departingSolaris:  One of the memories I was encouraged to explore recently was what I call ‘departing the ship’.  What came through as I remembered this experience was a view from a higher dimensional perspective.  It was very interesting to experience this perspective.

I remember departing the ship eons ago when I was a higher dimensional being that choose to take incarnations into the third and fourth dimensions of Earth as she became her fifth dimensional incarnation, Gaia.  But, I did not start here.  I departed the ship and began a long journey.  

I choose to take these incarnations both for my own Soul growth, for the experience of doing so, and to assist with the shift of the ages coming on Earth, which we could see from our vantage long ago in the timeless dimensions where all is Now.  

We saw this shift on Earth as a point of Light towards which a wave of unconditional love was forming and coursing towards.  This wave heading towards Earth represents the expansion in consciousness of beings from across this galaxy and others.  It’s form is expanded Light and unconditional Love.  

As human beings alive now, we are living in the times where this wave of consciousness is coursing upon the shores of this planet, in greater and greater waves, until the entire planet is engulfed in a sea of exponentially expanding love and consciousness.  

This is a joyous process even as it challenges the physical body to expand it’s frequency.  The waves of Love and Light call to the hearts of humanity.  Our natural response is to open to this energy, to receive the warmth and loving due us, and to consciously choose our next responses.  

Rising in consciousness is like returning to our native home – the home of Soul and heart, which can be felt and experienced in the body.  Embodying this Love and Light is what these waves assist us to accomplish, as our hearts drink in this expanded energy like a thirsty person drinking water.  

I wrote this article from the perspective of the being I was in that higher dimensional reality.  In this higher dimensional reality I did not know what life would be like in a physical body.  We lived aboard a ship that I can only describe as being made of pastel colors and light.  It was beautiful and it is beautiful, as it exists in the Now moment, out of time in a higher dimensional reality.  This ship is Arcturian.  

Departing the Ship

I studied.  I applied myself with wonder and focused determination.  Loads of information to assimilate.  I was entering a world that was challenging to imagine.

What would it be like?  Where would I be going?  These were the unknowns.  But what I did know – this was a big commitment, this was staying for lifetimes, this was leaving (the ship) until it was done, until it was over, this was staying until it was time to stay no more.

I would know when that would be.  I would trust my knowing.

What would time be like to a timeless being?  Honestly, it didn’t seem that big a deal.  We did not know, from that dimension.  We did not know what time feels like to a physical body, under duress.  In the timeless Now, all is known, Now.  And, it is not.  Our frame of reference is love.

I am an adventurer.  It is in my nature.  This gives me an advantage or a benefit in that my nature is to inherently enjoy the new.  We are placed across the galaxy and on Earth according to our ‘skill’ sets, according to our inherent natures.  This means, what we are best at, what we embody, who we truly are.  This is how we do things.

We Will Meet at Earth – Gaia, When the Time Comes

Because I enjoy the new, I can spend more time in the 3D-4D environment.  This is the thinking.  I can tolerate this environment of the third and fourth dimensions, longer.  I have stamina because experiencing the new brings me joy, and joy fuels passion, and passion is the elixir of spirit, and of soul.  This is how we think about things.

Being connected with these life enhancing energies will sustain me in this environment.  This makes sense to us.  This is what we feel will happen.  All is in the Now.  Everything is going to happen and everything has already happened.  Because being connected with our inner knowing is our environment, when we embody a human incarnation, we can manifest a confidence and a knowing that informs our being.

This sense of knowing and confidence, also informs a faith and a trust in life.  WE are one with our divinity.  We are one with our Soul.  There is no separation.  This is an alien concept – a lie no more lol.  An untruth that is not possible.

When we are incarnated, when I Am incarnated, this strong knowing and confidence can warp in the dimensions.  It can warp in interesting ways.  We did not know that.  We experienced this by observing those we sent in.  I was already sent in though, when these observations were made.  I was being observed by my own kind, and others.

All the players on the chessboard of 3D and 4D have their strategies.  They are clever.  And they are aware, informed by dark mastery and their own competence, that we are coming in.  We are coming in, and so are others.  The balance needs to be tilted.  Tilted towards the Light.  It is time.  It is Now.

We Observe the Flow of the Universe, and We Flow with the Flowing

Sometimes we work with them.  We know they will play their roles, according to their embodiment of third and fourth dimensional energies.  We go in anyway.  We know the longer arc of history.  We know the longer arc of events.  Everything matters.  And no thing matters.  This is because we are Soul.  We are so much more.  And so are all the beings in this realm.  They are our Soul also.

You will forget we are told, we know.  The situation has been observed.  There is a lot of death and destruction in the galaxy (in your long ago).  You see we can see long ago.  All is Now.  We can see the wave of peace wash over the galaxy, and the point of Light that seals the peace in the galaxy.  The point of Light is Earth.  The point of Light is Gaia.  This is where we are going.  But not all of us start there.

We live the Yin Yang.  All is One.  All is Now.  All is at the same time.  This is a different dimension than you experience.  As human.

The Yin Yang moves, you know.  It is like the waves of the ocean.  It is the flow.  It is a still diagram of flow.  All is happening Now.  There is no time.

Movement is the awareness of consciousness, expanding like bright lights through the universe.  Consciousness informs motion.  Brightened consciousness expands and grows.  Expanding points of consciousness create and fuel momentum.  The expanding bursts of consciousness create flow.  The flow courses through the universe and courses back.  Continuously.  All is One.  All is Now.  All is in motion.  All is love.  All is loved.

I love the new.  I can assimilate much new.  That is why I was dropped off long ago.  Time does not matter.  For those who float above time – in dimensions expanded beyond time; flying over the lower dimensions of the third and fourth is like flying over a map – where do you want to be dropped off?  ‘Where’ means – in what time.  ‘Where’ also means, what pinpoint location – to provide the best pathway for Soul to achieve it’s group aim.  We are individual, and we are all the units of our Soul, and we are Soul.

What is the terrain?  You can see it from ‘above’.  From the expanded state of consciousness in the higher dimensions.  But going closer and closer to the terrain, to zero in on the terrain, this requires care.  Care because one may lower their frequency and thus lower their dimension.  There are other ways to look into the lower dimensions, also.  But this is most effective.

It is because of how physics works.  This is my knowing also.  This is what I bring.  This is what we are bringing.  Harmony with the universe.  Harmony with Universal Law.  Balance within, between physical and divine.  There is no difference.  Those in the third dimension and lower fourth dimension do not know this any longer.  The physical is divine and Divinity is physical. See?  All is One.  All is well.

We are Going In to Be in Place at the Apex of the Wave

And, yet, we are going in.  We are going in to get ourselves.  We are going in to get out those we sent in, which is us.  We are there already, even though we are preparing on the ship.  All is Now.  We are part of the flow.

We are going in because of the wave that is heading toward the point of Light.  The point of Light is at Earth – Gaia.

We are going in because we facilitate the momentum of consciousness expanding.  We are going in because we will remember.  In remembering, we help consciousness ‘pop’, or expand.  We assist in creating the wave.  The wave is us.  I mean, the wave is all of us together, in the galaxy, as our consciousness expands as One.  Across the galaxy, we are our own wave.

As one group has a realization that shifts their society towards choosing peace in the galactic war, for example, this choice creates an explosion of Light that flows through the galaxy.  This is what has happened all through the galaxy.  These are the waves reaching Earth.  It is the brothers and sisters of our One Soul.  Creating momentum for us.

We are the pinch hitters.  We are responsible for assisting the pop in consciousness at the densest point.  The densest point is not the most dark point.  The densest point is at the apex of the wave of creation of the New.

The densest point occurs as the wave of peace flows towards Earth and reaches Earth.  There is a transition.  It is a dimensional shift.  The momentum is building as it reaches Earth.

All the galaxy has already shifted dimensions and at the same time, the shift of the galaxy dimensionally is in the process of occurring.  The shifting is driven by expansion of consciousness of Souls across the Galaxy.  The speed of shift gains acceleration. The lower dimensional constructs are swept away as consciousness joyously leaps from these constructs to new realizations.

This builds the apex of the wave of Love and Light, headed towards Earth – Gaia.  As the wave approaches, from far out, Earth – Gaia is already shifting dimension, its people are already shifting dimension, its nature and  physicality is already shifting dimension.

This is because the waves entrains at a heart level long before it arrives.  The heart of Earth – Gaia and the hearts of humanity leap with joy at the possibility of joining this wave, even though our minds experience day to day activity.  Eventually, we, as humans, begin to experience the unusual, and even, miracles, or, higher dimensional activity taking place.

How the Shift in Dimensions Occurs

It’s like when a bathtub drains.  When the tub is full, the water seems to gently flow down the drain.  As the water drains lower and lower, a vortex forms, and the speed of the vortex appears to accelerate.  At the point where the water in the tub is still full enough to put pressure on the opening of the drain, but the tub is not full enough to allow the tension of the draining to spread across the fullness of the water, suddenly, the way the water looks, draining, will make a change.

A thin line of water forms in the mouth of the drain and dances.

As the tub finishes draining, the vortex spins faster and faster in unpredictable ways.  This is the shift point.  This is the expansion of dimension.  The vortex moves around wildly and the water begins making noise in the drain that wasn’t heard before.  With a final loud gurgle the swirl of vortex disappears and the water is gone.

Now the tub is filled with air.  Air is lighter than water.  The New has taken hold.  The New more expanded dimension (air; in our example) is manifested in the tub. And the air is invisible to human eyes. Lol.  Just like a higher dimension.

No one was harmed when the tub was draining.  The water went where it was naturally pulled.  The air filled the tub effortlessly.

Across the Galaxy, We are One Soul

Not everyone remembers.  Not everyone is supposed to.  Some have chosen a harder course of remembering.  Some have switched to opting to connect closer to divinity and Soul late in the progress of the wave.  It is complicated.  This is the Creator’s domain.  How consciousness expands.  It is the way of this universe.

This is all part of the plan.  We do not have a plan the way humans plan.  We see the flow and we flow with the flow.  This is our plan.

Departing the Ship, and Entering Form

I will depart the ship.  I will form a body.  A body of Light, that will harden.  That will become denser so that I can experience and interact with the race of beings I am joining.  They are not here in this galaxy.  They were elsewhere.

As I am departing, the ‘future’ lays out before me as endless.  As I descend the dimensions from the ship into the current reality I enter, I still have vision, like seeing from a high tower, out across time.  What will this future hold?  What I have is my commitment.  I do not think about whether it will be hard.  I do not thing about the end result.  I do not think about anything.

As I descend in dimension, I do feel trepidation.  It is like the shimmering of dimensional waves in me, as the higher frequency waves are ‘coming off’ of me.  As I lower my frequency, I begin to feel the vibration of the denser forms.  Because I Am becoming the denser form.

I feel sadness as I write this and I reread this.  I feel sadness at missing and leaving my home.  I feel uncomfortable writing.  These are my human emotions.  All is well.  My home is here, in my heart.  I remember.

I had the choice not to go, descending through the dimensions, as my future Self approaches my descending Now.  My future Self knows all I have been through in my future which is her past.  She is tired.  She came here, considering me.  Considering her answer.

Her choice was, informed of all the details of the lives we would lead, to say ‘yes’ or to say ‘no’.  She says yes.  She would do it all again in a heart beat.  She understands in a way that is new to me.  Even though it has been difficult.

I am an adventurer.  It is an important quality, for me.

I feel the substance of creation around me as I interact with it.  As I gather my energies, and I gather the non-physical matter of the galaxy towards me, forming my new form.

I see the future laying out before me, but at this level of dimension it is much darker than before, than viewing this same scene from the higher realms.  There is much fighting.  There is much dissension.  There is much that is unexpected.  Because I already do not remember. There are lights shining, here and there.  Maybe these are the suns.

Where are my parents?  I have momentarily forgotten.  I feel a pang and lonely.  I look up to see the ship hovering above me.  It is present but not interacting.  This is the agreement I have made.  It is always present, but we will not communicate in my awareness for some time now.  I do not realize that we made this agreement because I would forget so quickly.

I remember many things.  Attitudes come through from ‘nowhere’ but they are from my legacy of who I Am.  In the lower dimensions, these warp in interesting ways and assist in creating my future and my destiny.

In Earth years, I departed the ship eons ago.  An extra long time.  Because I like the new.  And because of my choices.  Because I was able to gather intelligence.  Because I was able to gather experience.  I am me.

My Arrival

I come to the landing pad of the ship.  I appear to depart the ship but this is an illusion for those we are meeting.  They would not understand.  They would not understand that the ship is not here, it is higher in the dimensions and I have created a body.  It would be beyond their understanding.

As we lower to the landing pad, so many are waiting for my arrival.  I sense their expectation, which feels hopeful.  And I sense their treachery.

I did not expect this so soon.  Immediately upon arrival.  My family could not walk me to them.  I had to walk alone, on my own.  I am a beautiful woman, and yet I appear as a youth.  It begins, immediately.

My Journey Home

All along the way, I bring my Spirit with me – my greater Self in all of it’s multidimensionality, in all of it’s gorgeous connection with Soul.  Although I do not remember, for many eons, I have an inkling, always, of this greater connection.  I have a hint, even if the hint is shrouded in mystery or the superstitions of the many cultures I live in.

The journey is not a straight line, it has detours, and abbreviations, and loop de loops, even.

As I move through my incarnations, I’m always headed towards that point of Light, like a salmon swimming up the stream it was born in, instinctively heading in the ‘right’ direction, instinctively pointed towards my destination:  the greatest shift point of all time in this galaxy, in this universe even.

The Soul remembers them all, you know.  The Soul remembers and cherishes every lifetime.  Each person we have been, is distinct, is unique in it’s experience in all of creation!

How do I describe knowing and being one lifetime while also knowing and being multiple others?  Because the Soul incarnates all at once, without the constriction of time, and then incarnates again.  From a human perspective, the memories are one at a time.  It expands our imagination that we can have a capacity to know our greater selves in such detail, at the same time.

My destination is the time of great shift out of the third and fourth dimensions of Earth – Gaia into fifth dimensionality.  It is at this time that Gaia and her humanity enter into the realm of truly knowing Soul…  of being more than and in fullness, a complete shift out of the darkness the planet has known.

I arrive at Earth long before the time of the shift, long before the ‘final destination’.  I arrive for the practice run… Atlantis.  After that, these lifetimes I do not so much remember. The human being I Am Now is primary in my mind and experience, in my perceiving and being.

It has been so long since I have been ‘home’.  And where is that?  Is home being Arcturian, or Sirian, or Pleiadian, or a new Human?  No, home is none of these.

Returning Home to Love

The home I long for, I have finally come to see, and to remember, is the connection with the greater Self I left behind, as it was too large to squeeze into this dimension – I could only take a part of me on this journey.

As I begin to feel this Self breathe into my body in the mornings, I sense the whispers of my Soul.

The love and support is indescribable.  Simply being in the presence of this ‘greater me’ is awe inspiring and delightful.  The joy, the unconditional love and acceptance that my greater spirit has for this human me, is beyond words.

The feeling of connecting with my Soul energies is like the best gift, the most warmest hug, the loving touch of a mother, the sparkling joy of entertwining with a lover, the deep completion of feeling loved by my Soul.

I am home.  And I am waiting.  As I wait, I grow my connection with my essence.  It is this connection, it is me as one with my joy, with my love, with my Soul, that will join with others embodying their Soul as a human being, to shift this reality to it’s new form on planet Earth, on beautiful Gaia.

Love, Solaris

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