sun, solaris modalis, solarismodalis, sky, the energies, ascension, awakening, disclosure, empowerment, inspiration, meditation, spiritualIn this article, we will look at solar data, and then talk about it’s effect on us through the energies. My approach is spiritual, energetic and meditatively focused.

My aim is to inspire and to provide some understanding for those of who are more intuitively and empathically focused.

Let’s see what the sun is doing, shall we?

Why Looking at Solar Data is Informative

I have looked at the solar data for the last couple of years, almost every day. And so I’ve noticed that changes in the energies of the Sun seem to effect me and other human beings. This is anecdotal evidence, but it has enhanced my understanding of how to live my life and what’s effecting me.

And it makes sense that the Sun would effect us, because at the heart we are physical beings but we are also, energetically, electro-magnetic beings. Our hearts emit an electromagnetic energy field. So if the electro-magnetics of our atmosphere are being effected by the activities of the Sun, it makes sense that we would be too, wouldn’t it?

Solar Data and How It’s Recently Changed

Two aspects of solar data have shifted recently. These are the solar flares and the Q value of the Schumann Resonance. Let’s take a look.

You can see below that the Q value of the Schumann Resonance shown in green has been very spiky lately.

TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

It doesn’t always look like this – compare this energy with the Q values of the same resonance back in May 2017:

TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

You can see that the pattern is significantly different.

When did the Q values for this resonance become extraordinarily spiky? It was in July 2018. This is the day that the Q values for this resonance shifted to a spiky pattern that has persisted for the weeks from (converting to California time zone) July 21, 2018 to September 18, 2018:

TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

There has been another shift as well that has been particularly notable, and that is in the pattern of solar flaring.

Here is the solar flare pattern as of midday California time on September 18, 2018:

TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

You can see above that it is a very tight pattern.

(For the moment I’m ignoring the straight line until I determine whether it represents actual data or not.)

Let’s take a look at when this pattern began. I tracked it back to August 31, 2018:

TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

You can see how the pattern changed from August 30th to the 31st. The pattern quickly got dramatically tighter after the 31st. This has continued through today.

Personal Energetics – Effects of the Energies of the Sun

How I look at these patterns, is in the personal energetic effects that I notice. What I have noticed is that significant changes in the patterns will come into the general group consciousness, although they aren’t usually tied to solar events, even though there may be correlations.

From the standpoint of spiritual, energetic and meditation practices, the shift in energies to the spiky Q value and to the tight and low flaring, has brought about a time of deep reflection in me. I have been able to touch and to track actions and activities of the past that were hidden to me previously.

And in touching these energies within myself, I have been able to heal them. I am actively in this process.

However, I have in no way felt the energies of ‘moving forward’ yet.

What I am anticipating is that the patterns above will shift, or another aspect of the data will begin a new pattern. At this time, we will feel ready and moved into forward motion, from within.

And that is something I’m really looking forward to.

In the meantime, I’m using these energies to connect with what is really deep and important within, spiritually and energetically.

At the same time, on the national stage, truths that have been deeply hidden are being revealed also.

I’d say we have the Sun’s support on this. Those long spikes of energy and those dramatic tight and rapid pulses of the flaring are touching all the deeply hidden places and bringing the radiation of solar light to them.

This creates chaos as higher frequency energy meets what is deep and densely hidden.

But the wonderful thing about chaos, if you can hold your center in the storm, is that it brings an incredible opportunity to create something new from what has fallen apart after being truly seen for what it is.

Inauthenticity falls in these energies. We are then challenged to find what is our authentic core: what is truly valuable? What do we truly love? What is truly honored by our time and attention? What do we truly deserve? What are we willing to spend our time on? What in our lives do we wish to grow, and expand?

And most of all, how can we best love ourselves through the experience of chaos? What’s worked for me is to find my center, in the storm.

~ Susan V Lacerra

Notes and Resource Links:

The source of all solar data charts used in this article are is the TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at

Times on all charts from TESIS are UTC +7 hours.


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