As we surf the intense energy flood plane that is pouring out after the Solstice, I have noted that many are sharing stories of their chaotic experiences, but I can only share my story and how it is for me.

Speaking How it is For Us and Us Alone

I speak of it often, but will share it again, as it is becoming more and more obvious. We each, as magnificent creators, live in and create our own worlds. Some are doing it consciously, and some are kind of on autopilot and unconsciously creating their lives based on their ingrained habits and beliefs.

I can’t speak to their experience, because I don’t live in their particular world or energy.

Their experience isn’t right or wrong, it is their experience and simply perfect for them.

I can only share my own experience as an example of what is happening for one being firmly treading the spiritual path.

Sharing our experiences from the personal level, instead of making blanket statements about how things are for all of humanity, gives a tremendous amount of comfort.

Because the truth is, from our incarnate perspective, we absolutely cannot know how things are or should be for every other incarnate being. We walk literally a few billion paths in the woods as beings, and not one of them is the same.

Some folks will be experiencing similar things and others will be experiencing an entirely different reality.

It’s all good. The experiences aren’t all that important, they are all simply a part of walking along the incarnate human path.

Opening the Sacred Space of Sharing

The sharing is very important though.

Sharing our own perspective role models voicing experiences to others.

This flowing out of ‘how it is for us’ gives others a comfortable space to share ‘how it is for them’.

There is no judgement in this space, there is simply observation. We get a front row seat view of how it is in another’s world.

When we truly listen to their stories and welcome in a ‘report from their path’ we can learn so much about them and also about other ways to tackle life in this great big world.

From this place of listening completely to how it is for another person, in that receptive space of observation, I have indeed been given many blessed truths that I have integrated into my own world.

I have also been shown many examples of things that I choose not to integrate, but that doesn’t mean those things aren’t valid choices along the path.

As all choices are valid. Some are just not for me.

Holding the Space For Sharing

When we listen, simply to hold the space for the person sharing, we are receptive to their wisdom, and to learning from the lessons they have struggled with, without having to go through those lessons ourselves.

When we hold this space for sharing, and really set that intention, something amazing happens. We simply observe, and something turns off in the brain that is constantly analyzing the narrative, comparing it to our own narrative and formulating responses that anchor the identity of our narrative into the discussion.

The space for sharing is held by the listener by choice, for the person telling the tale and for them alone. A space may be opened later, should the listener desire it, for them to share how it is for them, but holding the space means letting the speaker have the stage without comment.

A Word on Judgement and Comparison

There is no need to critique, to fix anything or redirect the path of another.

It is their story. They created it.

Even if you are a part of their story, you are not the main character and you didn’t write the entire script, you only played a part, and cannot fully understand the entire story line as it was written from their perspective and their world, and not your own.

They lived it, and now they report on it.

Where in the world did the idea that anyone else could live the life or tell the story better than the original observer come into play?

It was anchored to steal our power. It was anchored to lay fear of judgement in every single being.

It was anchored to prevent us from sharing our stories, and comparing and understanding that every being has a unique life and diversity is the norm, not the exception.

We are all divine sovereign beings walking an incarnate path. We all get to choose that path, and all experience is valid.

How do others get to understand that? To wake up to that? To apply the power of that to their lives, if we all keep our mouths shut about how it is for us from a truly honest and open voicing of how it is for us?

They don’t, because no one talks about it. They are all busy teaching others how it is on their path as if that is the only path.

Newsflash, kiddies. As I said before, there are about 7 billion paths on the earth right now, and even if it is difficult to get our heads around, they are all valid, so get over the idea that someone can tell you how to rock your own path and your own world.

The True Bravery of Sharing

So, when we finally open our mouths to share, with no qualifications or defenses for our choices or our story, it is a true thing of bravery and we need more of it in our world.

I honor every single being who does so, because it is not the norm to stand naked before your peers.

We have all been banged over the head with hiding. We have all been beat down by judgement.

We have all been given limited space and time to be truly heard, while our hearts and voices cry out to share.

Storytelling and sharing of our paths is an innate part of being human. Spirit Journeys were shared for all the community to hear in eons past. They witnessed the story, absorbed its lessons and often committed it to memory to share again, if it resonated in their hearts.

The story, the sharing was a sacred thing, but sharing this deeply has gone out of fashion, because it is that powerful. It gives the listener the ability to soak in the wisdom without living the tale. It also gives the listener a deep knowing that there are many paths and not just one.

The Deep Emotional and Physical Release of Sharing

Participating in a sacred share space is an amazing thing. It is quite different than someone sharing a snippet of their story, or a difficulty they are having and asking another for their thoughts or suggestions on how to overcome it.

When asking for advice, the listener isn’t really listening. They are scanning the information, finding the places where they have suggestions and formulating their responses.

In a deep space of sharing, the listener is simply open, attentive, respectful and observing.

There is simply sharing, and in that space of safety, beings can really feel heard.

When we feel heard, the heart opens wide, the throat and voice also open and the being begins to relax.

Isn’t it remarkable how much peace flows in when we feel heard?

Isn’t it spectacular how that peace and safety allows our true voice to come through, our defenses to drop, our masks to slide off and for the wholeness of our selves to finally shine through?

Maybe for the first time. To stand fully in our truth. To own it.

Sheer magic!

Isn’t it amazing how much the body relaxes when we can release the need to compare where we are and if it is right or wrong or needs to be changed, and simply own it?

I invite you all to play with this space with your dear friends, because it does take practice.

We all have many habits around listening and speaking that are at best inappropriate, and if we wish to move into more impeccable communications, upping our listening skills and opening the space for true sharing is a good place to start.

How it is For Me Right Now

Lately, I have been feeling that many things that used to interest me have lost their luster, and I have a strong desire simply to go within.

Gone are the days when I would sit at the computer and mine the internet for information about what was going on.

Gone are the days when I would spend countless hours communicating with others and comparing notes on what was going on for them on their paths.

Gone are the days when I would listen to the prompting of others about what I should be focusing on and where I should be putting my attention.

Gone are the days when I would force myself to follow a practice, or do anything someone else told me to do in order to achieve some initiation or level of being.

Gone are the days when I listen to the words of what others think I should do, be, have or think.

Gone are the days when I would force myself into a schedule and accomplish tasks because someone told me I should.

Gone are the days when I would feel guilty about my deep and unyielding need to simply go within.

I have come to the understanding, from spending time in this quiet space that is devoid of shoulds and coulds, that this is the space of integration.

This is the space of metamorphosis where I take all the raw materials that have been given to me by the universe and I build myself anew.

I don’t know what is on the other side of this space, but as a beloved child of the universe, I know I am fully supported at all times, and I am simply getting comfortable inside myself, knowing that the path forward will unfold perfectly.

Why? Because I intend it.

This is how it is for me, and I stand firmly within it and own every aspect of it fully for myself and myself alone. How is it for you? If you want to share, I am honored to truly listen.

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