A Day of White Haze and Chemtrails Had Me Looking Skyward

There were chemtrails being sprayed all day, and very low in the atmosphere also.  That is partly why I was watching the sky all day, just looking.  Looking at what was happening.  First the blue sky, then the minor trails, then the low thickly sprayed trails.  I was watching how the sky changed, I was watching the patterns, I was watching the vibrations.  Slowly, the sky turned from blue to a white cloudy haze.  You can see this haze very clearly in the photos.

There Was a Cloaked Bell Shaped Ship in the Sky

You can imagine my surprise and the wow factor when I looked up, and right above me, was a clearly outlined bell-shaped UFO in the sky. The shadow of the bell-shape was clearly visible even within the layers of cloud and haze.  At first, I wanted to pinch myself, because I have been writing about cloaked ships, and there was one not only right above me, but in a perfect and beautiful and recognizable form – this was clearly a bell-shaped UFO.

My excitement was immediate, and I ran around like a crazy person looking for someone with a camera, because I had left mine at the house, and because I had decided to go on a ‘no camera’ binge.  That’s the last time I do that for a long while, LOL.  I was kindly lent a camera and started snapping away.  Thankfully, the cloaked ship was still visible (ha, ha, oxymoron pun) – and with the naked eyes, by the way.  I pointed the camera skyward and couldn’t wait to see the images.

First, let’s just look at the bell shaped UFO because I know you want to see it!  Do you see the ship hiding in the clouds?

I included the thumbnail because sometimes it’s easier to see shapes when the photo is smaller, so here is a smaller size also.  Can you see the clear bell shape in this photo?  Amazing, right!?  This was AWESOME to see in the sky.  And, for me, it is clear evidence of cloaking, as we have discussed in other postings.  (Such as A Starship Shows in SunlightCloaked Ships Travel the SkyWhat is Out There – The Cloaked Ship, and others.)

Discerning the Origin of the Cloaked Ship 

Now, what sort of cloaked ship is this?  My first question when I’m discerning this is, “Is this a Galactic ship or is this an ‘Earth surface human’ vessel?”

Definition of terms:

‘Earth surface human’, i.e., ‘secret space program’ – whichever one or whatever that happens to be, and recently originally (like the last hundred years) from the Earth surface, no matter where they are located now.

‘Galactic’ – beings who inhabit a higher dimension (fifth dimension and higher) who are visiting this planet, and are in service to the planet Gaia, to all her kingdoms, and to humanity.  I include any fifth dimensional and higher beings from within the planet in this grouping, as I believe these beings have the perspective of being a ‘galactic citizen’.

I know I’ve left out ‘extraterrestrial’.  For information about differentiating and discerning between the terms galactic and extraterrestrial, you can check out this posting: Discerning Between the Terms Extraterrestrial and Galactic.

Heart-Based Discerning

One of the first clues to answer the question, “Galactic or Earth surface human?”, is feeling – how do you feel around this vessel, and more importantly, how does your heart feel?  The shape, at first, caused me to wonder whether it was secret space program, because I’m used to the more amorphous cloud shaped galactic starships made of light (lightships, cloudships, and lenticular forms).

But the feel of this ship was galactic – it was heart-opening.  When someone is on a mission to benefit the Earth and humanity, they just have a feel about them that is a good feeling – it emanates in a way that cannot be faked, this feeling is true, and your heart recognizes it.

I discuss discernment in these postings if you are interested:  Building our Discernment Ability (this is an overview of the concept), Spiritual Discernment and the Case for Grass Roots Galactic Contact (a 10,000 word detailed posting on the mechanics of heart-based discernment, including quantum physics principles), and The Heart Can Discern Dimensions for Us.

A Galactic Vessel Employing Galactic Technology

So, what I discerned was that this was a galactic ship (higher dimensional beings who exist at the fifth dimension and higher frequencies).  In addition, I could clearly see the technology that the ship was operating – the effects were visible in the vibrations rippling through the clouds, for one thing.

You can clearly see this technology operating, also, if you know what to look for.  I thought it was be interesting to draw the technology effects for you, which I did.  The drawing follows, below.  But, first let’s look at the larger photo of the sky.

The bell-shaped cloaked ship is in the center of the photo.  The sun is high ‘above’ it.  Can you see the ribbed clouds extending from the bottom of the bell upward towards the sun?  The white haze in the sky is a day’s worth of chemtrails, which spread out over hours creating a white haze.  And a newly sprayed chemtrail is at the bottom of the photo.  The blue dot at the lower middle-left of the image is a reflection of the sun on the camera lens.  You can see additional vibrational ribbing in the clouds to the left of the bell, and to a little lower, and to the right.

Bell-Shaped UFO, Cloaked, Transmutes Chemtrails

The drawing above is basically how I see what is going on when I looked up at the sky and saw the bell shaped ship.  This is what I am observing, in this case, when I am looking at the sky.  There is something quite simple going on, and there is a lot going on, so, let’s talk about what those things are.

The simple description of what is going on, is that this galactic ship is emitting frequencies that transmute the chemical elements being sprayed in the chemtrails.  These chemicals and other toxins are for the most part being sprayed as nano particulates, or, in nano particle form.

The frequencies emit from the ship into the cloud matter and sky around the ship.  In these photos, the frequencies appear to emanate from the bottom of the bell shape of the ship.  The emanation of frequency is observed by the vibrations visible in the clouds surrounding the ship and the surrounding area.

Stepped Down Light 

Can you see the energy as the ship is interacting with the sun’s energy? There is a ‘tube’ shape that you can see with clairvoyance, and the slight outline of two ‘bubble shapes’ that each envelope the ship at one end, and the sun at the other.  These two shapes have a row of vibrational lines from one to the other – from the ship towards the sun.

With your eyes, you can see in the photo above that the vibrations appear to move directly from the ship to the sun.  They are also emanating outward to the rest of the sky and to the white haze of cloud around the ship. There are two effects happening.  The sun is a ways away.  How is this possible and what sort of technology is being deployed?

Point to Point Energy Transfer Between Ship and Sun

First, there is an exchange of frequencies between the ship and the sun.  How is this possible when the ship is in Earth’s atmosphere and the sun is at it’s location?  In quantum physics, point-to-point energy transfer is possible, that is how.  With galactic technology, a point is opened at the ship and a point is opened at the sun, and the tube between these points is essentially a temporary intergalactic portal.

It would help if we also understood that the sun is not where we think it is relative to Earth, but that is a longer story.  Let’s shorten it by saying this – the galaxy exists in layers of frequency.  The sun is not actually located in the frequency band that Earth inhabits.  The sun is a much higher frequency entity than the Earth.

What the galactic ship is doing with it’s point to point transfer of energy from sun to Earth’s atmosphere, is that it is gathering the higher frequency energy of the sun in a higher dimension, and transferring this energy through the portal to it’s ship.

The galactic ship can handle a higher frequency of energy than human beings can, or than the Earth may be used to.  This is because these higher frequencies are more resident to where the galactic ship originates in terms of it’s native dimensional layer of the galaxy.  They’re used to these higher frequencies, basically, and know how to function in them and work with them.

A Step Down Transformer of Sunlight and Frequency Range

The second thing that the technology of the galactic ship is doing is that it is acting as a step down transformer of frequencies.

As the galactic ship gathers these higher frequencies of sunlight or sun energy, it steps them down in frequency within it’s vessel as they exit the portal into the ship’s domain, so that the higher frequencies of sun energy can be distributed into Earth’s atmosphere in a meaningful way, where these frequencies can blend harmoniously with the native (and rising) frequencies of Earth’s atmosphere.

Frequency Waves Transmute Particles

The third thing that is happening with this technology is the transmutation of physical elements in the sky.

The galactic ship transmits these stepped down energy frequencies out to the surrounding atmosphere around the ship and in the sky.  However, even though the ship has stepped down the frequencies, they are still much higher than the native frequencies in the surrounding sky.

And, the chemtrail nano particulate matter inherently has a lower frequency itself. Now, it’s not necessarily that the actual elements is toxic – such as aluminum. But, intention is everything when working with frequencies, which manifest into physical form as vibration.  Intentionally spraying the cocktail of chemtrails, whatever the actual ingredients, in the manner that they are sprayed has a vibrationally lower effect on the natural kingdoms and on humanity.

In emitting a higher frequency into the matter in the sky surrounding the ship, the technology targets the chemical components of the nano particle technology of the chemtrail clouds at the particle level.

The higher frequency waves transmute the particles from toxins to non-toxic elements and materials, thus assisting in cleansing the Earth’s sky and air of harmful nano particulate matter, assisting in decreasing toxins and significantly lessening their effect on the health of humanity.

The Basics of Frequencial Transmutation

The higher frequency waves do this by lifting the native frequency of the particles being worked with.  This is a type of entrainment, by the way.  This may be unusual to state when talking about technology, but this is a galactic viewpoint about how this sort of technology works – it is based in love, love for the materials being worked with that have been sprayed into the sky.  Ultimately, these materials are of Gaia.  They do not wish to do her harm.  Love is at the basis of entrainment in quantum physics, and this is a concept that is not yet widely understood.

The percentage of total chemtrail particulate matter that is transmuted in this way is unknown.

Ionization – A Biological Perspective by Alex Clark

I showed these photos to my friend Alex, who has science training and is a biologist, and she quite eloquently described her perspective of the scientific processes that are occurring:

There is a natural order in this universe that is repeated from the smallest micro-quantic level and out into the macro-sphere. These laws apply to the realms of energy, but they also apply to the biological world. The galactics, of course, are well versed in these laws and utilize them in elegant design to assist in supportive processes for the planet.

It is my intuitive belief that the process we are observing in these photographs involves the capture and focus of photonic light energy from our sun, that is then beamed into the atmosphere to effectively utilize ionization energy to transform the chemical elements that have been spread.

Chemical elements are laid out via scientific classification in the periodic table. This table show the interrelationship of elements and their similar properties, such as the metals, semi-conductors, non-metals, inert noble gasses, Halogens, Lanthanoides, Actinoids or rare earth elements and transition metals. The layout also shows the number of electrons that each element contains in its stable form, and a variety of isotopes, which exhibit different numbers of electrons, but still retain the same basic elemental expression.

When chemical elements are exposed to energy, electrons in their outer ring, which are arranged in concentric orbits just like a fractal galaxy, become excited and they are stripped off. Apply enough ionization energy and the element transforms into a different element with different properties all together. Strip enough electrons, moving across the periodic table, and eventually most elements become inert, thus termed a noble gas, such as helium, and can no longer interact with other elements to form chemical compounds. 

It is my belief that the galactics are well versed in the chemical elements being utilized in the chemtrails and the ionization energy needed to effect transmutation to an inert state. They also possess the ability to directly utilize the energy of the sun in such a way that they have no need for an indirect energy source in order to facilitate this supportive work for our planet. When the chemical elements in the atmosphere reach the noble gas, or inert state, they are no longer able to interact with other elements and are thus rendered harmless in their atmospheric state, though concentrated forms of these gases have a tendency to strip oxygen from biological systems. 

Changing Nature of Chemicals to Non-Harmful to Life, and More

Basically, what Alex is saying is that the galactics are taking the chemicals and moving them up to their highest level – this could involve a number of elemental jumps – through frequency transmutation, that is non-harmful to Life.  

Thanks so much, Alex!!  I love riffing with you on sun, sky and energy.

Peace and Love are Native to these Higher (Stepped Down) Frequencies

I feel that there are also additional benefits from the frequencies emitted from the galactic ship(s) into the atmosphere, in addition to transmuting chemtrails.

The first is that the Galactic ships and technologies are helping to step down or modulate high frequency waves incoming into the atmosphere (as you may be aware the Schumann Resonance has periodically been going ‘off the charts’ in recent weeks and months).  You can track the daily frequencies of the Schumann Resonance at the Space Observing System (this link is translated to English).

The second benefit of these activities is that the higher frequencies emanating into the atmosphere are also good for humanity, in that these higher frequencies are native frequencies for our heart energies.  So, human beings that wish to align with heart-based frequencies such as love and peace, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and so on, will find it that much easier to do so, in part because of the assistance of our star family.

Love, Solaris

Can you still see the bell?

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