Hello, Star.

(I love you.)

You don’t know.

You don’t know what it’s like, down here.

I’m trying.


This is a tough world.

I have a mission.

You have a mission.

I’m down here.

You’re up there.

I wonder if you would do this job.

(You are brave.)


Thank you for being up there.

For shining brightly enough so I can see you.

For keeping watch.

For maintaining a presence.

Gosh, we need that.

I need that.

I need the hope I feel when I’m with you.

Looking at you.


I see you moving, secretly.

I’ll look up and you’re still and then,

you’re moving in my camera.

Sometimes it is the other way.


Like when I tried to video Arcturus the other night.

And it bounced around on my video when I didn’t have it turned on,

like a drunken star careening across the heavens, in loop de loops

and circles.


And then, when I turned on the video, nothing.

Nothing, and then, expanding, and contracting, smaller, smaller.


I thought, what the heck.

Who will be interested in that?

What the heck, Arcturus?   … C’mon.


I’m sitting out here and it’s cold and I’m trying and trying to get the camera just where I want it,

and then, it’s just a weird, ‘smallifying’ movement that you are making.

What is that??


I looked up, questioning.

And, then… stillness.

I never get stillness.



I got it.

It’s a message.

It’s a message for me.

It’s not for anyone else.


Well, except now that I’ve written this poem.

It is a message to me, about many things.

I understand this message very well, as I take it in.


But, I deleted the video.

I was like, “F-this, I’m not printing that.”

And, “geeze.”


I’m down here,

On this planet,

and it’s not easy,

and you guys are up there,

in your cushy space cruisers,

and I’m like… can I get a story, please?


But, I got the message.

Sometimes, we need to draw in our energy.

Sometimes, we need to pull back to regroup,

to spend time in our Essence.

Our Soul connection…

…to have some private time

alone, and together.

Just, to be.


This is the new me.

And I have friends who get this.

Even if I don’t like how they tell me.

Even if I think I have the tougher job.

I would be bored, sitting up in the sky, hoping.


Hoping for humanity.

Hoping for me.

Hoping and loving.

Sheesh, come on.


I guess, I got the right mission.

Right, Star?


Love, Solaris

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