I recently had a very vivid dream, where I was moving up a steeply winding road, which I interpreted as moving into the energies of the new earth.

I was driving up the road at a good pace, and the terrain was mountainous, but the road was not laid out in switch backs with hair pin turns as most mountain roads would generally be built.

No.  The road was an upward twisting spiral, where I could not see around the next bend, but still I traveled along comfortably.

I then came around a curve and I was enveloped in thick white fog, where I could not see a single foot ahead of my path.

It was obviously a moment to slow down and use caution, or simply stop on the side of the road because the way was no longer clear. That is what my brain would tell me to do if I had been awake at the time, but in the dream state, spirit often has other plans.

Instead of stopping, I took a deep breath and continued forward into the unknown terrain. I was flooded with a sense of complete knowing that with my skill set, my ability to proceed was assured.  I simply needed to focus on being supported in every single moment, and though my physical vision was clouded, my success was guaranteed because I had faith in my own ability to traverse the terrain, even if I could not see the next step.

This dream left me with such a sense of peace and strength, and reminded me of this sharing about finding our way to the new earth. Our success is guaranteed, and we most certainly “got this” if we only listen to our heart’s knowings.

Setting Sail For the New Earth

Whenever I reflect on how we get to the New Earth, I am reminded strongly of this rather dangerous sailing situation from long ago.

When I was a child, I spent my summers on a sail boat. My parents got a boat when I was very little, and neither of them were sailors, but they loved the sea and they learned as they went along.

There were many times they learned hard lessons along the way, but eventually they both became seasoned salts and felt confident in their abilities to navigate the seas.

My father was a good captain and my mother was his first mate. She was expert at trimming the sails and maintaining the vessel, while my father’s forte was charting and steering our course.

Every summer, we would plan a 2-week cruise with other sailing families and away we would go on a beautiful summer adventure up the coast of New England.

One year, we encountered bad weather and had to stay at anchor for a few days. After two days in port, the captains got together and evaluated the weather report. They decided to take a chance, and set out in the evening to cross Long Island Sound in order to make up some distance on our trip.

Most of the captains lacked experience in night sailing, and my father was uncomfortable with the plan. Since the entire group was committed to going, he chose to continue on with them, instead of separating from the group, even though he had misgivings.

Did I mention that my dad is an empath?  It runs in the family.

We weighed anchor at dusk and set out into the channel. As soon as we set sail, in the dwindling light, the fog rolled in as thick as pea soup.

All the captains were in contact via radio, and they decided to continue on into the night, following the plan they had set.

In the fog, each vessel raises a radar reflector so larger vessels can detect the smaller ones in limited visibility.  As we proceeded, we could hear loud fog horns warning of approaching ships.

Many sailors became scared and some went off course, even turning completely around in the fog.  They got to a point where they did not know what to do, and called out on the radio for assistance.

At this point, my father asked my mother to take the helm and he pulled out his charts, a ruler and a pencil.  He plotted a new course, to a small island in the middle of the sound, where there was shallow enough water for us to anchor and wait for dawn.

He drew the new line on the chart, noted the compass heading and turned on the depth sounder. This machine tells you how deep the water is below the vessel.

He asked me, at age 12, to call out the depths every minute. He asked my sister, at age 10, to match the depth on the chart to the depth on the sounder, and check them off along the plotted line on the map.

Even though we were two young and frightened children, he had faith in us and asked us to serve responsibly in the situation.

He got on the radio and told every vessel the compass heading and his plan. He asked the other captains to trust his judgement and proceed with the group, or turn back to return to our starting port.

He gave them each a choice, so they could follow their own guidance in this difficult situation.  Some captains made the choice to turn back, but many joined the armada forward through the dark fog.

It seemed like time had turned to tar as we made our way forward through the night, but with each depth noted and confirmed, our confidence grew in the plan and in our father.

Eventually, the depths became shallower and then we heard a sweet sound. We could hear gulls calling in great numbers, and what appeared to be waves crashing on a bulkhead. We knew we were approaching the island.

We put down our anchor when the depth was shallow enough and made the boat fast. We all fell into an exhausted sleep, knowing we had made it to a safe spot, even though we were still far from port.

In the morning we woke to white fog and grey water in all directions. We could faintly make out the other boats in our group, and we could hear the gulls close by.

As we ate breakfast in our foul weather gear, the sun began to burn off the fog. We finally saw the tiny island at a close distance and we each thanked the heavens silently for getting us there safely.

Eventually the weather cleared into a crystal day, and we set sail for the next port on our trip. When we arrived, all the other captains thanked my dad for his quick thinking, and I could sense that they all held him in a greater respect from that day forward.

Whenever I think about our current path to the new earth, I think about this experience.

Moving Forward Into the Unknown

We move forward into an unknown and our own senses seem wholly inadequate to lead us there.

We may get distracted from our path, by observing what others do and giving away our power to them.  Following the crowd, when we are captains of our own destiny, will not lead us to our desired destination.

Our path is solely our own.

A captain who is following a charted course, will not simply turn his vessel in a different direction because he sees many boats going that way. He knows that he wants to reach a specific port, and so he follows the course he set, undeterred by the actions of others.

A captain also has the helm and steers the vessel. While the seas and tides may effect the course, the vessel does not follow these influences, as it is steered by a steady hand.

Your steady hand is your internal guidance, and you will find it by having faith in yourself and your own heart.

We might not be in charge of every aspect of our journey to the new earth, but we are each divine sovereign beings who are completely responsible for steering our own vessel along our sacred path.

Some days, the energy may bring up strong feelings that require rest and integration. In these times, just like predicted stormy weather or rough seas, it is important to honor the need to stay in the safe harbor of your heart and space of love.

In these moments, it is important not to try to push forward by means of our will. We get these feelings for a reason, and life is much smoother when we honor them.

Both our energy field and our body vehicle deserve to be treated well and tended to with loving care during energetically turbulent times.

We all have capable crews along for the ride, and when we trust in them our progress is assured. Our miraculous bodies are sea worthy vessels, divinely created to navigate the oceans of our present reality.

The Compass In Our Heart

Our hearts are our compass that leads us forward on our desired course.  When we are on our divine path, our hearts indicate this with feelings of love, peace, safety, contentment and even joy. When we are off course, other feelings present themselves as a reminder to reconnect with our divine inner guidance and return to the center of our heart.

Our divine inner being, inner child, capable brain, guides and guardian angels are all here to assist us in gauging our course.  They help us with reading the compass and plumbing the depths so we know where we are.

They also send us gentle nudges, in the way of intuition and inspiration, that help us regain our way if we become lost in the fog.

Trust is also important in navigating forward. We may not be able to see what is on the horizon, but we can have faith that it is there, just as a vessel traveling through the fog knows its destination is up ahead.

Think of the great faith that explorers had in ages past.  They were operating under the assumption that the world was not flat, as their contemporaries believed, and instead of falling off the edge of the world they would indeed find new lands.

We are explorers heading forth into an entirely new dimension. We have great inner knowing that this new earth exists and we set our course within our hearts for this blessed destination.

The explorers of old, simply set a course for what they desired and scanned the horizon for the appearance of that desire. They never wavered from their course, though I am sure they had to keep each others spirits up and reassure each other every day.

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

This is what our new paradigm spiritual community is for.  When we feel tired, or battered by the energies, we share deeply and ask for assistance of each other.  I feel that open and honest communication about our paths within the community is paramount.

When we need a hand, one is given, and when we can offer a hand, we extend it. What helps one, helps us all.

We may not know when the very concrete and real new earth paradigm will appear on the horizon, but we stay the course and trust in our own internal navigation, knowing that we have a whole divine crew supporting us.

It is such a blessing to be moving forward, as the new earth explorers, who will become the light beacons for those that follow after us into this brilliant new paradigm.

Simply stay the course, follow the compass of your own heart, treat your body vessel with kindness and trust that your divine path will take you there perfectly.  The safe harbor lies up ahead and we are all divinely destined to reach it.

Revised from an article previously published in two parts:  Setting Sail for the New Earth

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