blue girl

Healing Our Past Lives in the Galaxies

The blue girl is from Andromeda.

Last night as I was going to sleep, I saw the woman who I had been.

What surprised me at first is that her skin was dark – a rich blue.  The other striking thing about her was that she was completely silent.  Her communication is by telepathy, only.

I think of her as “the blue girl”.  I know her name, but this is personal.  In this story, her name will simply be ‘the Captain’.  I have remembered her experience for years, but in recent days, I’ve been looking deeper in to this past lifetime that has called for healing.

I thought that perhaps I would write about what happened in the blue girl’s lifetime, and see where this takes us.  I get to talk about starships a lot, too, one of my favorite topics.

I thought I would bring you on the journey, if you’d like to see what this experience feels like and how it unfolds.

What I feel is this journey is towards healing, understanding, integration, and teaching moments.  It was an important lifetime and experience related to my current lifetime, of this much I am certain.

Shamanic Experience at Zero Point

Some background on how I’m able to see past lifetimes might provide some context, here.  I use shamanic techniques that I have learned over many, many lifetimes.  I am self taught through these memories, and through my own inner journeying.

What I’ve learned to do is work in a shamanic fashion at zero point.  This sets energetic parameters on what information I receive, and means that I am working in lightbody during healing sessions, also.

Working from zero point is to be conscious in a place of wholeness, or non-duality, and of unconditional love.

Working from this space grants us entry to higher dimensional experiences, and to an ability to see, intuit and experience what is essentially the living akashic record of what occurred to person and place that is the focus of our intention.

Meeting Myself at Zero Point

What I have found with the blue girl, is that we are able to meet at zero point, because of her own talents and healing abilities.  I probably developed and honed many of my skills during her lifetime.

The blue girl is able to be in lightbody, also.  Thus we can meet in the ‘no time’ of higher dimensional frequency (fifth dimensional and higher frequencies), even though our lifetimes are perhaps thousands of years or more, apart.

She has assured me that she is fine, now. Her spirit has healed from the experiences I’m going to write about here. What remains is the fun, awe and beauty of this lifetime of flying among the stars.

Why now?  She could not complete healing herself in that lifetime because of the trauma of how she died, and because, in divine timing, the perfect moment to complete her healing is through this experience with me.

The energy of this memory has remained with me, unconsciously, as part of the memories of my body, emotions, thoughts and spirit in this lifetime.  I’m ready to move to a new place in my life, and thus, fully acknowledging this experience and unconditionally loving who I was, will bring me in to deeper wholeness with who I am.

Flying a Starship with Three Captains

The blue girl is a starship captain.

This woman flew a large starship with two other captains.  She stood in the center of the command deck of the ship, with another captain on her left, and one on her right. They stood on a large slightly elevated platform; their equipment formed the shape of a triangle.

Each captain stood at a standing podium. Information in the form of visual symbols and telepathically received frequencies flowed through the console attached to each podium.

A large rectangular console was attached to each free standing podium.  Together, each of the three consoles formed the three sides of a triangle.

The captains, working together, generated a connectedness of energy and information as they stood working as a group all facing inward towards the open triangular space in the center of their platform.

All of the captains were women.

Energy, information, commands, data, inputs and outputs flowed between them, energetically and telepathically, the panels and ‘keyboards’ in front of them, moving and showing symbols aligned with what was being energetically and telepathically communicated.

The Operation of the Starship

The Captain ran her hands over the panel, and telepathically and visually connected with the ship itself.   When doing so, she was one with the ship.  She received its inputs as it received its inputs.  She send out signals as the ship sent out signals.

There was no separation between the ship’s technology and herself.  And yet, she did not have technology implanted in to her body.  This was not necessary.

With her pure, human-type form, she could use her mind, her energy and her being to operate the vessel.

The Ship’s Command Structure

The command of the vessel was completely different than how we view command within most of our cultures on Earth.

This was a large vessel with many individuals operating and living on the ship.  This was a ship ‘in service’.  The culture did not have a military, per se.  The might of their presence and their vessel was untouchable, by most other forces. The culture lived on starships, and also had starships that engaged in missions.

There was a general telepathic link among the entire population.  This was where the command structure flowed from.  It was not a group mind, as each being operated as an individual.  But, they were linked and from group agreement at an unspoken level made command decisions, together.

The way the command decisions were made wasn’t through discussion, wasn’t through review of facts or data per se, the way many of our cultures do on Earth at this time.

Command decision was through commonality of intention, in the context of alignment with the greater plan of their species and of others of their kind, living on other starships.

This intentionality was in layers; from the personal, to the small group, to the complement on the ship, to their family in groups of other ships (and all were considered family), to their people in their part of the galaxy, and so on.  One could move between layers of awareness to be in and participate in the collective experience.  There was no hierarchy, and as they evolved they naturally participated in more expanding groupings.

Because most human beings are not telepathic, let me try to explain how this alignment of intention was experienced by the blue girl: it was like being the melody in an orchestra where all played their instruments finely and in tune, creating a beautiful symphony of sound. This is how their aligned, telepathic group intention feels from my perspective.

Command by the Captains

As Captain, the blue girl; really, a woman in strong standing, could make individual command decisions, and could make them together within her threesome of co-captains, but, in the background, alignment with the whole was always present.

This is fully possible, and I can feel the feelings of how this is possible, but I also understand that I’m having trouble explaining exactly how this worked.  Maybe that is because it is a possibility beyond the limits of mind.

The captains had individual roles, but also operated as one unit.  It was an efficient operation, and it was a professional position of responsibility.

The ability to link with the other captains, and to link with the ship to fly it, was a high skill set developed through attention and practice over a very long time.  But, it was not more or less important than any other function of, or operation on, the vessel.

This vessel and this culture operated at a high frequency and these beings had a refined way about them.  They were a very advanced race, both technologically and from a consciousness perspective.

The Crash and Capture

What I see in my vision is that the starship suddenly ‘crashed’, while approaching a planet related to an inter-species mission, yet it hit no other vessel.  The ship had been on a mission of importance and of service, working with and at the behest of other cultures.

It’s like it hit a wall of dis-aligned energy.  What it feels like to me, is that the ship was operating at a high frequency, and it hit, or was hit by, a wall of lower dimensional energy.

I sense a surprise attack.  In my vision, I see a huge beam of light interacting with the vessel.

What I know is that all systems on the ship ceased, immediately.  It’s like everything and everyone was conscious, and then suddenly, there was no consciousness at all on the vessel.  It wasn’t that the people were killed.  All consciousness was… disconnected, while their bodies fell to the ground, unconscious, but alive.

The Captain, who had been standing at her console operating the vessel with her partners, lost consciousness in a searing flash of light and her body fell to the ground.

Viewing the scene from my lightbody, I can see that the Captain was removed from the vessel by the attackers in a beam of light.

The Trauma of this Past Lifetime

What I can see from my lightbody, at zero point, looking in to this lifetime, is that the culture that attacked was also highly technologically advanced, but they wanted something, and their tactics were to use aggression and dominance to get it.

They were able to download the information that they wanted from the Captain’s memory while she was unconscious, without her knowledge or participation.

It was details about ships and capabilities and these sorts of things related to whatever the situation was, and  that was going on.  It was information she never would have shared with them willingly.

However, this information was not so important to her culture.  Because of their telepathic link, I feel, the knowledge that their ship had been attacked would have been known almost instantly by others of their kind.

Their culture was not at risk because of their ability to know this information, and to respond immediately by changing ship positions and so on.

I feel that the attackers did not understand the energetic nature of the relationships within the culture of the blue girl.  But the attackers knew something of their telepathic capabilities and thus wished to use the Captain to further their knowledge, and to infiltrate her starship to the extent possible.

The attacker’s species communicated by speaking with sound from their mouths and vocal cords.  These sounds formed words and tones that together were a language that they used to communicate with each other.

The blue girl’s culture was aware of this way of communicating, but did not participate in it.  When they interacted with other species, it was through telepathic communication with those willing to do so.

To a certain extent, what the attackers were really doing, was trying to infiltrate a higher dimensional plane of experience that the blue girl’s starships operated within.

For many reasons of defense and security, and of interdimensional physics, this was not possible.  But they were, sort of, looking for ways to cheat, to get around these factors.

Caring for this Woman in Her Experience

I call her the blue girl, fondly and protectively. Because her race did not age as ours does, in my clairvoyant vision, she looks so young to me even though she is an adult.  She is beautiful and with an almost fairy-like feel.  The sense of her presence is amplified for me by her non-speaking.  Her people did not use audible voices at all, although she has a mouth and looks humanoid.

After she awoke in consciousness, the blue girl was abused and demeaned by the race that had captured her.  These beings were an alliance of a humanoid race and at least one other type of extraterrestrial species.  They engaged in a strategy to break down her consciousness and spirit.

Being with her in my light body at zero point, I used shamanic light energy techniques to feel and healed the residue of the trauma to her body, and the feelings of anxiety, of pain and despair.

And, you know, I feel that healing these from Earth to the past lifetime was much easier, in this case, than healing the experience from within that lifetime would have been.  Though her body was eventually killed, her consciousness, and her spirit, live on as immortal aspects of Soul.

I know that my Soul is making the blue girl available to me so that I can heal her, and so that she can heal me.

Time has taken the energy from these experiences, and when unconditional love is applied, from my current body, as a human on Earth, I am able to assist her to let go of the experiences, the body memories, and the emotion.

Healing the Sacred Trust of One’s Self

All energy in this universe balances.  In many of my past lifetimes, I had remembered betrayal of love of someone I had incarnated with over and over again, yet I know that I had never betrayed this person.  Where was the balance to having been betrayed?  I finally found it, in the lifetime of the blue girl.

It was the betrayal of one’s own self, in the blue girl’s feeling that she had betrayed her own sacred trust, in herself.

The greatest trauma the blue girl suffered was that she was tricked into, in her view, betraying her people, because the attackers found a way to cause her to access her telepathic link to her co-captains.  This link to her co-captains was sacred, and sharing it with any outsider was an abomination.

I checked in over and over, and the access of this link did not cause her people deaths, crash any ships, destroy any systems, or do any other irreparable damage.  Yet it was deeply traumatic for her that this link had been shared, and broke her confidence and trust both in herself, and about working in teams again… for a very, very long time.

Although it is hard for my human self to understand, the invasion of her telepathic link shook her to the core of her being, creating a deep sense of violation and breech of sacred trust.

In this lifetime, this breech of trust within herself, was calling out to me for healing.

Being Willing to Love Again

From within my current lifetime, I can see that this aspect of my Soul is willing to love herself, again.  And from there, to love and engage with others to co-create something wonderful.

For now, I am enjoying the healed, full presence of this beautiful blue girl, present in her lightbody, in my consciousness.  I recognize parts of her in me, like how I always wear blue, like how I am able to understand energetic work and why I love the idea of flying among the stars.

I feel the freedom she feels now, unburdened by these memories.  I feel our mutual desire, to be fully present, to go out into the world, to live life, and to love, again.

This love is the love we feel inside about ourselves, it is the love we feel for each other, and this love is the passion of working from your heart and soul, and being with others pursuing their joy, also.

It is fully expressing my love in my life, in all the ways that have meaning.

The Benefits of Healing This Galactic Aspect of My Soul

I feel that the blue girl is present to show me, and to share with me, how to work in teams in a new way.

blue girlI feel that she is here to help return to me my ability to take command and make clear and confident decisions, in alignment with my heart space.

And, I feel that she will help me embody the ability to use my intention, in a way that is powerfully and fully connected with my own Source energy.

And I feel that she is here because I am willing to love, again.

My heart sings with the knowing that she is well and healed, and that her sense of love is restored.  And so is mine, also.

Love, Solaris

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