As our magnificent sun enters the constellation of Aries and we are treated to a glorious new moon on April 15th, we begin another astrological new year, and it is the perfect time for setting intentions on a personal level as well as offering intentions for the world as a whole.

Setting the secular New Year, based on the Gregorian calendar created in 1582, at the end of December cuts us off from the natural cycles of this earth. With societies’ heavy suggestion on setting resolutions, at an energetic time of the year that does not support creation, we expend our creation power in a way that does not benefit ourselves personally or the world as a whole community.

On the other hand, the astrological new year represents the ancient new year that is linked to the cycles of our blessed earth mother Sophia-Gaia and all who call her body home. In the Northern Hemisphere, this new year begins with birth and growth, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it begins with the harvest.

The eternal cycles of birth, growth, harvest, decay, reformation and rebirth on earth are mirrored in the energy constructs of our universe. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply comes into form, through form and out of form in an infinite flowing dance of creation.

Linking into this flow as a sovereign creator being, we have the ability to access a tremendous amount of energy and support for that which we wish to create at this time.

Metaphysically, this time of year carries the same essential energy as that of a new moon, which provides strong support for us to plant energetic seeds and sets intentions for that which we wish to manifest at the full moon.

While each moon cycle has different energy facets and specific essences that apply to the traversing of each astrological constellation, this energy period of the astrological new year will set the tone for more long term intentions that will be woven through the fabric of this earthly revolution around the sun.

Having spent a lot of time listening to many individuals, who have different beliefs and cultures expressing what they desire to see in this world, it becomes crystal clear that most want similar things.

Where we tend to get mixed up is in the how of that which we wish to accomplish.

When we set intentions in the magical space of creation, from the center of our hearts, the universe will literally bend over backwards and twist itself inside out to deliver that which we desire.

There is no need to force our will on the how of anything. That is the miracle of creation. We do not need to know the how, we simply intend in alignment with our highest good, release that intention to the universe and get ready to receive that which is truly in our highest good.

This is where trust comes in. From our limited human perspective, we need to trust our hearts, our higher selves and the universe to know what is in alignment with our highest good and to deliver it to us in perfect timing.

Trusting in the broader perspective of the universe, and the deep knowing that as beloved children of the universe we are supported in every moment in alignment with our highest good, allows us to walk forth with tremendous courage and heart centered peace on our chosen paths.

As I contemplate the new year, I thought I would share with you all my own intentions for our world.

Many feel that we exist at a pivotal time in our history, and as sovereign creator beings we each can contribute to the manifestation of a common timeline here on the earthly plane.

These overarching intentions are set with the caveat that each incarnate being on planet at this time is sovereign. They are the masters of their own energy field and their own individual world and timeline.

Through their soul contracts, determined prior to incarnation and through their free will choices, they create the path they walk on.

We all do this, either consciously or unconsciously. Every single one of us.

So let us begin…

As I stand within my divine space of love, I declare that I am a sovereign free-will eternal creator goddess being.

I claim by divine right my sovereign energy field, my soul, my mind, my body and my inner child. I claim all that is me and all that has ever been me in this eternal now moment.

I pour libations of thanks and honor to the earthly planes. I give thanks to our blessed earth mother Sophia-Gaia and all her Devas, Kingdoms, Elementals, Diamond-Sky Dakinis and Mahavidyas, as well as every particle of quanta in service to the earthly planes.

I pour libations of thanks and honor to all incarnated human souls for walking their sovereign path during this now moment and contributing their energy to the whole.

I pour libations of thanks and honor to the celestial and galactic planes who support the highest good of the incarnational plane during this now moment.

Standing in partnership with all of my sovereign self, I intend that the highest good of all beings unfold perfectly in alignment with divine will, divine principles and the sovereign free-will choice of the Source level soul collective.

May all innocence be blessed and protected.

May all have the deep knowing that they are blessed with unconditional love and support as they walk their own sovereign soul path.

May all who choose to be blessed with the joy, love, inspiration, optimal health, prosperity, peace and well being that is our birthright as incarnated sovereign beings in this now moment.

May all who choose to have the courage to be the change they wish to see as they walk their sovereign path on earth, knowing full well that the energetic frequency they choose to vibrate out into the creational plane reflects back to them in the manifestation of their own personal world.

May the heart-centered blessings and desires of all incarnate beings that are in alignment with our highest good be made manifest and pour forth in an unending stream of unconditional love and joy upon this earthly plane during this new year and beyond.

All this, and all that from our limited human perspective we cannot fully see, that is in alignment with our highest good from the broader perspective of Source be made manifest in perfect timing during this new year and beyond.

In awe, honor and gratitude to our Mother and Father God who comprise this universe and our blessed earth mother Sophia-Gaia, It is so.

I invite you to join me in setting your own intentions for our beloved world and more personal intentions for your own sovereign path as we set sail for this next revolution around the sun.

Feel the tremendous power and support available to us at this time for planting the seeds of miraculous creations born from the unconditional love within our hearts in alignment with our highest good.

Happy New Year!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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