Solaris Video:  Lightship in a Starbank & Interdimensional Physics

In this interview with Solaris Modalis, we discuss one of my photos of a lightship entering a cloud bank and the interdimensional physics suggested by its presence.

Alex Clark interviews me about the photo, and we covered a wide range of topics.  Alex is a biologist by training, and spiritual by her personal focus.  With her emphasis on the body and all things scientific and earthly, and my emphasis on energy and all things sky, sun, galactic and interdimensional, I feel we make a pretty good pair reviewing these sorts of phenomena.

During the interview, I accidentally called the cloud bank a star bank, and hence the funny title of this article – I like the ring of star bank.  And, the interdimensional frequencies clearly present in the glorious patterning of the cloud bank do feel star-like to me!

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Quantum Science, Interdimensional Physics, Galactic Beings, Higher Frequencies, Human Empowerment, UFO Experience, Ascension, Spirituality and so Much More

We talk about quantum science, interdimensional physics, galactic beings, higher frequencies, ascension, spirituality and so much more.  I thought it might be nice for you to see the topics we talked through – the minute mark is listed after each topic.

Lightship in a star bank 0:01

Looking at the ship from underneath 3:38

Lightship and frequency, everything is energy 4:56

Lightships interact with the sky from a particle level 6:55

Vibration, frequency, coding, source energy and resonance at the particle level 8:35

Using understanding of quantum principles in our day to day lives 9:40

Living life at a level of spiritual mastery 11:11

These lightship beings are from an expanded dimension – as human beings, we are equals with these beings, and we can step forward in our mastery of what it is to be human 12:44

General discussion of dimensions – our lens of perception adds special information that galactic beings may not have 14:00

What is this ship doing here – the perspective of beings who exist in non-duality – the physics of duality – using everyday science to improve our own lives 19:09

What does duality and non-duality mean on a personal level – how to move into the center point of the heart – human empowerment – owning our experience – how resonance works 22:52

How I came to start seeing lightships – Alex’s mom’s UFO experience – moving from not being able to see ships to learning to see galactic lightships – metal ships versus lightships – lightships utilizing atmospheric conditions to appear 26:38

Role modeling for each other – sharing our experiences – the importance of being human – the magic and beauty of being in a human body – ascension concepts – ascension of the human form and descension of the higher frequencies into the human form – mutual love fest! 29:27

Thoughts on Tesla’s science – new energy principles – human biology and new energy possibilities – one way of looking at galactic technology is that lightships working at the particle level – what’s possible – energy geometries and how they support human biology integrating advanced quantum principles 32:42

Specific discussion of this lightship and it’s components and geometries – how energy may move through the lightship – transmission and reception of energies in the sky 38:21

I was so excited to do this interview.  Please join us!!

Deep gratitude,

Love, Solaris

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