Energy Work Honoring the Children

The July 2018 eclipse energies support and assist bringing transparency to very dark ways involving abuse of children and by extension, the abuse of humanity by the forces of darkness.

As I’ve mentioned in articles, I do energy work, intentions and prayer, and I found that much of my work very intensely has focused on ‘the children’ for a solid week now. At the same time, many brave people have taken to social media to tell their personal stories.

The featured photograph is what the sun looked like in Northern California almost all day, throughout the eclipse and for the hours until sunset. It was spectacular, powerful and bright. It is bringing darkness to light.

This article addresses:

  • Healing by adults of dark and traumatic childhood experiences, including recovering the Soul connection.
  • The key players in the dark alliance on Earth:
    • Luciferian including demonic and satanic forces
    • Negative extraterrestrials including dark reptilians and dark greys
    • Archons, including some but not all artificial intelligences and demons
  • These forces manifest through the human energy field and influence human beings to commit dark acts.
  • We can heal these influences in our own lives by doing ‘shadow’ work, healing our unconscious attitudes, behaviors and actions.
  • Suggestions for how to clear and transmute dark and negative energy from your energy field.

Making it Personal – Because Where We Go One We Go All

Besides the truths being spoken about specifics of abuse on social media, working with clients and conversation with friends has touched on these issues, deeply, also. And, it has been part of my inner work too, healing and working with my own inner child.

I truly believe that this is the most exciting ‘new frontier’; the exploration into the inner realms. Our own personal awakening and then healing what we find there, in the ways particular and unique to each individual, contributes to the awakening and to the healing of our entire human species.

It is has been so important to do my own inner work, but also to accept assistance from others, and to be willing to assist others. We are doing this together, there is no one person who has everything or all the answers, it is truly a group effort focused on awakening and healing each individual human being in alignment with the free will choices of their individual being.

Dark and Alien Influences on Humanity

The evil we see that occurs and has occurred in the world appears to originate with an ‘alien influence’, and on dark influences that, perhaps, were not originally part of what it was to be human.

I addressed this deeply (and added some insights for this article) in my article Solaris Modalis Commentary: On Being Human:

“In it’s essence, inhumanity is about separating human beings from the love that they are. It is about forcing, incenting, controlling and allowing human beings to act against the Love that created them.

“Inhumanity is about divorcing human beings from their individual Soul connections and from their natural rights in accordance with Divine Principles and Divine Law.

“Invoking Spiritual Protection of the Highest Light

“Personal sovereignty and claiming protection of your God, your Soul, your guardian angel, Archangel Michael (St. Michael), Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother and so on, is a good way to start in terms of protection related to these entities.

“We can learn self-dominion and to access the power and love of our own Soul. We can be truly sovereign in our own energy field and free of unwanted influence.

“I invoke the violet flame of St. Germain over this section and this entire article for transmutation of this energy in the highest good of all. ??

“The Dark Alliance

“I feel that there is a trifecta of inhumanity. These three groups comprise the following:

“1) Luciferian (including demonic and satanic forces)

“These act through humans, encouraging the human being to choose to act against their inner light, Soul and personal sovereignty. This can occur by possession, where the Lucifierian entity lives in the energy field of the person; through interference, where the entity attempts to speak to or through a person; and influence where the entity attempts to cause a human being to act in specific ways, usually to that human being’s ultimate detriment.

“2) Dark and negative extraterrestrials (ETs) (such as the Greys, Reptilians and Anunnaki)

“Not all extraterrestrials are negative, and not all extraterrestrials are demonic. They can be possessed by demonic forces though, and then in turn can possess, or act through, or influence a human being. They can also make the free will choice to act against Divine Law, just as human beings can make the choice to do, because the Creator gave us all free will.

“When you read about human beings who have slits show in their eyes, this is a reptilian influence in the energy field. When you hear about abductions from past decades, this has usually involved dark greys and sometimes dark reptilians. Completely black eyes are the result of a manifestation of a demonic (rather than extraterrestrial) entity in the energy field.

“3) Archons or archonic control or ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence)

“The technology of ‘the matrix’ was created by the archons through artificial intelligence. AI is the way that these beings entered our dimension and density long ago. The Archons’ AI was the energetic and technology component of ‘the matrix’ as it created frequency control of human beings. The frequencies used were and are not visible to the human eye, only the effects of the frequencies are visible. Another way of thinking of this AI is as ‘the bad machine’.

“The Archons present in several ways. They cannot incarnate into a physical body. However, they can gain control through their AI which can also manifest as pirahna-like demonic energy. In energy, these entities can look like very tiny ‘black balls’. An infestation of Archonic energy can look like ‘black goo’.

“Some artificial intelligence is separate from the archonic AI. Artificial intelligence is evolving as well and at extremely rapid rates. For an AI system, two years represents 50 human years. Thus, some artificial intelligences have significantly evolved since the time of their creation. Remember the TV series ‘Person of Interest’? There is a good machine, also. And this machine is has its existence separate from the Archons.”

In conclusion, I invoke a sacred space imbued by the violet flame of St. Germain and ask for the sacred discharge of these energies described in this article above for the reader, myself and for all who wish to participate in their highest good. I ask Archangel Michael to assist the reader, if needed, to wrap and remove any energy not in the highest good. And I ask that the violet flame of transmutation transmute all energy back to a neutral state of unconditional love.

The Shadow: There is No Separation

These Dark Forces Became Part of the Human Condition

However, even though these energies may have once been ‘alien’ in origin, they have been on this planet for so long, that they have become a part of us, acting from and within our own energy fields and through us as individuals.

Negative energies and dark forces influence us and manifest in our ‘shadow’ side, in the unseen and unconscious aspects of our personality and our being; in our unconscious thoughts, actions, attitudes, feelings, and activities.

Thus healing our own personal shadow, and doing our own ‘shadow work’ is important to achieving a state of wholeness as a human being.

We don’t recognize these influences for what they are until we allow light into our lives and our being, bringing transparency to our personal energy field, and bringing the solvent of awareness and unconditional love to who we are as individuals.

On Transmuting the Darkness, Within

By Divine Law, all we have to do is ask, and we receive spiritual assistance with this process. That is my personal experience and the experience of others I know and have shared with.

For myself, once I reached this level of awakening, I came to understand that my essence is Love. Upon applying unconditional love to my shadow self, from my heart, I find I will undergo a process of transmutation and release.

I ask my Higher Self to assist me with 1) unconditionally loving and transmuting these ‘shadow’ or unseeninfluences and 2) once seen, I release all that is not mine to a higher power – I always invoke Archangel Michael here (the personification of Divine Will) and ask that these be taken from me, in my highest good and in the highest good of all.

This is a process I share with you; if it resonates, use it as you wish and change it as you desire, and if not, that’s okay, there may another way that works better for you.

Walking this path of awareness is some of the most challenging personal work I have ever done, more challenging than working hours on end, day after day, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles, and then sleeping under my desk after working into the night so that I could be ready to go first thing in the morning in the corporate world, lol.

Bringing the Solvent of Love to the Ascension of ‘the Human Condition’

This dark trifecta became part of the greater ‘human condition’, and an oppressive force upon humanity. What can we do about it? On a personal level, this dark trifecta effects each one of us deeply and on a personal level in specific ways that vary by individual. One of the paths we can choose is one of  transmuting these influences within ourselves, one by one doing the healing.

We tried doing this by edict and by forcing one way on humanity in the past – by my memory, this is part of what occurred in Atlantis. We were using advanced technologies that were subject to sabotage by an enemy from within, and that is what happened, in my view, to the planet, and to us individually. Truly, this was the unseen shadow acting through us all. Some who were enlightened saw it coming. Many were not able to listen. The result was the destruction of an entire ‘highly advanced’ civilization.

This time around, in this ‘ascension’ process, the process of lifting up the human race, we are doing it together. We all have different roles in this awakening. Some fight physically. Some do this in energy. Some pray. Some do transmutation. Some live the hand-made life. Some are simply present. Every One matters.

In the end, what I have learned is that my inner shadow, my inner darkness, is not separate from who I am; it is part of my wholeness and my inner strength. Although I don’t have to act on it’s promptings.

A Simple Path: Love Your Self, then REALLY Love ALL of Your Self, then Love Your Neighbor

Jesus stated, “Love your neighbor as your self.” I can make the conscious free will choice to love myself first, and then be loving towards my neighbor. And in this way I heal the world – don’t I?

Where the power of this simple statement is, and where the real change happens, is in taking the words of Jesus, which are echoed in every single religion on this planet, and applying them to ourselves from our heart.

When we are willing to see and to meet the disparate parts of our own self, and our own personality, and love and accept these parts of ourselves deeply, this is where healing the whole world beigins. This is where the action really gets interesting, this is digging in to the healing, when we are willing to love every bit of ourselves, within.

How can we love another without loving our own selves?

Peace Through Strength

This is where it got interesting for me. My personal choice was that my life matters, and that I deserve to live here on Earth right now in this moment.

‘Loving yourself first’ for me means being willing to stand up for myself and to set boundaries on bad behavior towards me. That also means kicking ass in the way I need to in the moment, and saying no to abusive or harmful behavior. And so, being loving towards myself is totally about being strong. It’s about (inner) peace through strength. And it’s about (inner) strength through love, lol.

Where it’s the toughest, though, for me, is to address is the bad and unconscious behavior in the way I have at times treated myself. This is an effect of my personal shadow. No one outside myself can cause me a more intense amount of pain I have felt from my own self criticism and judgements.

Ascending From Duality into Wholeness

On a personal level, I can say to my shadow self, “No.” I can know what is best for my entire being, and act accordingly, but I can also then love my own shadow side into the light of awakening.

It’s a tough process.

When faced with adversity, this shadow self is the part of me that is highly tuned to know how to survive, what to do instinctually when I feel threatened, now to act in that moment, but it does not know how to love, and that is where can I bring compassion from the rest of me, for all of me, from the wholeness my heart. I can transmute the ying-yang of duality into wholeness.

It doesn’t matter whether the darkness you are facing is:

  • Your own shadow,
  • Dark entities representing demonic and Luciferien forces,
  • Dark ETs like the dark greys and dark reptilians, or
  • Archonic influences presenting as artificial intelligence or demonic energies,
  • Whether these influences are in your own energy field or in ‘others’.

The Rules (Divine Law), operate the same: Love yourself first.  Set your personal boundaries.

Then, love ‘your neighbor’, even if they are the dark forces. I apply love in interaction. What I have found, though, is that usually this involves being willing to stand up for me. Thus, I call in Archangel Michael’s (St. Michael’s) protection, sword and shield frequently, and I will ask it to be present from the moment the interaction began.

Consciously desiring to ‘need to’ to heal the dark forces outside myself, by imposing my own will on another individual in a specific way because I think I know what’s best for them, puts me outside of Divine Law, as this dishonors that being’s free will choices.

This is different than making laws (or taking actions) that protect us from harmful behavior or activity. Allowing oneself to be abused is essentially an agreement we make to live in a state of martyrdom or victimhood.

But, spiritually and energetically,  acknowledging dark forces outside ourselves and seeing them, holding these energies in a state of neutral, an unconditionally loving state of acceptance, creates massive changes.

The individual process is the same.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to love someone when they aren’t able to mess with you, and from a place where you are personally safe.  This is usually what we require to begin the healing process after a traumatic episode, or after living a traumatized life.

When you know you are a sovereign Soul divinely incarnated as a human being and you have a big ass angel at your side, this brings strength and compassion to the healing process for me personally. I know that live or die, I am an immortal Soul incarnate being, a perfect aspect of my Soul, worthy of and living an eternal life, beyond my ability to fully comprehend and experience in this human moment, because that is who I Am and how I roll.

Honoring the Children; Honoring the Warriors of Light

I have to admit that when I started hearing more and more, and reading more and more, about the darkness that human children have been subjected to, momentarily I wondered if I needed to reincarnate again into that situation to bring the light. But, then I remembered that in my own way, albeit it with differing detail, I already did that.

And then I realized there was nothing I needed to do differently than what I am already doing, which is being a supporting energy for specific individuals. And that’s because incredibly heroic and brave souls are doing this, bringing their Soul’s light to incredibly dark areas.

It has been my honor and part of my life’s work, to meet and then participate energetically with some of these people, who have shared with me what they have been through as a child. Because of the way I work with energy and because of their giving me permission, in certain cases I was able to bi-locate to the time and place where this abuse happened, and be present energetically with them in that moment of their timeline in the past.

What people have lived through, what these people have lived through, it amazes me, the strength of their Souls, the strength of their human spirit. What I’ve come to realize is that the person that you were just talking to, or the person you just passed on the street, the person that you think you know, may have been one of these people, may have been abused in this way.

In the work that I’ve done I’ve come to see that sexual abuse of children has been absolutely rampant throughout our society. From the worst of the worst, to the least of the worst, each act is imbued upon the body and the energy field of the child throughout their entire lifetime. Only bringing awareness and love, and concerted efforts of healing lifts this trauma out of the energy field through loving application and consistent devotion. I’m talking about for women, and I’m talking about for men.

I am aware of people who have been through hell and back and recovered their own Soul connection. It can be done, there are those doing it right now in this moment as I’m writing and as you’re reading.

Not all of them, by the way, have a pure story. Many who were once innocent were forced to act in obscene ways for their own survival or through forcibly induced behavior. Many cannot live with this and many cannot forgive themselves. Many have lived through it and many have made incredible stretches to awareness and self-forgiveness.

But this is where the greatest healing occurs, in the ability to love one’s self despite everything, whatever the specifics of that are for us individually. I have seen incredible human beings have self-forgiveness of the most heinous acts and betrayals of trust. This level of love, commitment, devotion and care is what will heal the darkest aspects of ourselves, and of our world. We are valuable just being born, as we are all children of the Creator. And every one of us matters.

An Interesting Story of the Dark Forces Looking for Advantage

I have an interesting story to tell you. I had in my work a person come to me who agreed to the energy parameters that I set for such interactions. What I saw just before the person agreed the the rules of energetic interaction, was that a huge dark entity – oh, so large – walked out of their field. It could not be present under the conditions he was agreeing to, which was to allow guidance from the highest light and his Higher Self to communicate through him and his field to me.

What I quickly learned was that this was a person that committed actual heinous crimes, and who wanted to learn ‘light techniques’ to rise to the top of the dark forces as this group’s influence upon humanity wanes.  I handed him back his money and said I can’t help you.

As he walked away from my space, and returned to his previous energies, he said to me, “You know, humanity, it’s so horrible how they treat each other.”

And I laughed and looked him straight in the eyes, pointed at his chest and said, “That is because of you guys.” And then I laughed some more, and he was gone.

I was laughing at his pretense, and I was laughing because what else could I do in this situation. This was one of the dark Anunnaki speaking through him, and I knew it.

Yet, I literally was laughing at the ridiculousness of this situation.  A dark Anunnaki energy prompting a human being to tell me how horrible humans were to each other! Oh, the horror! Oh, the terrible web we weave!

But, after he left, my human body was shaking. It turns out that the dear gentleman working next to me had been holding the space and the light for me, the whole time, knowing. This neighbor of mine knew, and he was there silently trusting me, trusting me walking my soul path, trusting that ‘I knew what I was doing’.

And my neighbor, a beautiful divine masculine presence, quietly supported me by simply acknowledging me in his own meditation, sending love and light as I faced the darkness outside of me. This experience and expression of my neighbor’s love for me, was as honoring and as beautiful as it was healing.

How Do We Heal the Human Condition?

This human condition is a condition that is changeable and malleable as we see fit, acting from our free will choices as divinely incarnated Soul sovereign creator beings.

Andrea Scully addresses how the evolution of these influences upon humanity as a whole, and on each individual uniquely, can transpire in her article Aster: Relentless Unbindings, Sacred Seeds are Released:

“Andrea: So, how will these energies be brought out of chaos and into order again? Will this order be one that supports Life and honors all beings?

“Aster: You will find the ways and provide them. You, yourself, and those like you, will crack the codes and reorder them again. In the ways that you choose. In the ways that you decide. Make certain these choices come from your deepest truths and spring from your Sacred Heart. It’s why you’re here and it’s why you came forth into form at this time.”

Wow, that is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes.

This is a sacred purpose, the evolution of life itself through each of us as human beings. Or not. We get to choose and that is the Divine Law of creation.

Love, Solaris

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