In this time of fake news, alternative facts and a general overload of information that doesn’t seem trust-worthy at best and downright propaganda at worst, I thought it would be interesting to share an article I wrote over two years ago when I was focused as a news editor.

It was my position, at that time, to decide what news was appropriate to share that was in alignment with and supportive of the new paradigm. 

Things have shifted quite a bit since then, with even more sources of information and an even greater need for individual discernment related to news.

What I focused on then, and what I wish to reaffirm now is what are we actually feeding when we share? This is our true point of self-responsibility and it is an important aspect of how we interact with the world.

As we enter higher energies and come into alignment with new paradigm ways of communicating, it becomes paramount to understand what we are feeding with our creative energies and to make choices that bring us into greater resonance with the world’s we wish to create.

I was speaking to a spiritual friend the other day who lives in Israel.

She’s been so hurt lately by all the information on alternative news blogs about how evil the Israelis are, or how linked to Zionists, or even the Nazis, the country is.

This, of course, isn’t her personal experience in her home country, and in fact, many people chose to send her these types of information links during the military struggles that occurred last summer, instead of asking her if she and her family were OK.

We spoke about keeping balance within our hearts and having compassion for the journey of others, but I also told her that I’m sorry she feels hurt.

When are we going to put down this old baggage and stop blaming everyone else for what we perceive as ills in this world?

As an energy reader I understand a few things. First, we have an unlimited source of energy, light and love. We simply have to open ourselves up to it.

We’ve also been taught, throughout our lives, that we live in a universe built on lack and not on support. Therefore, many can’t tap into the source of their own energy and power, and believe they must feed off the energy of others.

In physics, certainly, energy particles have negative or positive charges, but when we speak of human spiritual energy and earth-based life energy, the charge of the energy doesn’t matter. A being can use the energy no matter what the charge, be it positive or negative.

This is even the basis for some forms of child discipline. Rudolf Dreikurs, who wrote the seminal child discipline handbook Children: The Challenge, speaks of this specifically.

Children will either choose to be overly good to attract a parent’s energy and love, or they’ll be disruptive in order to gain attention and harvest parental energy. Close off the flow of energy to the disruptive child and eventually they get the message.

In our present earthly situation, with its ever increasing levels of light, those feeding off negative energy and fear are starting to worry about their food (energy) sources. Since these either choose not to draw from their own unlimited source of energy, or have become separated from it, they need to do something to procure the energy they need.

As people have become increasingly connected via the internet and social media, and more adept at recognizing false flag events, the use of abject survival fear as a catalyst for huge surges of negative energy out of the collective doesn’t work as well as it once did. Divide and conquer techniques, and especially the ‘heritage guilt card’, still seems to have a significant effect.

Recently, many have been speaking about loving self and having a peaceful heart. Others are speaking about dropping all the old baggage; like generational, cultural and heritage guilt, in order to step through into the new paradigm.

Many of us hear these words and agree with this assessment.

Why then is my dear friend so hurt by well-meaning beings who are on a spiritual path, sending her links about how bad her country is?

Why are beings on a spiritual path continuing to focus on the negative?

The reasons are that these hacks and triggers run deep, and they are continually and subtly reaffirmed by society.

There probably isn’t a being on this planet that didn’t sit, as a child, and hear stories from their heritage of abuse, discrimination, war, want, famine and violence. There isn’t a single being who’s connected to the internet who hasn’t seen story after story of war, evil, racism, abuse, discrimination and hatred.

In the name of ‘shining the light into dark corners’, alternative media sources share so many of these stories. Their intent may be well-meaning, in that dark deeds are difficult to do when the whole neighborhood is watching, but are these reporters unknowingly meeting another agenda that they didn’t intend? That agenda being reproducing the hooks and triggers of the same old sagas over and over, keeping them alive?

The ancient hack of ‘the sins of the father’, is a strong one, and it may be the last one we place down as a human collective. It boggles my mind to see individuals continuing to blame other cultures for things that occurred generations ago, but I do understand that old stories, told with passion, to young children make an indelible mark.

Having grown up in a family of story-tellers, I think back to how few stories of triumph were shared, and how many were stories of struggle and angst, as if preparing our newly-arrived souls and minds for struggle so we wouldn’t be surprised.

In my time as a news editor, I had to read many different stories and decide what to share. There were times when stories hit me hard, and I had to look at the reasons why. In this evaluation, I realized that the stories have many different hacks sticking out of them to trigger emotional reactions within me which fed my energy into the situation.

Another dear friend shared with me, during my initial struggle with this issue, that I don’t have to ‘eat’ the news, or swallow it whole. I don’t have to internalize what’s happening in the 3D world as I watch it crumbling.

I can witness it, and shine light on it, and use it as a tool to find the last of the hacks and energetic splinters that remain within me. These hacks are triggering an emotional response which continue to feed the story or perhaps the beings behind the story.

If I erred on the side of over-sharing positive news, it was because I chose to feed my energy to these types of positive experiences and expressions here on earth. As I have evolved, I see that my ability to feed my energy in support of things I wish to include in my energy field and in my world is a very powerful and paradigm shifting tool. We all have this ability and I invite others to utilize this skill more consciously.

I’d suggest that we read the news with love and compassion. If reading a news story creates deep anger, frustration, division or any strong emotion, we may be feeding the problem and not shining light to transform it. When we see what we’re feeding, we may choose not to feed it or to refocus on what we do wish to feed.

My Israeli friend was able to find peace around what negative news “lightworker” friends sent her as we discussed it. The primary source of the story is the being who was upset enough or focused enough to send my friend links about how awful her country is, though my friend herself is a wonderfully kind and loving being.

My friend realized that she was a secondary energy source that continues to feed into the experience long after the primary source had most likely forgotten about the story altogether. So she added a layer of energy that would not exist if the first being had not passed it on.

As our divine paths unfold, information that we need comes to us perfectly, but we have been told that staying informed is so important, and that intelligent beings watch the news.

Who does that really serve? It’s interesting to look at this from the perspective of energy exchange.

In the end, my friend decided that she would simply delete any links sent to her about these negative types of things, and she would continue to be who she is, which is a divine, sovereign and eternal being who’s part of All-That-Is.

As we move forward and begin to understand things from a higher perspective, more levels of our interactions come up for review and evaluation. I know that this experience has brought many different things to light for me.

The primary factor is ‘what am I feeding?’ in any given moment. The secondary factor, as identified by my dear friend is, ‘what am I feeding if I pass this information on to a specific being?’

I feel so grateful to recognize these subtle levels of energetic manipulation in the news, and to be able to take my power back. I get to choose what to focus on, what to feed and what to share.

Ultimately, I hope to do all those things with the highest level of personal integrity, in alignment with divine principles and sprinkled liberally with love.

Updated  for Gaia Scenics’ View from a previously published article: Is Sharing News Feeding the Negative?

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