boredomWe run out of fuel in so many ways. We humans have an infinite capacity for running out of energy and making life difficult or unpleasant.

No wood for the stove, or electricity, can equal cold meals and even colder home. A long walk to the nearest Petrol station can be painful, scary or embarrassing, especially if a reminder to ‘ fill her up’ was delivered before leaving home.

By far the worst depletion is ‘oomph’, the state where one is rudderless and beached, becalmed, de-incentivised (wow, $10 word).

What do we do to repair the massive damage done to our energy? ‘Nothing’, I cry, ‘I’m too tired to bother!’ Maybe tomorrow, but of course, tomorrow never comes. The half competed projects pile up and all that is left to do after you pick up the bits and bobs, is to put them down again and sigh.

Do you remember the advice given to us from Angels and the AA (not Alcoholics Anonymous). Simply put, it was to look out for ourselves because the tough times were coming at a rate of knots and we needed to be rested and calm.

It would seem that now is the time we must act on the advice given. Personally, I have NO problem resting, staying rested is a whole ‘nother thing.

There is a feeling deep inside that the door to the future is ajar, and I must refuel for the work ahead. So, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we will be set to glorious work. I am wearily excited.

Look around at the huge changes in attitude towards social justice, lies, damn lies and hidden truths. The untouchables are in the firing line and being brought to account.

No wonder we are weary, we are trying to clean up church and state. Stand protectively in front of children, animals, the disadvantaged, women and Gaia, personal pick of the order! All are being addressed and are of equal urgency.

Small wonder we feel spread a bit thin. One person cannot fix it all, but we can all be Boots on the ground for aspects of Home Planet.

Don’t forget how much energy it takes to have a houseful of visitors welcomed in.

We are raising vibrations, and the disclosure is not for us. We know the truth already, it is for the hopeless and helpless, and we are the shoulders for them to cry on and join in the joy.

If I can stay awake long enough!!!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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