significantshiftA couple of months ago, I noticed something significant had shifted. What exactly this shift was wasn’t clear. Instead, it was simply a clear and decisive feeling that something significant had shifted.

Pursuing this feeling, but not knowing what to make of it, I shared this feeling with a number of my peers, who told me of very similar and strong feelings like this coming up for them too.

Our feelings have informed us, something has shifted. Another shared perception among us was the nature of this shift feels like we’ve reached a point of ‘no return’, as if there’s no going back from here (somehow).

We’ve been on high alert to perceive the details of what this may mean, in order to know what these details are, and to confirm IF these feelings are indeed valid, so that what might have slipped by our notice otherwise has been carefully noted among us.

Since our feelings and perceptions have identified that we’re somehow in different territory or terrain, let me share here some of what we’ve discovered by careful observation and experience.

This new territory is defying our previous notions of being able to push forward with creative projects (or even mundane tasks) based solely on our personal will to do them, particularly in regards to timing.

Some examples of this are how we may wish to write something, knowing intimately what it is we wish to say, and yet finding it simply impossible in the moment to express it. Coming back to the task sometime later will find the same task is easy and effortless even. What is going on?

Along with these experiences are technical issues that crop up as ‘road blocks’, and finding the right timing to meet with the people that hold the other pieces of the puzzle we’re working on. It seems like timing is at the center of this significant shift we’re noting, no matter what the exact details happen to be.

Dealing with this new experience of timing has been more challenging and frustrating for some of us than others, but it’s been a rather interesting ‘comedy of errors’ concerning these new presentation of how it is Now vs how it used to be a few months ago, and perhaps all of our lives.

What’s become clear to us is that Divine Time and Divine Timing are involved. In inexplicable ways, these ideas are being validated as true, over and over again. Beyond all the petty details I could list here, which I feel would only tangle what I’m trying to share about these perceptions, this is the main theme, timing, namely Divine Timing.

The reason we view what’s happening as Divine Timing is how chock full of synchronicities these instances are. The affirmation of ‘this or something better’ we use to set intention is an understatement, compared to the way circumstances and outcomes have lined up in a row, like baby ducks will follow a mama duck.

We’re finding that in order to proceed with any acts of creation or productivity, it’s often necessary to wait until Divine Timing appears, and to ‘step into the flow’ that it represents. The old paradigm ways of pushing through resistance in order to be productive are dissolving at an astounding rate!

The comedy in this is how much it’s like a popular cartoon scenario. Like the Coyote character in the Roadrunner cartoon, acts coming from the attempts to push forward with purely personal will are being met with some comedic ‘brick walls’. We find this way of proceeding simply fails to work anymore, with epic failures to produce anything close to what we intend to.

Creative acts produced by the old methods of pushing for content, setting deadlines, and old notions such as slanting content for personal agendas, etc., are showing up as so energetically devoid of alignment with our intentions, they may as well go straight into the trash. Creations like these produce results that have no ‘juice’, no energy, no excitement; in ways we can perceive and feel, both powerfully and instantly. This is unlike what we’ve ever been experienced before.

On the other hand, creations produced from being in the flow of the moment are the only ones that are now worth the effort and worthy of doing anymore. It’s as if there’s a new sheriff in town, a new standard of energetic alignment which we either approach and are present with in the moment, or we find we will need to approach the task later.

We’ve become more and more savvy about feeling into what does and doesn’t reflect truth and authenticity, whether we create it or not. The clarity of these discernments have increased in parallel with the level we’re willing to trust in our own perceptions and our own access to wisdom.

We’re finding that there’s a energy component that we feel, and it’s directly reflecting whether or not it’s the right moment to act or create in. We’ve agreed to call this after the feeling that we have when we’re in the moment that brings for us the ease and the ability to produce what we intend from our highest capacities.

We’re calling it ‘being in the flow’.

This feels like being in the flow of the Universe Itself. When stepping ‘into the flow’, there’s a sense of ease and energy, aliveness; of being carried along, as if in the flow of a mighty river. We’re energized instantly, even when moments before we may have felt flat as a board.

While some of this is obviously related to the nature of the task, there’s more to it than this, there’s also the timing of the task. Here’s where trying to share these observations gets really slippery and nebulous.

Unable to produce ‘reasons’ for why any of what we’re perceiving is so, and unable to pinpoint ‘when’ the moment will appear for anything we’re doing to proceed, well, let’s just say this has been a lesson in surrender. There’s an element here that defies reason and rationalizing. There’s a sense of Divinity at play and an air of the Great Mystery at work.

None of us have all the answers on this. We’re finding it to be very new territory and are in the process of pioneering what this means to us. Releasing the need to know why something is so, and just observing how it IS so, has been an important feature of learning how to navigate in these new paradigm energies.

We’ve found sharing these perceptions with one another to be very helpful. It’s been good to know that we’re not alone in some confusing and new territory. For those who are having the experience that nothing  is changing, we invite you to look a bit deeper and to consider whether there are some changes at a fundamental level that aren’t being honored, probably because there’s been no one to share perceptions with.

You’re invited to share your personal perceptions and comments with us in the Gaia Scene forum.

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