How can I explain?

What it is like to be human

to someone who is not human.


How can I explain our history?

How can I explain why?


How can I show

someone who doesn’t know us.

Someone who is unfamiliar,

and questioning?


How can I explain our spiritual pathways?

When there appear to be so many.

How can I explain what sovereignty is,

and why it is so important.

Sometimes I have trouble explaining these things to myself.

Sometimes I question my understanding.

When I do this, I grow.


What is important?

What is not important.

What is important to say?

How is it important to be?


If you met someone, from a different world…

How would you have this conversation?

What would it be like?

Once you got over the shock, of who you were meeting?

How would you find, common ground?


I have done this.

And I quickly discovered,

that my preconceived notions,

had to be ‘thrown out the window’;

that everything I thought I knew, intellectually,

was challenged.

What I thought I knew, it’s not that it was inadequate for the moment,

there was so much to say

there was so little… time.


In the moment, I knew that I could not adequately explain,

I knew that I could not adequately communicate,

everything that seemed intellectually important.

I knew that I had little time, for personal questions.

There was a greater mission,

there was a greater purpose,

I realized, that I am a representative of Humanity,

and as such, I am a representative of Love.


How can I explain?


I chose to role model.

I followed my heart.

I listened to my mind, for it’s own comfort.

And then I went with my heart.

I went with my inner guidance, on what to say.

I went with my Soul’s connection, on how to communicate.

I went with my inner knowing, of what to do.

I relied on practice, practice, practice, practice.

Past practice of all of these skill sets, rolled into

One. Important. Conversation.


I spoke from my love,

from my love

for humanity.

I spoke from compassion,

from my compassion, for all beings.

I told stories.

I laughed joyfully.

We spoke in metaphors.

We spoke as equals.

We spoke about common ground.


Here is what I have learned how to explain, from my personal journey:

I have learned why Humanity is important.

I have learned about the nature of the human heart.

I have learned how to achieve a Soul connection.

I have learned how to discover, and to share, common ground –

while maintaining, and embodying, my personal sovereignty.


Because unconditional love, starts with love for one’s self.

Because our compassion and understanding for others,

expands when we have been compassionate and understanding within ourselves.

Because setting personal boundaries, on all levels, maintains my personal sovereignty, on all levels.

Because my inner authority, derives not from earthly means,

but from the divinity and the authority of my own Soul,

expressed through and within my humanity.


My dear friend always asks me:

What are you seeking?

What are you, or anyone you engage with –

what are they seeking?


How can I explain?

What I have learned, through my many, many lifetimes,

what I am seeking, what I have always been seeking,

in any form, as any extraterrestrial or human being?


I have been seeking, love.


When I was an Arcturian, I perfected my love, by becoming human,

and learning what it truly means, to care.


When I was a Reptilian, I thought that love was won through honor, and through power.

I performed my duties, but all I could think about was my lover, who was always present,

in the back of my mind.

For thousands of years.


When I was a starship intelligence, a component on an ancient craft,

for me love was my joy of opening portals, and properly delivering the crew

to the perfect destination.


When I was a Sirian warrior, long ago, I thought loving myself meant besting my enemies,

until I learned that this feeling felt nothing but hollow, within.

I finally achieved love from within that lifetime, when I returned to it as an angel,

and stayed with my former enemy

comforting him, as he went down with his ship.


As a human being, I finally learned about true love.

I have learned,

about the depths of compassion.

I have learned awe,

and wonder,

and I have deeply felt gratitude.


At first I felt that I gained love from my interacting with other people,

in my human relationships.


But ultimately, as a Human,

I have learned that my Love is most fully felt, in this life, and out of all of these lifetimes,

from my inner connection, within my heart, with my Soul.

I have felt, in my meditations, the most rare and pure love for me.

It is from my own Soul.

It is from Me for me.

It is honoring of my Divinity.

It is honoring of my Humanity.

It is honoring of all Life.


In my many lifetimes, I did not always realize that I had a Soul.

But in my memories from my Soul perspective, I remember them all –

all the beings that I was.

And oh my goodness, do I love. I love them all, every one.

No matter who they were, who I was.

No matter what they did, what I did.

The eyes of my Soul, have only love for all of who I am,

and for all of what I was.


So many humans have this capability,

expressed in our varying ways and in our diverse authenticity.

Love and caring are at the heart of who we are, as humans.

No matter what the ‘papers’ say.


How can I explain to you, what I know?

I know that we will not have war.


I know that we can honor each other as sovereign beings.

I don’t know how.

I don’t know why or when.

I cannot tell you the specifics of what will transpire.


I know that each of us is seeking our own unique expression, of love.


I know that like me, others have traveled, far and wide,

to arrive at Earth, to learn how to have and to become what they are seeking.


How can I explain to you what I know?

I know that our planet is special because of this circumstance:

Through all of the oppression,

through all of the trauma,

through all of the disasters

that Humanity has lived through,

nothing could kill our love,

nothing could end our belief in Soul,

nothing could make us stop caring,

for ourselves, and for each other.


I know that the human heart is one of the most unique vehicles for the expression of these qualities:





I know that through role modeling these qualities, we show others what these are,

in amazing ways.


I know that love triumphs, for One and All.


Love, Solaris


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