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Have Courage, Take Heart


We live in a world

Where speaking your truth

is an act of courage.

What if speaking our truth was our everyday?


We live in a time where

honoring our heart

is off the beaten path.

What if honoring our hearts was our way of daily living?


We live in a place

on a planet of great beauty

and inconceivable suffering.

What if we could love our neighbors and love ourselves?


We live in circumstances

that ask for separation,

breed division.

What if peace is what we need to survive?


My dream for my life is of liberty.

The gift of liberty is that I follow my heart;

that deep in my very being I know this is the right path, for me.


My dream for my friends, and family, is of love.

That those around me, and that I, may know and value what is truly worthwhile.

That we may know the precious gift of love both for ourselves, and our children.


My dream for my world is of peace.

That every human being knows their value, and their worthiness

because they are children of the divine.


Have courage.

Take heart.

When I look up

I know

My dreams are already coming true.


Love, Solaris


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