The Sun nutures our bodies and our Souls. We couldn’t live without it. And as electromagnetic beings, generating our own EM fields from our heart center, we are a living part of the system of life that interacts with the EM fields of the Sun.

I hope you are enjoying this foray into discussions of the solar data. I like to think of this as ‘lived physics‘. Scientists are always making physics seem so complicated, for the most part boring, and mathematically oriented. It’s important to remember that these quantifications are of the very nature of the energies that effect our lives, daily.

In this article, we will look at solar data, and then talk about it’s effect on us through the energies. My approach is spiritual, energetic and meditatively focused.

My aim is to inspire and to provide some understanding for those who are more intuitively and empathically focused.

Q Values, Amplitudes Expanding Together

The qualities of the Schumann resonances spiked up over several hours twice in the last two days. Translating timezones in the chart to California time, that is 10pm to after midnight on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, and then again at 9pm Wednesday September 26 to 1am Thursday September 27, 2018.

sun, the energies, TESIS, Schumann Resonance Q Values

Q Values of the Schumann Resonance. TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun. Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

The last three days we’ve had the amplitudes of the Schumann Resonance expanding significantly every 24 hours (above), or more frequently, and at the same times as the expansion in Q values (below).

sun, the energies, TESIS, Schumann Resonance Amplitude

Amplitudes of the Schumann Resonance. TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun. Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

But the key is, that these events have been occurring at the same time. So as the amplitudes of the resonances expanded, so did the Q values.

So when the amplitude increases, the energy of the wave increases. What does the Q value do? It makes the related Schumann Resonances more clear and more stable. Looking at the effect of one resonance having higher Q values than another, this would kind of give that resonance more umph at its core (natural) frequency.

Now, since the amplitudes rose at the same time as the Q values, what this means is that the resonances were not only longer lasting and were more clear, they were significantly more powerful also.

I sometimes like to call this whomping, lol.

And all of this occurred just after the full moon the night of Monday, September 24, 2018, in my view magnifying the energies.

The Schumann Resonances. TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun. Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

Geomagnetics were calm.

sun, the energies, TESIS, geomagnetic storms

Geomagnetic Storms. TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun. Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

And the solar flare trend continued as it has for weeks now. I described the ‘scrubbing’ nature of these energies here.

sun, the energies, TESIS, solar flare

Solar flares. TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun. Time zone is UTC +7 hours.

So, how I look at this is about how these influences energetically me as a human being; including my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Stay With the Feelings

What I have found in the past couple of days since the full moon, is that I have had some of the deepest pain move through me, and while the pain mostly didn’t hurt physically, the crying was intense and spontaneous, the emotions honed and strong.

There was no thinking, no words. Just a flow outward.

Prior to this experience, I had a vision. And in this vision, my guardian angel was working with me, and I allowed my angel to assist me with receiving energies into the energy structure that holds my physical body.

My intention was to create flow by allowing these more expanded frequencies in. They shake and stir and then, finally move those energies that have been long stuck. This process prepares the way for new creations to come, in preparation for leveling up, energetically speaking.

We are in the middle of this process. It has been ongoing for weeks now. Much is flowing forth, both at personal levels and in the world around us.

Yet, here and there we have the opportunities to say: This is how it is for me, this is where I stand, this is what is most important. And this is happening on the national stage as well, very visibly.

How is this manifesting for you? Have you come to clarity in particular areas, no matter how small these seem? Coming to clarity, clarifying your personal Q values, creates a momentum.

One by one, with each discovery of your personal clarity, at the root of what is most important to you, will begin to build your core personal energy, akin to your natural frequency, in the flow.

These will be insights and realizations that you will hold with no effort, because of their perfect alignment with the core of who you are.

Keep the flow coming – of feelings, like it is for me, or of whatever and however these energy flows are manifesting for you. The energies are with us supporting this process of flowing out the old, dislodging old stuck structures and energies, in preparation for something completely new.

To bring in the new, structures must change. And they cannot change if they are hardened with archaic energies. The stuckness must be dislodged. This can and does happen naturally.

It is in the flow of the natural cycles of energy on the planet, at this moment, right now.

It is a natural process, even as it shakes us to our core – so that we can find out what is there, because this is what we will take forward with us – the core of who we are.

This is all we will have left to build with, if we are lucky: Our core knowing, our core insights, our core principles, our core truths.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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Notes and Resource Links:

The source of all solar data charts used in this article are is the TESIS Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun at

Times on all charts from TESIS are UTC +7 hours.


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