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Enlightened Art

Nirav Shahzada is a beloved friend whose paintings have colored already a few of our articles. With pleasure, we take the chance to introduce him and his artwork to a wider audience. 

Thank you, Shahzada, for the permission to use your creations on Gaia Scenics’ View, and thank you for your musing on art.


It’s always the creator’s state of being that defines the nature of artwork.  Therefore, a healthy artist will spread health and an ill one will blaze disease abroad. A thinker distributes thinking and a feeler, perhaps, pours out feelings.

But is that already art, or simply a kind of psychogram of it’s creator?
At what point is ‘art’ art?

What stands out is that art is a harmony parallel to nature; it’s possible to re-produce it, but not necessary.

The second strike is that art has nothing to do with modernity, society, or the personality as such, but is a kind of harmoy that exists beyond that.

And the third insight is that this harmony is simply the all-encompassing harmony itself.

Hence I call those realized beings who accomplish to embody this harmony in themselves; and yes, I call those ‘artists’ who bring this harmony into being visible, feelable and experienceable for others.

Nowadays, time is long uber-ripe for exploring a new definition of art. A definition that discerns between art that arises from being One with existence – free from the ‘I’ -, and art that does’t root in this source.

Nirav Shahzda

Nirav Shahzada

More of Shahzada’s paintings can be seen on his website http://www.shahzada-art.de

Images of these paintings are the property of Nirav Shahzada. Permission to share images of the painting and this article with the live links to this blog and the live links to the artist’s websites included and intact only.

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