Dear Friends,

I posted my first YouTube video of a discussion I had with my friend Alex Clark about a turning ship and fireball. I hope you will LOVE this video as much as we loved creating it. If you do like it, would you please press the like button and even subscribe? We will have more videos upcoming.

You are invited to the big fun we had making this video.  What you will see is how we use our intuition to build a story around our experience of viewing video of the fireball in British Columbia on September 4, 2017.

We use our intuitive skills to do our assessment of the news and to make commentary.  These include galactic experiences and past life memories, our clairvoyance and ability to read energies, our ability to look within for guidance, and so much more.

Our empowered humanity – it is time we own it!!

And it is big fun to do so….

This video has been a big unleashing of the inner child in me.  And she is the wild and free dreamer, and she is the key to ascension also – lucky me!

What we saw is that a UFO – a vehicle with a set of four lights – flies through the fireball/explosion, while facing it (yes the craft is flying sideways), and then flips, turns and zooms off into a dimensional envelope in space.

I hope you enjoy meeting us in this video!!

Deep gratitude to Alex for her insightful comments and for bringing this event to my attention.

If you have interesting personal videos or photos you’d like to share, or would like me to take a look at, please send them to me at SolarisModalis.  I’d love to engage with you also.

Blessings to you – may your path rise up to meet you, with ease and grace, with joy and laughter.

Love, Solaris

For original link and more detailed information including drawings of what we think the UFO may have looked like go here: Solaris Modalis:  Unknown Ship Saves the Day – An Interesting Story of the Fireball in British Columbia.

Please view Fireball and Turning Ship – the Meteor over British Columbia on YouTube:

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