I would like to introduce another term that describes extraterrestrial and galactic beings and their nature, and the movement of their craft and the energies they utilize and distribute, and that is interdimensional.

This posting is a follow up of our article on Discerning Between the Terms Extraterrestrial and Galactic.  In that posting, we talked about being from different dimensions, but I feel that a further and deeper discussion would be helpful to expand upon this concept.

My intention here is to take higher dimensional concepts, ground them in our human reality, then expand out to the next higher dimensional, or galactic concept, and then ground that one into our human experience and perception, as well.  So I hope that you will bear with me as we go through introducing concepts and then relating these back to human experience.

What are the Dimensions?

Dimensions are frequency bands that comprise the structure of the universe.  Dimensions go from compressed states to expanded states, and from expanded states to compressed states.  Within dimensions, there are also bands of greater compression through bands of greater expansion.

We exist in a layer of frequencies in the universe that we term ‘the third dimension’ and ‘the fourth dimension’.  In the third and fourth dimensions in which we exist, physical beings and physical creations exist, and non-physical beings and non-physical creations exist.

In higher and lower dimensions, relative to us, beings may perceive themselves as ‘physical’, or having a body, for example, relative to their dimensional state – but we might not be able to perceive them from our dimension unless we have the training to understand what we are experiencing.  Notice I did not say unless we have the technology.  We may or may not have this technology, and we may have it and not understand what we are observing.

However, I do know from personal experience that we have a native human ability to perceive different dimensional states and these are called:  sixth sense, psychic perception, the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.), intuition, gut sense, having a feeling about something, hearing ‘our inner voice’, hearing ‘the little voice within’, having the hairs raise on our skin, having ‘a dream about it’, and so on.  These are physical body responses, and non-physical body perceptions, that assist us in understanding our world; they are, in my opinion, our God-given talents and senses to help us understand the world around us.

Examples of Higher and Lower Dimensional Experiences Form a Human Perspective

Here are some basic examples that are easily relatable vis-a-vis our ability to perceive dimensions, including anecdotal evidence that human beings do indeed perceive different dimensional beings:

For example, many people have seen angels – I would describe these as beings from a much higher dimensional frequency range than humans.

Many people have experienced ghosts – I would describe these as beings from the lower fourth dimension (non-physical but still a part of our experience of our world).

As humans, we tend to focus on the physical, because that is how our culture is oriented.

Utilizing Interdimensional Understanding as a Basis for Galactic Science and Technology

However, the understanding of dimensions and dimensional states is part of galactic science; although many galactic beings would include spirituality and science principles, imagery and color, music and sound, and sacred geometries and coding as all being part of ‘science’.

In the higher dimensions, technologies can be comprised of a combination of dimensional aspects.  For example, there are technologies that can assist humanity in cleaning the environment that are interdimensional  by nature.  We describe one of these galactic technologies in action in our recent posting Bell-Shaped UFO, Cloaked, Transmutes Chemtrails.

How is this galactic technology interdimensional? In the article we described how it is de-toxifying or transmuting the chemical components of nano-particles being sprayed in chemtrails.

In galactic technology base on interdimensional principles:

  • the galactic frequencies are working with the nano-particles in several dimensional states at one time;
  • the galactic technology is expanding the dimensional state of the nano-particles;
  • the basic nature of the nano-particles can be retained while the dimensional state expands, meaning, the particle appears to remain the same, and it is at the same time now existing in a higher dimensional vibration.
  • in the higher dimensional state, the same nano-particle has lost any of it’s toxicity or harmful qualities.

What Does Interdimensional Mean?

Interdimensional means:

  • moving through the dimensions:  it refers to the ability of both human beings and extraterrestrials and galactic beings to move from one dimensional state to another;
  • move from one dimensional state to another:  move from a lower frequency state to a higher frequency state (and dimension), or move from a higher frequency state to a lower frequency state (and dimension);
  • the ability to expand or lighten into a higher dimension: such as moving from the 3rd/4th dimensional state to a fifth dimensional state;
  • the ability to compress or densify into a lower dimension:  such as moving from a 7th dimensional state to a fifth dimensional one.

So being interdimensional is:

  • the ability to move from one dimensional state to another, and/or
  • the ability to perceive movement from one dimensional state to another, and/or
  • the understanding of how to move from one dimensional state to the other, and/or
  • existing in a dimension, or dimensional layer, other than ours while interacting with us and/or
  • temporarily presenting as ‘physical’ but fully remembering another dimension, or dimensional layer, and it’s qualities, nature, properties and characteristics.

Humans Can Be Interdimensional, Too

Humans can be compressed dimensionally or they can be more expanded dimensionally.

Examples of human beings existing in a lower dimensional state would be those humans who commit inhuman acts and atrocities, or who are psychopathic or sociopathic.

Examples of human beings existing in a higher dimensional state would be monks achieving enlightenment, Tibetan monks achieving a ‘rainbow body’, or an average person while meditating.

What Are the Key Differences Between the Dimensions?

I discussed the general characteristics of the third, fourth and fifth and higher dimensions in the detailed posting Building Our Discernment About Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings.

In this posting I also discussed the general characteristics of beings from different dimensions in some depth.  The following two paragraphs are taken from this post:


Using Dimensions as a Framework for Understanding Galactic Races

The Third and Fourth Dimensions:

First, a quick primer:  I define the third dimension as the physical dimension, and the fourth dimension as its non-physical complement.  As human beings, we are third dimensional (our physical bodies and all their functioning: muscles, bones, organs, etc.).  In addition, our bodies have a fourth dimensional non-physical complement (our emotions, our thoughts, our dreams, our sixth sense, being at the effect of time, and so on).

The key characteristic of the third dimension and the fourth dimensions are that duality is experienced as the nature of these dimensions (think good-evil, white-black, dark-light, happy-sad, peace-war and so on).

These third and fourth dimensional states of duality are expressed both within the physical (3rd dimension) and the non-physical (4th dimension).  In the higher frequencies of these dimensions, the experience of duality moves more towards wholeness.

The Fifth Dimension and Higher Dimensions:

I define the fifth dimension and higher dimensions as being heart-based, non-dual dimensions.  These dimensions operate on the frequencies of unconditional love and are akin to the spiritual states achieved by human beings who have experienced enlightenment.

Physical & Non-Physical Characteristics of Third, Fourth, & Fifth+ Dimensional Beings:

•They may have bodies (3rd & 4th dimensional).

•They may be able to take on human bodies or other forms we can see (4th dimensional, high 4th dimensional and 5thdimensional).

•They may also be purely non-physical entities or beings (4th dimensional and 5th dimensional and higher).

•They may also be able to cloak their presence with technology so that we cannot see it (4th dimensional).

•The frequencies of galactic beings may be so high that it does not register on our instruments or with our physical vision, so that they are essentially cloaked or unseen (5th dimensional and higher).


What Does it Mean if an Extraterrestrial or a Galactic Being is Interdimensional?

So, in a nut shell, interdimensional specifically refers to the movement between dimensions.  Something or someone that is interdimensional has the ability to move between dimensions, or is in one dimension but has access to or memory of another dimension.  Some extraterrestrial and galactic races also have the ability to change their dimensional states.  These beings can be described as interdimensional.

How can an extraterrestrial or galactic being change it’s dimensional state?

  • They can cloak themselves with technology to appear or not appear.
  • They are adept at lowering their own dimensional state to appear to us as physical.
  • They are able to use technology to appear as a higher dimensional state than they really are.

Human Beings Perceive the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions (and Higher) as Non-Physical

In the article about differentiating between the terms extraterrestrial and galactic, we talked about beings who are native to particular dimensions, such as, fourth dimensional extraterrestrials, or fifth dimensional (and higher dimensional) galactics.

From our perspective as human beings, all of these beings can appear to be non-physical.

This is why we talked about the importance of developing discernment between non-physical energies and beings in the posting Building Our Discernment About Extraterrestrial and Galactic Beings.

Fourth Dimensional Versus Fifth Dimensional – What’s the Difference?

Fourth dimensional energies and beings can have very different characteristics than fifth dimensional energies and beings.  There is a stair step from fourth dimensional to fifth dimensional that is marked.

Dimensions have realms or layers, so that the lower frequencies of the fourth dimension will differ from the higher frequencies of the fourth dimension.

The higher frequencies of the fourth dimension will have characteristics that are more like the fifth dimension than the lower fourth dimension.

Because the fourth dimension has a dual nature, just like the third dimension, beings we meet who are fourth dimensional can have a dual nature as well – it is up to us to learn personal discernment about who we are meeting and what their true intentions are.

Fifth dimensional beings are from a non-dual environment.  The nature of the fifth dimension and higher dimensions is holistic – these beings perceive the oneness of all life in an environment of unconditional love for all life.

The Entry to the Fifth Dimension and the Ascension of Gaia to a Higher Frequency State

The entry to the fifth dimensional state is comparative to our understanding of the process of enlightenment.  However, humans will not need to meditate in seclusion in caves for all of us to get to the fifth dimension (thank God…Lol).  This is because our planet Gaia is ascending in frequency, and we are slowly ascending in frequency, also.

As human beings, we cannot perceive the change in our dimensional state because we do not have the ability to make a comparison – on a relative basis, to most people, it may seem that nothing about our world has changed.

However, indicators and anecdotal evidence that reflect that humanity is moving to a higher dimensional state would include the following:

  • Many people can now see an expanded color range.
  • Rainbows in the sky do not have the traditional color order.
  • Cloud phenomena are appearing that have not been seen before.
  • Weather phenomena are appearing that have not been seen before.
  • Shafts of light in the sky and other phenomena are visible with the human eye that were not seen before.

Moving From the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension

This is a key aspect of interdimensionality – it is not possible to move from a fourth dimensional state to a fifth dimensional state without great effort including a depth of spiritual maturity.

What is spiritual maturity?  In a nutshell, it is the ability to be unconditionally loving.

I believe that we can understand this steep step from the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension by understanding one of the parables of Jesus.  Jesus told a parable about ‘the eye of the needle’ in which he describes the difficulty in entering the kingdom of heaven.

For me, I feel that in this story, Jesus is describing the movement from the fourth dimension to the fifth.  He is describing the difficulty to release oneself from having a nature based in duality and separation (the fourth dimension – and the third also).  When we shift our being so that we, by nature, embody interconnected oneness and we hold an unconditionally loving state, we have ascended to a fifth dimensional frequency.

Many human beings can do this now, for varying lengths of time, and many people are practicing being in a fifth dimensional state.  Holding this frequency consistently is a challenge in our world (some days more than others!), but I believe that this is what the human race is moving to, and that this is how we will achieve peace on our planet.

Now, this is not about religion, it is about spirituality – and for me it is about making a dimensional shift – it is about interdimensionality.  In his parable about the eye of the needle, Jesus said, “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”  The shift from fourth dimensional to fifth dimensional requires that we let go of all attachment to the material, to emotions, to thoughts, and we move to a state of unconditional love for all beings.  This doesn’t mean that we become a ball of nothing – it means that we retain our uniqueness while loving all beings, most of all, fully and completely loving ourselves.

We have much to learn from interdimensional beings.  We have much to learn about our history of interacting with interdimensional beings.  And, we have much to learn from ourselves as we come to understand our own interdimensional natures.

I believe that expanding our view to one of an interdimensional approach, will open up our understanding of our past relationships with extraterrestrials with greater compassion for our own humanity, and will open the doorway to forgiveness for what we have been through.

I believe that an interdimensional approach will help inform our choices about how we wish to proceed with off planet relationships, moving into the future.



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