sandrawalterKudos goes out to Sandra Walter. She’s managed to hit the mark for many of us with this excellent video interview done with Lauren Galey on October 20, 2016.

Ascension Update – Grid Work, Accelerated Timelines with Sandra Walter on Quantum Conversations 

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Thanks to Lauren for her velvet voice and her gorgeous interviewing skills, and thanks to her platform, AcousticHealth Healing Conversations, for serving as a springboard for Sandra’s very current, up to date, and important information to serve us as direct validation of what so many of us are experiencing for ourselves.

Gaia Scenics’ View blog has been set up as a space for focusing on and exploring the human element in the process of the current evolutionary shift going on. We don’t, as a matter of course, repost the content of anyone in the blogosphere, as we don’t see this platform as an aggregator or collector of other creator’s content. Lots of blogs are doing this, and we aren’t one of them.

However, occasionally we find that something out there is so excellent and so juicy that it causes a stir in our community interactions. This is the second time now that we’ve felt moved by Sandra’s presentations enough to feel it merits a special mention on our blog. (1)

We invite folks to listen in on this interview and see for themselves what they think. Below is a collection of what some of the Gaia Scene forum members shared on forum about their thoughts about it.

Dawn shares:
“Questions Without Notice…

“It always comes as quite a shock when a whole bunch of questions are answered without you saying a word. Sandra Walter did this to me in this video and I don’t mind a bit.

“Practical, pointed and chock full of superb advice and comments, Sandra laughingly leads us to, and through, the somewhat painful delights of Ascension.

“With more waves than a surfer could handle, she tells us via a short, but pertinent, history lesson why we have felt like the whole Planet is full of beaten-up sleepwalkers… why the Light beings in Sol tell us when to duck, and why our computers are having nervous breakdowns… Crystals, grids and lots of other important stuff are laid out in a clearly understandable manner, and the reval is not an issue high on Sandra’s agenda.

“This YouTube video is meant for everyone, I first watched it with eyes ears and heart open, this is a magnificent tool gifted to all of us, please use it!”

Steven shares:
“I found it very useful too, and very rewarding. What I like most is the idea that we all are helping, and it’s not about who gets in the ascension portal first. I liked the talk about the energy work with Earth and crystals, the breakdown of the last elements of the old dark Atlantean matrix, which is and has been replaced by the new crystalline grid. And most importantly, focus on the new. It’s not about rejoicing over the failure of the old matrix and the old power-over patriarchs, it’s the time to step forth and create the new world we want.”

Devapriya shares:
“Sandra’s living IT – no theory talk in teaching mode, but embodied experience, sharing through an open heart.

“What enchants me most here is not only the information given that in wide aspects matches my own process and insights. It’s her ‘presentation’, the real-ness is palpable for me when I hear love and joyous playfulness in her voice, and watch her smile and her hands move when she talks. She vibrates Being-ness, flows with the Now-moment and draws a receptive audience into their Self Here-Now.”

Andrea shares:
“There are so many details that match with my own perceptions and experiences here, but perhaps the most inspiring part to me, personally, is the talk about the operation (for some of us) on levels of pure trust, which aren’t only remarkable, but perhaps not even possible not so long ago.

“For some of us, this is not really new news, we’ve been doing this drill for some time now, and getting better at it and stronger in it all the time. It’s just such a thrill to hear that we aren’t alone in this and to get this important validation on how our ‘craziness’ (as it might be viewed by the world we’ve spent our lives immersed in) isn’t so crazy after all. Although I think most of us are beyond where we need such validation, it sure is good to get it!”

Lorraine shares:
“Lauren Galey calls her programs Quantum Conversations. Her interview with Sandra Walter is the epitome of expansion and knowing.

“Sandra Walter offers an exquisite overview of our current movement and creation of an alternate timeline where we are called into expansion.

“I loved the simplicity of her phrase, ‘pay no attention to the puppet show, let it go.’ I’ve found that I’m clearing the bleed-through that has been seeping out this past year. There isn’t any need to buy into the drama and trauma and separation consciousness. There’s no future in it. And, this forum is a beautiful example and demonstration of the Unity Consciousness that she speaks of.

“I’ve known for many years that personal and planetary transformation occur simultaneously. So, I loved Sandra’s explanation of selfless service – service to self and service to others is a parallel reality. We don’t wait for the realization that we love ourself. We move forward together.

“Absolutely beautiful!”

Alex shares:
“What can I say, it has been a long time since I have been blown away by complete and total resonance.

“Sandra has always spoken my language, as she is an energy reader and we speak in the same terms, even if our specific roles are different. She speaks with such authority and intelligence, and makes the miraculous seem everyday. She is a beautiful conduit (or bridge between worlds), and it is not lost on me that she is a liaison for the galactic realms.

“A few stand-out moments when I had tears streaming down my face were, when she spoke of not looking at the crumbling 3D world. I have been moved to step out of my role supporting the geopolitical awakening on a mass level, and while I knew to listen to my heart and intuition and act on that, I still felt ‘guilty’ about it.

“She speaks directly of self-love, self-care, service and responsibility to self/soul, while allowing the journey of others to unfold. Certainly, we intend for the highest good of all, but we allow the process and the path of others to be what they will be. It is up to US to do US and the others can choose.

“She also spoke about releasing the chakra system in her teachings and focusing on the torus and ascension column. Few have the ability to express that we use tools when they are valid, and we discard them when they no longer serve. What got us to here is blessed, but if we keep pushing the use of old tools in a new world, we get nowhere.

“I was particularly grateful for her mentioning the ascension column set-up of energy because I came IN to this world with that set-up and folks are shifting into it now. Prototypes and forerunners are set apart and act as a role model for the future, but it can certainly be a bit of lonely work. It just confirms my own intel that we are shifting energetically in a profound and directed way.

“I felt such a relaxing in my solar plexus when she said everything is well and it will all turn out OK.  She admits to fatigue after all this time, but being a completely different person from the one who undertook this path in the first place. I feel that to my core, and I think we can all admit to being very different. In our DNA, in our body, in our mind, in our beingness,  as we integrate more of our higher self into form.

“I had to laugh at her small mentions of different new age and light worker groups with their specific focus and how she aligns only with what resonates in her heart and her intuition and releases the rest, as this has been my way as well.

“I am just in love with Sandra Walter, and so grateful to have her council and wisdom during this time of tremendous change and shift. May her path be blessed and her journey lead her to more, in the way she and her own Source essence choose.”

Petrus shares:
“A real Marvel for me. And, actually I can only repeat a some of Sandra’s recommendations:

‘Pay no attention to the puppet shows (politics, economics, etc.) and I have nothing to do with the money (reval).’

‘Its all a personal journey.’

‘Ask yourself: what are my skills?’

‘It is the birth of the New; leveling up.’

‘Its not Them and Us, but there is only Us: we are One.’

‘Let us become the Presence… not the present.’

“… And, what I enjoyed most of all was the red squirrel (at 50 min), that after some searching stood right up and… listened. For me that was the very best, because I am not so much of a talker on these most important happening in and of our lives. I recognize what is sincere and true, and prefer to experience and live it.”

Tomos shares:
“Soul evolution through unconditional self love is the feel I got from Sandra, and it has always been that feeling, but this time with more clarity and knowing involved. Bless you, Sandra for all you do.”


(1) Sandra’s first GSV mention, along with some of the community comments is found here, Sandra Walter – Deepening For the Next Wave.

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