introspectionWhether one celebrates Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, some other tradition or even none at all, this is the time for a rest from work, a reset, and some quiet and deep introspection to take place, even with all the extra family activities.

Deep down inside, we all have the connection to the Sacred Heart of our humanity. We all share this same access point to this space where we’re all connected as One. Each of us is a bitty expression of the massive interplay of Love Incarnate, of Life Itself in motion and in form.

Finding the access can be a simple as getting quiet for a few minutes and concentrating on what there is to be grateful for. Gratitude that is real and genuine is the quickest way to align with the highest frequencies of Love available on this planet at this time.

In a similar fashion, laughter is the quickest and most effective method to open the heart. A good belly laugh shared with friends and loved ones is the fast lane to our heart doors flying wide open, and I mean now.

Take the time for gratitude and laughter, oh mighty lovers! We are truly the ones we’ve been waiting for, and all work and no play makes for some grumpy and contracted, exhausted and depressed countenances.

Let’s not depend on anyone else to lead the way into situations that promote the well-being of all concerned. We’re the leaders, as the most conscious ones in the crowd. These are simple ways to take responsibility on a personal level for the greater good. Let’s not be embarrassed to use them just because they are simple. Simple is good.

Honor as well those who we might not have noticed are much more conscious than when we last met. The movement of awareness into more consciousness has been very powerful and swift lately. Let’s be open to the possibility of being delighted and surprised.

The true gifts of this season aren’t the ones under the tree. They’re the ones we might miss out on without taking the moments to consider the true values in life and in our lives. As they are. As we are.

Happy Holidays to you from all of us here at Gaia Scenics’ View! We wish you and your loved ones all the joy and all the love you can create and share with one another.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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