I often speak about the Divine Space of Love. I have to bless Matt Kahn for mentioning it first. Pretty sure it was him, but I can’t remember. It was so long ago that I started focusing on the concept of my energy space, and I didn’t know a good name for it. He provided the perfect one and I bless him for it. I knew what it was, but I didn’t know the name.

Defining the Divine Space of Love

What is our Divine Space of Love? First and foremost, we must honor that we are our own space of love. Our heart and within it, the partnership of body, inner child and soul makes up the beautiful building blocks of who we are. This partnership is the home of our sacred soul path and the main focal point of all we are. At least it should be, if we truly wish to evolve and grow.

Once we move out into the world past our own heart, we move into the space of co-creation. This can be with an individual, certainly, but at the base level this co-creative focus is with quanta.

A Little Look at Quanta

Quanta is the smallest particle of energy that exists, and while its size may seem insignificant, at the essence of it all, quanta is all there is. There is only quanta in this universe, and the space between quanta. There is only quanta at one vibration, and quanta at another vibration. There is only quanta in cohesive union and quanta not in union. The universe is like a jello mold made up entirely of quanta filled with different types of fruit and goodies. We are the fruit and goodies, but we are all one in the jello mold.

We often think of ourselves as alone and separate, even while spiritual texts remind us that we are one. Esoteric knowledge can be intellectualized, but it must be taken into the heart to be truly known. When we focus on the quantic level of existence, we can truly understand that we are all one, simply differentiated into defined packets.

So, as we move outward, from the beautiful piece of fruit that we are, there is not one moment when we are not connected to something else through quanta. The space between us may seem void, but it is alive with electric quanta and teaming with potential.

Setting Intentions

We often set intentions for our individual path, and focus on our own sovereign energy space. I have written about Divine Sovereignty often, and invited all to declare the sovereignty of their energy space and intend for the basic routes through which energy interacts with each of us. The truth is, we are very powerful creator beings and we can indeed determine and enforce how energy interacts with us. Working with this innermost, individual layer helps us to get confident with intentions, but we can also work with other energies.

We can intend to flow the energy within a co-creative group. We can choose a certain focus, be it joy, happiness, compassion, love, and choose to experience those feelings as the master of our own energy fields. The more we practice spinning our own energy, the better we get at it. We aren’t waiting for things to come into our fields to make us happy or feel love, we are simply setting the focus on those feelings and things then flow accordingly.

Co-creational Intentions

We miss a significant creational partnership if fail to realize that we are in partnership with more than just other souls, be they human and animal. We are in fact, in co-creation with all the Kingdoms of Sophia-Gaia, our earth mother, and every single particle of celestial quanta, and we can, in fact set intentions around these energetic interactions so they flow in alignment with our soul path.

Recently, a dear friend of mine told me she was moving to a new home, and I asked her if she wanted to do a little ritual to set up her own divine space of love in the new location. I am not sure she thought of her new home as a divine space of love, but she very much resonated with the idea.

Dedication and Consecration

The idea of setting an intention and focus for a space is not new. Throughout history, buildings have been dedicated, churches consecrated and ships christened, but regular people rarely dedicated their own space. Is it any wonder that this focused intention of running the energy in a space would not be shared with regular beings?

In fact, the idea of creating a sacred circle was denigrated as a tool of witchcraft or superstition and it was patently rejected as a dark art, in order to leave familial and more common spaces free of protection.

Working With Your Own Divine Space of Love

I have been working with the concept of the Divine Space of Love for a very long time. Below is a basic recipe for setting the intentions of a space, but it is only a guide. If you choose to dedicate a space of love for yourself, know you can absolutely choose your own ritual and intention.

You can even do it simply with your words and focus. Quanta absolutely wishes to serve you, and your space wishes to be in loving partnership with you. The feelings that flood in when setting these intentions open the heart wide, a sure sign of returned love from all beings and energy within the space.

Realize that a space of love can be a small as the seat we sit on at work, or as large as a country home, or even a neighborhood. The more beings that co-create in the space, the more variability of outcome. We may be able to set a strong intention for a smaller space, as we feel more comfortable in our power at this level, while we can set an intention for the essence of interaction as we move further out into space. This also honors the freewill choice of other energy and beings and soul contract interactions along our path to be honored.

A Simple Dedication Ritual For The Divine Space of Love

Our spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are an apartment in a building in the city, others are in the middle of a forest. I find it is always appropriate to ask the quanta and the kingdoms to participate of their own freewill choice. If you have trees and vegetation in your space, they always find joy in participating and holding the vibration with you, but they aren’t necessary to hold the space, because the quanta itself will do that.

You may choose to use various items during your dedication, as suggested here, but none of them are necessary, they only represent a focal point of power, which can absolutely be held through your intention alone.

If you have any crystals you love, put them in some pure water for a few hours or over night in the moonlight, and ask that their essence be transferred to the water.

Good crystals for this process are clear, pink or smoky quartz, citrine, aquamarine and amethyst. While selenite is a great mineral to help clear and define a space, it is a very soft mineral and should not be placed in water. Pour out the water into a glass cup (never use metal on crystals).

If you have sage, mugwort or even tobacco, you can smudge the space, but it isn’t necessary because of the words you will be saying.

If you are going to smudge, light it and bless its service (I bless you, I thank you for your service) and then walk around the house and the garden, wafting it after drawing the smoke over yourself.

Ask all bound energy to be released and returned to creator. Thank it for its service to previous beings, but that its service is no longer needed in the space and it is free to move on to new creations and free will choices of its own.

You are ready to begin your ritual.

Light a candle at your front door or entry to the space you are working with. White is good but any color will do. You can do this in the physical or in your mind and heart’s eye only.

Take the cup with you and begin at the farthest point on your property or any space you are setting the intention for.

Declare your sovereignty with words that feel appropriate to you. These are the words I use generally.

I am a divine sovereign free will eternal creator goddess being.

I claim, by Divine right, my sovereign energy space, my body and my soul.

All energy that enters my field does so through the permission of my inner being/soul in accordance with my highest good and soul path.

All energy that interacts with my field does so through its own freewill choice, with full knowledge that it will be transmuted to the highest possible vibration through this interaction.

In deep gratitude to Sophia-Gaia and to Mother and Father God. All energy entering my space does so for my highest good by the direction of my soul.

And so it is, continually reaffirmed in both past, present and future, on all dimensions and timelines.

Once you declare your sovereignty within the center of your heart and soul, begin moving into interacting with the space you wish to bless.

Depending on your feelings, you may choose to honor the four directions/four winds/four elements. Simply lift the cup and spin around, honoring the earthly plane.

Then lift the cup up, honor the celestial plane and the galactic plane if that resonates with you, then down into the depths of the earth and Gaia.

Pour water on the ground, offering libations to all energy that chooses by its free will choice to create the newly defined Divine Space of Love, with you at the center, to join energetically with love, and peace, and compassion and protection (add whatever you want to anchor in your space here; health, abundance, joy, anything that makes your heart jump for joy.)

Then, walk around the space, and scatter the water in droplets along the edge. When you get back to the house or the physical matter of the space, sprinkle some on the house or constructed matter, such as a wall or desk. It is a made thing certainly, and most would tell you it has no consciousness, but on an energy level, it is made of the same energy as all living things and thus is conscious of your love. Bless it and thank it for its service.

Then bring the candle inside and walk around the space. You may choose to say the following

May the golden light of love enter this space and bless it with illumination, love and joy.

May the light shine brightly for the highest good of all beings that enter, in alignment with divine will and the free will choice of the higher collective soul.

And it is so. In deep gratitude, and continually reaffirmed in all moments, both past, present and future, in all planes and dimensions. We are blessed in this new divine space of love, and we are grateful.

That should do it! Imagine a golden plasma bubble around the space, going down into the earth and grounded and out into the space to the central sun Alcyone. Energy can flow in, but only for your highest good. Feel on that.

The energy construct that you have created in union with the energy of your space resonates as created, until you choose to change its energy by adding additional parameters or changing the agreement, as energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply flows into form, through form and out of form according to your magnificent creator direction.

If you are anchoring a space, where you cannot easily do ceremony, such as your desk space at work or your car, you can simply focus mentally in a grounded state, around the edge of the space and say the words you choose to yourself.

It is indeed powerful stuff to set the intention of your own space, and the space itself will be in joy for your focus on it. Don’t be afraid to add your own words as this is about you and your space. You are a powerful creator; own it.

I invite everyone to create their own space of love, especially now in these chaotic energies of change.

Just focus on the positive of what you want to bring IN and not what you want to keep OUT. If something comes up that feels negative during your intention setting, imagine its opposite and anchor that. The space of love is like a vacuum, drawing things in through a filter that keeps out energy not of like vibration.

Additionally, as a sovereign being, you are setting the intention for your own interaction with the space, and not inhibiting the freewill choices of other beings and energy within the space, so this mechanism is not a controlling or dominating one. Others are free to set their own intentions, in alignment with what resonates with them along their soul path, and as we all exist within our own dimensions and worlds these personal energy constructs do not compete with each other.

As you move through the world, you can also ask the energy of your Divine Space of Love to come with you, carrying the essence of all you have anchored within your space, out into interactions with others. I do this whenever I am rolling down the road in my car, and I get a laugh out of the golden bubble of energy I imagine us in as we roll on!

We are beloved children of the universe, and we deserve a blessed Divine Space of Love. A warm-hearted energetic nest where we are completely supported and at peace. We all have the innate ability to intend for this in any space we are existing in, and I invite you all to create these beloved spaces for yourself.

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