Queen, Inner Queen, Dark Queen, Light Queen, Integration, Embodying Our Divinity, Empowered Human, Past LivesI am an old soul who has been in government and leadership roles many, many times.  Since I was a child, I remembered lifetimes from long ago, on other worlds, spanning hundreds and thousands of years.  Spanning eons.

The key lifetimes I remembered as a child, were roles in leadership and authority, and learning the ropes and being trained for these sorts of roles.

Eventually, I became a Queen, a lovely time when the people and the leadership were somewhat in love with each other, for awhile.

The lifetime when I was a Queen was eons ago, on a planet far away, and far away in time and in space from Earth and her history.

I have deep compassion for those in leadership roles in our world at this time.  I know that what they are doing is not easy, and it will take quite some time for them to play out what happened in this life here on Earth, no matter what type of leader they are, but especially for those playing the  leadership roles in great density.

It is the hardest to remember and to know that Source loves you deeply and dearly, and that you can return at any moment, but most importantly, at the moment that you love yourself and all you have done, no matter what that was.

The door home is opened in this way – the door to our wholeness – by receiving unconditional love for who we are, in every moment.  Most importantly, from ourselves.  Maybe today’s leaders will have a much easier time of it.  For me, it took forever.

Yes, I lived many lives, also, as a regular person. One that stands out as I write this is as a regular foot soldier, completing a recovery mission from an irradiated planet. As our troop ship moved away, it suddenly ducked behind a great bulk in the sky as the planet we had just departed suddenly, exploded. I knew I had experienced radiation levels that I would not survive.  I did not care – we had completed our mission.  I remember being female, male, a healing stone in the Hawaiian islands, a slave, military lifetimes, being pure energy.

One of the most wonderful and most challenging set of lifetimes I lived are my lifetimes as a Queen.

The transition from Light Queen to Dark Queen was abrupt and painful.  At some point (actually, it was in college), I remembered a disaster had occurred in the world I remembered and loved.  My lovely life as a Queen, of a peaceful and harmonious society, ended abruptly because of a terrible event that destroyed our society.

This event was deeply wounding to me, and I spent many years, in this lifetime, remembering what occurred after, and putting the parts and pieces back together.  In my “real life”, after I remembered this terrible event, I cried for weeks and weeks and weeks.  I could not understand, at the time, why I was so deeply moved.  It was only in recent years that I received a full understanding of what had occurred.

What occurred, after our world was destroyed, is that the society I remembered descended into a kind of darkness in it’s new, incarnated form.  I was Queen of this society also.  No longer was this a loving and peaceful planet, but one where defense was a primary concern, and maintaining military strength was predominant.  Secrecy was utmost and trust in short supply.  There were enemies within, fighting against me, and there were enemies without, attempting to infiltrate our world.  Yet, those in this society had their own brand of honor, and were intensely intelligent.

Implementing a grand strategy for this society was a part of my role, but it was one that seemed impossible to accomplish.  I could find no peaceful solutions as Queen of this darker world, and this disturbed me greatly, over many, many lifetimes playing, and replaying, this role in alternative realities.

I did not see myself or my world as being a darker experience, because I did not clearly remember what had happened when I reincarnated into this role.  But there was a distant feeling, a deep memory that peace and harmony could prevail, and I knew that this was where we were supposed to end up – in a society that returned to peacefulness and love.  I did not know how to get there, and as Queen, I was overwhelmed and exhausted by my attempts to find circumstances where peace and harmony was created, and where the people of my planet, survived and then thrived.

Peace finally came when I shifted my awareness to my current lifetime as a human being on Earth.  I learned to forgive what had happened, first in my role as Queen where my planet was destroyed, then in my role as Queen where I could find no peaceful solutions.

In my human life, I learned to forgive friends and family, and then, I learned to forgive myself.  I learned that all experiences are valid expressions of the path of the Soul.  I learned to withdraw judgement, of others, and then of myself.  I learned to feel, deeply, in my own heart.  And then, I learned to connect with my Soul.

The unconditional love I experienced, within, from my Higher Self, and from my Soul, of all I remembered and had been through, elevated all of these experiences into a state of pure love.  I became deeply grateful for my life, and for all of my lifetimes.  I became aware of my own purpose, and I experienced a restoration of who I truly am, within.  My trust was restored, and my faith was renewed.  From this place, I can now share these stories.

When my inner world shifted, I gained the inner power to assist in changing these old storylines.  My Queen of the lighted world found peace despite great tragedy, through trust and reconnection with her inner divinity.  My Queen of the world in darkness found peace by accepting love and agreeing to boundaries of behavior; this provided her people with a path to survive and thrive.

The stories ended, as my heart desired.  And then, I did not need them any more.  And then, they no longer mattered.  After remembering these stories intimately for decades, the relief I felt, and the restored sense of Self I now have, is a gift and a blessing.

What I have found, is that remembering these stories, of the lifetimes in the light, and the lifetimes in the darkness, of being human, and of being other sorts of beings, has developed this deep and incredible compassion within me.

This has allowed people of every sort to come to me, whatever their background – if they are desiring to reconnect with the path of their heart, and deeply hold a desire to expand their consciousness, then I what I have is unconditional love and acceptance of who you are, because I have experienced unconditionally loving and accepting all of who I am.

It has been a grand adventure.

Love, Solaris

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