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I have been deeply pondering questions about what it is to be human in the current energies. I have been thinking and feeling about being human and about the causes of inhumanity.

How we get to the place as a society where we can create human-based and human-centric solutions to our problems? I believe the answer lies in choosing to become an empowered human being. For me this means, choosing to embody my love.

On Being Human

The theme of being human has been high on my mind. As various inhuman activities are being brought to light, and human-looking characters who act in inhumane ways are beginning to be dealt with, I wonder about solutions.

When I lived in another country for almost three years, I finally realized what it is to be an American. When I was deeply steeped in my own culture, I couldn’t see it as well for myself.  When I went abroad I saw what it was. I saw what about me stood out as being, American.

What is it to be human, to me? I am deeply steeped in the culture and activity of Earth, with all of it’s human and inhuman elements. I have felt into and pondered this for some time now.

Being Human is About Love

If I had to sum it up, for me, being human is about love. It is about being, doing, striving, finding, reaching for, remembering love in all it’s forms from within the range of human to inhuman circumstances.

What is the Source of that love? How do I connect as best as I can with the love within me? For me, an integral part of being human has become to understand and acknowledge my connection to my inner divinity, within. It is to know and experience my connection to my inner Soul, and of my higher self.

For me, being human is about accessing and being motivated by love while incarnated in physical form. In doing so, being human is about creating and learning and in the process becoming a whole and integrated person.

Whole and integrated, meaning connected with and fully embodying what love is for me. On any given day, this can seem a tall order.

I’m sure you will have your own definition of what it is to be human, too.

What is it to Be Inhuman?

What is it to be inhuman or ‘not human’? We often hear of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’. And, given my memories and personal experiences, I have to wonder – is this really about ‘man’ or about the truth of being human?

In its essence, inhumanity is about separating human beings from the love that they are. It is about forcing, incenting, controlling and allowing human beings to act against the love that created them.

I feel that there is a trifecta of inhumanity, and that is: 1) humans choosing to act against their inner light and personal sovereignty, 2) dark entities possessing or acting through a human being, and 3) archonic control or ‘AI’ energetic and frequency control of human beings (the matrix).

In my view, the high level and the persistence of heinous activities in the world, is about this trifecta of inhuman influence.

In many ways, I feel that our societies are like the movie ‘the Matrix’, where humanity was kept in a repeating time loop, and not allowed to evolve beyond this timeframe.

There are many repeating loops of inhuman and even seemingly irrational behavior that occur and recur upon our planet: war, starvation, rape, torture, trafficking, pedophilia, violent crime, mind control. In my view, it is the trifecta of inhumanity that holds these activities in place.

Choosing Human or Inhuman: A View of ‘The Rules’ of Engagement

Please note that we are the master of our bodies and energy. We can make the choice within to connect with our Soul’s light and to retain that connection.

However, what the darkness can do is convince us that this is not so, or wear us down physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, until the human being grants permission by surrendering within.

It is the choice within that matters, not what appears to the outer world, as to whether a human being is truly free and sovereign, or not.

What this also means, is that as human beings choose to align with the love within their Soul, that darkness and inhumanity have no other choice but to transmute their activities or depart this realm.

This is because darkness has no power on its own. It can only operate with the agreement of those human beings involved in the activities. This is because of the sovereignty of their Souls. When the human beings involved choose otherwise, these activities have no energy to manifest under their own power.

Moving to Human-Based and Human-Centric Solutions

As I look at the Q phenomena, and at the activities taking place around our world bringing the light of transparency to dark activities, I see these as part of a broader effort working to clear and eliminate the power centers of inhuman activities on this planet.

What I feel in pondering what I see, hear and read, and what I sense in the energies that abound, is that solutions will be human-based.

The systems of governance, militarization, corporate profit and societal control clearly have not been human-based, but have been co-opted. Indeed, large swaths of their activities tends towards inhuman; built to fulfill inhuman agendas. Certainly most of those involved are human beings. But the agendas and outcomes? They are inhuman.

In the current energies of expansion of consciousness on this planet, I believe we have an opportunity, personally and as a group, to fully embody what being human is all about, and to take this empowered view of being human to a whole new level.

Becoming Empowered Human Beings

Human-based and human-centric solutions are built by empowered human beings. Solutions come as we empower ourselves in our daily life. What we do, in energy or in our physical actions, empowers other human beings in our world. We end up role modeling for others around us – family, friends, others in our community.

We end up shining our light.

Empowered individuals have the confidence and inner connection to step forward and create the new. We have the wish to see each other prosper. We have the wish to follow our passion; to be the love that created us.

We embody the light we are.

Sometimes just getting up and keeping going is all we can get to. Sometimes just being present and knowing the light is present within is all we are up for.

Sometimes we take action.

Moment to moment, we become the highest version of our highest self, living life in a physical body, wherever that is currently, on our personal scale of physical and energetic embodiment of our Soul and of our humanity.

We are being human.

Love, Solaris

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