Love Tip JarConsider Sharing Your Love and Abundance With Us

Monetary gratitude is gratefully and joyously accepted here. We see it as a vehicle to share with one another the true abundance, which is ourselves, our attention, devotion and love.

What you share with us will go to maintenance for the blog and forum, and to split among those who are devoted to the tasks that go with keeping what you see here up and running.

To tip here is the same as casting a vote for what you see here to continue. In a very real sense, sharing with us your monetary abundance is creating along with us, so we thank you for your participation.

Please select your tip level below from the options, using the tiny arrows, and click the Tip Jar button. It will take you to PayPal.

You will also be offered the option of using a credit card on the PayPal page for either subscription or one time only.

Tip Options

If you don’t see an option that you like, you may contact me at (zero zero),

or tips may be sent by mail as well, email me at the email above for details.

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