shiftSome of us have been waiting a long time to see some signs of the shifts in the world we pray will happen. Some signs of collective sanity, please. Please, could we have a sign?

Here’s the truth of this prayer and how it plays out. How does this miracle happen, you ask? It happens because I shift, you shift, we shift. We shift our perspectives and our perceptions change with these changes.

We can think to ourselves that these micro shifts mean nothing in the big picture. We bemoan all the ignorance and suffering we see in the world and yet we ignore the fact that we’re all so tightly connected.

How tight are these connections I speak of? So tight that any shift I make shifts the entire Universe. That’s right. I shift, you shift, we shift. Since these movements are in each micro second, from moment to moment, perceiving this directly gets a bit tricky, but this doesn’t change the facts.

So many are still grasping at trying to keep something static, as if clinging to sameness will somehow make all the madness disappear and make things safe again. Only nothing has ever been safe in a static way. No such state exists, and yet, here we are to tell the tale.

We long for the pretend safety of sameness or familiarity, and at the same time we are deeply unhappy with the same old dysfunctions rampant on this planet. With such a split mind about what we desire, is it any wonder the shifts we need to make are taking so long?

What’s an empowered human being walking the walk of mastery on this planet to do?

There’s enough disfunction going around to give a lifetime plus of it to moan and groan about. As much fun as remote viewing through the television set is, it’s paramount to somehow find time to focus on the only place there is that a being can effect a shift.

It’s not a secret where this place is. It’s never further way than our own hearts, our own breath and pulse and thoughts. No one else in the Universe has access to the inner recesses within us. Only we ourselves do.

All the caring about who, how or what about others. It’s a fine thing to care, and yet, there’s really only one way to affect others anyway. When I shift, everyone else does too. They can’t help it and I also don’t get to control exactly how that plays out, only that it must, because this is the nature of the Universe.

So, who shifts consciousness on this planet? Why that’s obvious, now isn’t it?

We do.

May all your shifts be loving ones for the greater good of us all.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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