human being, passionI’d like to write a bit about the categories of human beings on the planet now, who have had past extraterrestrial lifetimes.

When I’m done, I’ll create a summary of the differing sorts of extraterrestrial and galactic beings that are here and I will describe their missions.

In some cases, you may be more than one type of being, and you may be completing more than one type of mission.

In some cases, there is a primary experience that deeply colors your current lifetime, and is also crucial to who you are as a human being.

Healing From Trauma You Experienced As an Extraterrestrial Being

Today, I’d like to write about healing traumatic times from the past, and about the human beings who were once extraterrestrials, and who came here to Earth to heal memories and experiences from these times.

Listening to friends and clients, remembering my own experiences, and doing healing work both personally and with friends and clients, I have created four categories that I see as key themes for human beings who lived extraterrestrial experiences during galactic wars and traumatic times.

After the discussion of each key theme, there are specific examples of healing extraterrestrial past lives in that category.

  • Many extraterrestrial beings have come to Earth to heal memories and experiences of wars.

This includes both the victims of warlike behavior, and the perpetrators of various wars.  Once here in human form, these experiences can either be re-enacted, with differing outcomes, or they can be healed by doing the self reflective work of spiritual healing.

As understanding has spread through the galaxy over eons, and as the consciousness of beings has raised up, peace has spread through the galaxy.

Incarnating on Earth as a human being has been a part of the peace process and healing process.  Yes, incarnating into a human body can be that important to healing in the rest of the galaxy.

Example: In the same day, I had a client representing an ancient Annunaki, and a client from an ancient non-human race that had been oppressed by such beings.  That was interesting.

The client that was an extraterrestrial that had been oppressed needed to release the energies of oppression, to be free of the old paradigm of oppression still lingering in their energy field, so that they could move on, fresh, with their human life, now.  I did this energetic grid work with this person, including assistance grounding the energies of their current human body into the heart of Gaia (Earth).

Proper grounding, and clearing of the energy field, after acknowledgement of what happened in the past, and releasing these pent up emotions, supports creation of the new by a human being who desires to move forward from these old woundings.

The client through which an eons old Annunaki transmitted, was presenting an extraterrestrial being that had been an oppressor, and came to learn from me.  To put it in human terms, this being has “been there, done that”, in the galaxy.  What it felt like to me is both that it was bored or complete with the old paradigm of dense 3D and 4D (the third and fourth dimensions), and that it had come to the realization that there was something else out there – something new to create and explore.  And so, this being was requesting understanding of how to move into a new pathway.  Yes, you guessed it.  The pathway of the heart.

I have found this in many extraterrestrials from races that have been oppressors of human beings on Earth, including the reptilians and the grey.  There are significant numbers of these races who have incarnated and are working on raising the consciousness of their own race.  Many times they are working together as groups, and with the assistance of human beings who in past lives were extraterrestrials of their races.

  • Human beings who were extraterrestrials, have feelings and memories from their experiences, that are deepened by incarnating as a human being. 

Human beings have a breadth of emotional capacity that is both deep and broad.

There are those who say that the range and breadth of emotional capacity of the human being on Earth is at it’s height in this galaxy.

Thus, coming to Earth and incarnating in a human body affords a Soul the unique experience of remembering it’s past experiences, and then experiencing how the human self feels about these in a deeply emotional way.

I’m using Soul here to describe the essence of who we are – our source energy that incarnates into one form, and then into another.  Please use the word that best describes your understanding of this energy as you are reading, if you desire.

The range of emotions felt tends to surprise the extraterrestrial incarnated in a human body.  As a human being, you don’t necessarily understand where these feelings are coming from, although you may have a deep knowing about it – an understanding that defies words, or most human explanations.

This is because as an extraterrestrial with a different physiology, your spirit did not have the capacity for feeling this way.  In this other physiology, your spirit likely did not even know that these emotions about the event were even possible.

Example:  Working with a client, healing a past lifetime as an extraterrestrial being, where a battle occurred between two different galactic species, I was able to explain the cultural differences that had led to the traumatic outcome, and that were relevant to the current human lifetime.  One of the races was Reptilian.  The other was a type of Dragon extraterrestrial.  Both races had advanced technologies and could travel between the stars.

The Reptilian group was experimenting genetically with another species, under false pretenses.  (Yes, it is not only on Earth that this has happened.)  When their activities were discovered, a huge battle ensued, as the race whose DNA was being appropriated, the Dragon extraterrestrials, valued family above all else, and thus this experimentation was completely unacceptable to them.  The Reptilian outpost and colony where this testing was being accomplished was entirely wiped out, although many of the top Reptilians survived, and watched the destruction from afar.

All of the emotions of the situation were completely felt and let go, leading to healing of the situation from many angles and perspectives.  This past event had deeply effected the client’s current lifetime in many ways, and they were able to see the parallels to what had occurred in the past.  In addition, understanding this key past lifetime helped them understand their life path as a human in deep ways that provided them with comfort and a better understanding of themselves.

  • The incarnated human will have feelings about what happened that are more complex than their extraterrestrial self had in the war lifetime.

Much of the expanded learning from being in this human lifetime comes down to the differences in physiology, in combination with the expanded consciousness that you have in this lifetime.

Many physical bodies of many extraterrestrial beings from the distant past were not able to have the emotional capacity and understanding that we have currently as human beings.

Remember that we are talking about events that occurred over eons of time – because of the density of the time, and thus the lowered consciousness, or because of the physiology of the particular species – there was not awareness of the damage being caused, or there was not as deep awareness of the traumatic effects of certain activities.

Yes, the galaxy and it’s inhabitants have been growing and learning throughout time and history.  And believe it or not, on Earth we are advanced in ways that we don’t often acknowledge, because we haven’t had the yardstick of measurement or the knowledge that would provide understanding of who we are.

As humans, we have an emotional IQ, a depth of feeling and experiencing, as human beings, that is unparelled and at a height of development.  It is very much because of our traumatic history as a species, that we have developed this great ability.  It is the silver lining to the traumatic events of Earth history.

What has occurred, is that humanity has developed an engine of healing within the human heart that is able to heal backwards in time throughout the galaxy, and into parallel and alternate realities, as Souls incarnate here who have had these experiences.

How is it possible that the human heart can heal “backwards through time”?  It is because in the heart space, we are in non-duality, a state of being that is timeless, and thus can effect the time and space of our incarnations in other dimensions.

Example:  A friend and client that I worked with had been a hardened warrior in a battle long ago.  During the battle, their personal craft veered off course and crashed on an asteroid in space.  Because of the physiology of the extraterrestrial that they were at the time, they lived a very long time with no help coming.  This client had been a type of Reptilian warrior, and had been incredibly strong and capable.

By going back into the scenario, I was able to clairvoyantly see and to explain that both sides in the battle had been completely destroyed.  But the extraterrestrial crashed on the asteroid had no way of knowing this, and thus had felt completely abandoned, without understanding why.

In this lifetime, the pain and loneliness of no one coming was overwhelming.  In the extraterrestrial body, the physiology, culture and lack of emotional capability of this being caused it to put a priority on waiting it out and enduring.  As a human, the emotional field perceived deep despair and abandonment, deep feelings that could finally be felt and acknowledged, and healing could occur rapidly when the mind was given a context for understanding.  The extraterrestrial eons ago did not have the physiology to deeply feel or experience it’s emotional state.

  • The resolution of galactic wars, and sealing of a galactic peace, however long this takes in Earth “time”, are occurring right here, right now on Earth through the events we live out and witness during our lifetimes.  

One of the most wondrous things happening, that I am seeing right now, is that extraterrestrial races and galactic entities that we have previously seen as “negative”, incarnating as human beings to expand their consciousness, and to develop depth of emotional feeling.

As humans with deep extraterrestrial ties, these people are pioneers for their extraterrestrial races they belong to.  They often have strong support from their star families and are also often very aware of this.

Here is another fascinating aspect of this extraterrestrial support – it is from present members of the race – but it is also, often from the future.  It is from the members of the extraterrestrial races that spiritually developed, and have essentially come back in time to assist their human companion.  Quantum mechanics explains how this is possible, and I will write about this another time, lol.

For these human beings, this is a spiritual mission of sorts, and it is an adventure, too.  Because human beings who expand their consciousness, and develop depth of emotions, can then expand their heart connection, which leads to a direct connection with Soul or source energy.

The connection with source energy or Soul is, in essence, what we refer to as “the Christed Consciousness”.  This is not about religion.  It is about ascension of the being – ascension of consciousness, soul connection, which creates the ability to expand into the fifth dimension, a state of non-duality.

These human beings have taken on this mission to assist in creating an ascension opportunity for their entire extraterrestrial race.

In walking this path, these humans beings are not only healing their own past, but most importantly, they are contributing to the healing, and to the expansion, of the extraterrestrial race that they are from.

Examples:  Here I could give you examples of reptilians and greys, in particular.  However, I would also include mantis, anunaki, archon and others.  I would also add that strong spiritual skill sets and energy management techniques are key for those involved in this area.  Setting boundaries is very important, and especially, setting boundaries energetically.

I have met and/or worked with at least four human beings who have done work assisting the greys in expanding their development as part of a healing process for this race.  And I am aware of significant efforts being made to assist the reptilians with their personal development, also.

The primary work of the human beings who are working to assist the reptilian race to expand their consciousness, is in communicating the importance of the heart connection, and then, establishing a heart connection within the human being.  This establishes a pathway through learned experience, that others of their race can follow and emulate on their own Soul journeys.

One person I worked with spends significant time working with the greys (this is in the non-physical), caring for them, pouring out unconditional love to these beings, and especially, carefully and painstakingly moving through the tender, growing feelings within – teaching these beings about feeling, assisting in identifying feelings.  This work requires much focus and attention and is a special kind of Soul mission.  This is a role for which the human being has practiced for many lifetimes, gaining skill sets and developing deep compassion.

Working with healing extraterrestrial races requires special care and skill sets.  Usually, the human being is “born into” this role, and/or “grows into” the role as they do their own human-centered personal healing work, and expand their own consciousness.

The best way to know what is your role, your mission, and your Soul’s path, is to look inside your self; to use your inner discernment and to follow your heart’s guidance.  While there can be guides and teachers, knowing one’s own truth is internal and eternal, and comes from within.

** ~ ** + ** ~ **

I hope you can see and feel what I experience about the extraterrestrial connections of human beings and our galactic and shared histories.

Earth – Gaia is an amazing place, my friends.  A place where the healing of humanity is benefiting a large number of extraterrestrial races and galactic beings, past, present, future.

We are evolving together, and we are living together, sight unseen.  Truly, there is no “other”.

What I have seen and experienced, is the truth that “they” are us.  I look forward to the day when this understanding is known more broadly.  We are getting there, as this article illustrates, as we remember our extraterrestrial and galactic origins and connections.

What supports this evolution of humanity’s understanding of extraterrestrial and galactic races?  I feel it is compassion that opens the heart to healing, and unconditional love that opens the gate to understanding.

We do this for our human selves, first.  And then, this flows out to “others”; the others who we have been, the rest of ourselves.

Love, Solaris

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