreted the religious texts to suit their own needs, often to extend their control over their people.

I fully understand that religions have provided comfort and guidance for very many people, enhancing their lives considerably. Even so, is it any wonder that today more and more people are beginning to question these religious writings which have for so long given us direction?

Long ago, I was unable to reconcile how the God presented in the Bible, who was all knowing, could be so punishing and directly involved with humanity in the Old Testament and then was so forgiving and uninvolved in the New Testament. And, there is the concept of original sin, which I have never been able to understand or accept. The only thing that concept did was to enable the church to force the masses to rely on their church in order to be saved.

Unfortunately, much of the so-called channeled information in more recent times has also been corrupted. That is a serious claim and I will address this issue later in this book. How, then, are we to know what is or is not true? You also might reasonably ask what makes me think that I know what the truth is? I will share with you what I have been taught and it will be for you to judge. As has often been said, ‘we each have our own realities’.

Many revelations and predictions have been made about the so-called end times. We have been presented with extensive evaluations of the predictions in the Book of Revelations, the Mayan Calendar, Edgar Cayce’s predictions and the Nostradamus revelations, among other sources. And, we have been given many assessments of the coming event commonly called Ascension, which is to be the end of the third dimension as we know it, resulting in a major cleansing of our planet.

It is a lot of information for one to sort through. Some of the information is close to being correct and, unfortunately, some of it is very distorted and incomplete.

My earlier book, Help! I’m Trapped In This Lifetime! was an effort to explain in plain language many aspects of metaphysical events without using what I call ‘New Age speak’. Here I will attempt to speak in everyday language that everyone can understand without the clichés that we are often subjected to. Hopefully, I will be successful in addressing the material to be covered in a way that most people can relate to, or at least understand what is being said.

Some specifics about my background.

In my teens, I started on a lifelong quest to understand the meaning of life and all those same things that you very likely have sought to understand. This was a compulsion which has never left me. Along the way, I have come to understand some important things about how things are and why we need to prepare for the coming changes My journey has been both very gratifying and difficult at times.

I was raised in a lower middle class average American, highly dysfunctional family. So far as I know my parents never went to any church. As a teenager, I began going to the church down the street from our home. It just happened to be an Episcopal Church. I could never relate to the version of God that I was told about in the churches, although I grew to enjoy the ceremonial part of the services. I did feel that God was in the church; it just wasn’t the same God they were talking about. I couldn’t really connect with that God for some reason. Deep within me I knew that there was something more. Much more!

In those days, back in the early 1950s, there was precious little information available to be found about these mysteries. But, still I continued to search and to learn. I always did my searching quietly. These were not things that people discussed then.

Today, I like to say I was a ‘closet New-Ager’. Other people were simply not interested in such things. After spending a long and productive life in the corporate business world as a ‘conventional person’, I left my last job and decided to be myself and to openly explore what I called the real truth. I am happy to say that my spiritual growth has been exponential, as well as being very interesting.

The change initially began in earnest after I experienced a major trauma in my life. There is nothing like hitting your emotional bottom to bring about change. Over the subsequent years I studied, trained and learned a great deal about myself and the universe. I also had many experiences which were nothing but incredible. Many were first-hand personal experiences and a lot were those of other people whom I could observe and learn from.

I came to know that there was some sort of order to all this, even if I didn’t completely understand it all. I experienced various psychic abilities first hand. I continued to wrestle with understanding how the paranormal worked and such mundane questions as how and why we were created. Little questions like that.

The thing is, I had and still have, this insatiable need to know things that many other people never seem to even think about or care about. I have never understood why. Fortunately, some people, just like you, also want these same questions answered. Along the way I was given a lot of valuable, new information which explained many things with far greater clarity.

Perhaps I should stop and explain how I have come to have my knowledge. Along the way I was guided to people and situations which began to tie things together, adding to what I already knew. Better yet, I finally got in touch with my spiritual self. I began to receive the guidance and deeper information I so wanted to have, although each new bit of knowledge usually generated even more questions to deal with.

It has been a long and deeply rewarding journey, although frustrating at times when certain things didn’t yet make sense. Along the way, some things started to become very clear to me. Important changes were starting to happen which would have profound effects on this planet of ours, Earth, and there was no turning back!

Unlike many of the New Age population, I apply a certain level of logic to my analysis of what I am learning. I ask, ‘Does it conflict with other information’? ‘How does this new information fit into the larger picture?’ Like many of you, I have studied under various teachers who came into my life at the exact right time.

But most importantly, I learned how to communicate directly and clearly with my celestial family. They have helped me in so many ways throughout my life, from writing my first book, Help! I’m Trapped In This lifetime!, to providing active guidance in my challenging life. They have always been there. And, they have intervened to save my life on at least two occasions.

Naturally, you might ask who my celestial team is? Primarily, it is comprised of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphael, Yeshua, and Mary, plus others who remain unknown at this time. They function as a group. What are they like to communicate with? For me, it’s like talking to a good friend. They have a wonderful sense of humor and have played some great practical jokes on me and my wife, Linda.

How did this ability come about? In my case, I started by asking questions and using a pendulum to answer yes or no questions. Soon, I began hearing answers before I completed my question. Then the answers became full answers. Now, I will typically ask a question and the answer often begins with a word or two, and then the whole ‘knowing’ is given to me as a complete answer. Later, I will address how to determine if you are communicating with someone who is of the light or an entity who is of the dark, but is masquerading as a light being. I am sorry to say that there is a lot of that happening these days.

How did this book come to be? First, I was taught and prepared to write the book. Then, I was simply told to do it when they felt that I was sufficiently prepared to write it fairly accurately. It’s important to understand that the celestials mostly channel information through a human by using that person’s brain and the information it contains. Because of this some distortion may occur. To illustrate this point, you will not see a person channeling information in Chinese who has never spoken Chinese.

As I said, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. That was the result of it having been channeled through different people. Some were able to receive only partial information, although it was accurate. Some received information from well-meaning light beings who were not fully advanced and who could not see the complete picture. And, many have received certain information which was corrupted by the dark! Most everything contained in this book has been channeled. Usually, it comes to me fully intact. All I have to do is some light editing.

You may be surprised and even bothered to learn that in the higher realms all is not as it has been presented, that actual disagreements exist there and they must be resolved appropriately. What I personally have come to appreciate is the sense of logic that prevails throughout the universe. Sometimes it may not immediately be apparent, but it is there and it affects everything.

We all like to find quick, easy answers to our questions. I certainly do. But, because of the coming changes, we will soon be required to make some very important decisions. Decisions which can only be made if we are sufficiently prepared to fully understand the consequences of our decisions and what our options really are. Ultimately, the real truth of things will be revealed and for many people it will be completely different from what we have been told to believe. I truly hope that the information in this book will be helpful in becoming ready to face your future decisions.

I fully understand that this book will be controversial and will be rejected out of hand by some people. I accept that, but I suggest that you consider thinking outside of the box and seriously thinking about what I am to share with you. Then ask your inner knowingness if it is correct. You may be surprised at the answer.

Finally, it is very easy to forget that we are living in a very complex and challenging time. As such, we all have an enormous responsibility to conduct ourselves with integrity and work at creating the world that is to come.

Also, it occurred to me recently that it was important to me to express my appreciation to God for creating me. This is something that religion has never taught, so far as I know, and I feel that this is very important.

End of Chapter 1

You may find Ron’s book, How to Navigate the Coming Spiritual Changes ebook in a Kindle edition on Amazon here, for the very reasonable price of $3.99. For those who would like to skip ahead of our chapter by chapter presentation on Wednesdays, this is where you can go get his ebook for yourself and read it at your leisure.

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