Lightships, Galactics, Harmlessness and Physics

Recently I was feeling into the the idea of lightships being of clouds, or using atmospheric materials to make their presentation to us.

I was riffing on this idea while writing about this photo, below, from our upcoming posting on Tube Shaped Lightships, which will be posted in the next week or two.

Actually, what was happening was that I was feeling into this from the galactic perspective, yet asking human questions: Why lightships?  Why cloud-like cloaking?

What I received in my inquiry feeling into these questions, is that this is a well-thought-through proposition, the use of cloud materials and of the materials in our atmosphere.

This photo is the best example of a tube shaped lightship that I have taken, as it is so clear and recognizable as an unusual shape in the sky.  For me, this is both a UFO and a lightship – it is a clear example of galactic presence in our skies.

When I wrote this last sentence and looked at the tube-shaped image, I was thinking of this beautiful and harmless image and the incredible presence and joy I was feeling.

As I photographed the tube ship, mothers and children were playing on the nearby field – it was small town America, library, town hall, sweet and family-oriented, all around me and all under the lightship, also.  This tube-shaped ship was so low in the sky.  The joy and excitement I was feeling was awesome, and I was about to meet an old friend who made a surprise visit to my town from far away. (What a coincidence! Old friends from far away, get it? Was the timing of this galactic joking? Lol!)

Incredible happiness poured forth from me.

Check out the image above – nothing scary emitting from this, is there?  What are they going to do?  Blow dust balls and cloud wisps at us? LOL!

I had been thinking of various movies when I wrote that line, and our training through media to view UFO and extraterrestrial activity with fear.  And suddenly, an understanding of harmlessness came to me from the galactic perspective.

A Clear Presentation of Harmless Activity

Actually, I feel that this is the exact reason why lightships and cloud ships are the perfect introduction for us to these galactic beings:  Clouds and wisps are nothing to be scared of.

Our culture has been embued with images of violence from ‘aliens’, a concept that is offensive to these galactic forces. Yep, because they are now in the higher frequency love and light segment of their life cycles. Not that they didn’t participate in the galactic wars, millions of years ago, or even now, in service protecting Earth.

Maybe they effected our development a couple hundred thousand years ago, or even more recently, also, but they have moved into living in accordance with divine principles, or they wouldn’t be able to be up there, as high frequency as they are.  Prime directive, anyone? (Engage!  Lol – okay, enough corny Star Trek references, sheesh.)

Cloud shapes present as harmless – a key tenet of their capabilities.  You know, the word ‘capabilities’ came to mind, here, and I feel that it’s interesting to think of harmlessness as a capability.  To be utterly harmless in one’s approach requires deep consideration of the other person, of their emotional frame of reference, and of their history.

Harmlessness Invites me to Shift My Frequency, But Only if I Want To

I know about harmlessness, because I have a friend who intentionally practices harmlessness.  In fact, I hosted a group at my home one night and she left in the middle of the discussion. The group leader facilitated the conversation in a way that she felt did not align with her practice of harmlessness, and her choice was to quietly leave the conversation.  I told her I completely understood her gentle position, and I was very glad she had the conversation with me.

I have made an effort to respect her desire to be harmless to others, and this includes taking care of myself around her, because if I got together with her at my own expense, for example, if I was too tired or rushed, she would wish to reschedule, not wishing to tax me in any way.  And I respect her space also, and her time, and treat her with consideration.

So, being with this friend invites me to raise my own frequency, simply by who she is – to love myself first, and to be loving also, in return.  Such a simple basis for friendship can be a joy.  We have shared interests, also, but I feel that shared frequency is our most common point of alignment.

Should all relationships be this way?  In a human dualistic environment, we are practicing holding the shadow and the light. Living in the duality of the third and fourth dimensions on Earth means that by accepting our darkness and light, together, we make ourselves whole.

Without judging the dimensions that include duality, or our behavior within them, it is loving to accept our own shadow side, to set our boundaries, and sometimes strongly, if we have to, to firmly say no when needed, to use our shadow aspects to live in the world and to support our life in the highest good of all, and so on.

With this friend, I am invited to step into another dimension for conversation – the fifth dimension of non-duality.  It is an interesting way to engage, and this way does feel loving.  It would be fair to say that I feel so good after our visits, or our conversations, in part because of the great care I’ve had to take of myself, in being with her.  And our talks are quite interesting, too.

Could I engage in all of my relationships this way?  Maybe this is where I admit that I love the strengths of both aspects of my personality – the shadow and the light.  Accepting and loving all of me is different than acting on these aspects, or maybe acting on these aspects is what is loving (in the highest good of all), because these are the parts of ourselves native to our dimensionality as third and fourth dimensional human beings.

I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t know if I’ve achieved full integration and a shift to non-duality.  Yes I do know – I haven’t.  I can hold this frequency for a time, but after awhile it is taxing on me.

Dang it, this is where I realize how much I love being on Earth, living this lifetime, despite my ever present love of the stars.  I guess you could say, I appreciate these dual dimensions we live in, no matter how they present, and I deeply love being part of the shift of humanity into a higher consciousness, one day at a time.

Maybe, practice makes perfect.

Harmlessness as an Invitation to Engage

Harmlessness also presents as an invitation to engage, but only at the invitation of the person being visited – I mean us.

Engagement with a being practicing harmlessness requires us to do so in a conscious way – it requires from us a bit of maturity.  This maturity is the full package – as conscious an approach as we can muster mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

So, inherent in consciousness is our intention behind what we are doing – and I mean our pure intention, deep beneath our mental reasoning and initial explanation.

There is no judgement here, also.  We get to make mistakes and screw up. When we do so, we are met with love, only.

I could tell you stories!! I probably will, also.  Let’s just say that not long ago I took a few months off visiting lightships (in meditation) after a rather epic faux pax made by yours truly – yes me.  One day I’ll tell you (wink).  I really want to tell you now, but I ‘m trying to stay focused on writing this article and I have already written two articles of different topics inside of this one (they will be posted separately), so please bear with me and return for the article on Visiting Lightships.  I will link it here when it has posted.

The invitation here, by Galactics in lightships, presenting in harmless and cloud-like fashion, I feel, is for us to raise our consciousness to engage with them.

Meanwhile here they float, above houses, town halls, libraries, schools, wishing us well.

That’s my thinking, anyway.

The Interdimensional Aspect of Lightships

Could this vehicle ‘materialize’ into a ship that would be recognizable to us? I feel that it could – but the ship wouldn’t be metal, it would be a translucent material, kind of glowy and shimmery, rather than a sort of harsh metal submarine in the sky.

Why would the lightship look this way? To appear in our environment, the lightship will have to shift its dimensional frequency.

When the lightship shifts it’s dimensional frequency, downward from it’s natural state, it will still remain at a higher frequency than our world of the present day.  Thus, it will not densify into a substance like metal.

Why will the lightship stay at a higher frequency than our reality?  Because, this is what is comfortable for them, and because they cannot or will not materialize lower than a particular dimensional state.

In it’s present state of cloud-like form, the lightship is essentially, a cloaked ship or vessel.

Is it possible, in the present day, for the lightship to essentially decloak, and materialize in a more solid state (to our perception)? Not without significantly effecting our world.

This means, there would be an immediate uptick in consciousness by those viewing such a ship, because of the higher frequency it is emitting, and yes there might be people feeling fear, also, but human beings connecting with the loving emissions from these ships would significantly shift their consciousness, in the moment, towards a higher consciousness state.

Let me give you an example.  When I visit such ships, in meditation, and experience the energies and beings on them, the unconditional love that is simply emitted from standing with them, from their presence, will bring my physical body to tears and my heart will well up in expansion, nearly every time. The other common body response I will have is an overwhelming feeling of grace and awe that literally envelops me in a state of higher frequency consciousness.

Have you read descriptions where people visited by angels and are ‘trembling’ in their presence?  There is literally a human physical body response to higher frequencies, and to pure unconditionally loving states of being, and there is an expansion of consciousness that is real and can be felt at many levels – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.

For a human being, or any other being, the way to decline this invitation to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually shift higher is to move rapidly into active and hot anger, or to turn away rapidly into a state of extreme fear – these compressing emotions will protect a person from upshifting their frequency, but they can cause an unpredictable environment in their reality and for those around them.

A being practicing harmlessness would be quite aware of these aspects of their potential effect on humanity.  It is why angels and higher frequency beings do not appear in their ‘full presence’ around human beings.

If you wish to see these lightships materialize, where is the hope for lightships materializing to happen ‘soon’?

UFO lightships in cloud form are appearing in great numbers.  Their very presence in their current state implies that we have advanced to a level of consciousness to accept their presence.

Where are we on the scale of full acceptance to some level of acceptance? I don’t know that, honey.

So to summarize, if a lightship materialized, theoretically, within our realm but at a bit higher frequency, there would be an interdimensional effect on our world – there would be a dimensional frequency shift upward in our reality.

Now, would all this be harmless?  How would you answer this question?

The Physics of Entrainment by Frequency, and Dimensional References

The physics of a lightship causing a frequency shift upward in this reality is this: entrainment works best going from lower to higher frequencies.

Entrainment is the ‘calling’ of particles from a higher frequency towards a lower frequency.  Through entrainment, particles of a lower frequency entrain, or come into resonance with, the higher frequency particles, and then these same particles will expand to the higher frequency – even jumping dimensional states is possible through entraining frequencies.

Either that, or they back away slowly (laughing…).

What I mean is this: Human or other beings who choose to keep their frequency, and it’s corresponding consciousness level, unchanged, and, human and other beings who would actively choose a lower dimensional frequency (and this can include those we might refer to vaguely as ‘the dark forces’), must move away from the higher frequency emissions because the natural tendency of all beings is to shift higher.

Why is the natural tendency of all beings to shift higher? Our natural tendency is to shift higher because we are all made of light.

Shifting towards more light is akin to returning to our ‘home’ state, because this brings us closer to our Source energy, and closer to our Creator.  It is a natural calling and is akin to animals who instinctively return to the home of their birth, over and over through their generations.

When faced with a higher frequency energy, those not choosing to shift higher are revealed by their highly agitated states. And, this explains the current state of our world, also, where higher frequency light is pouring into our planet, and those not aligned are acting out in highly visible and agitated ways (shouting outbursts included).

Now, technically, those choosing to shift to a higher frequency or level of consciousness will also experience agitation, but it will be expressed differently – it will be more akin to ‘birth pains’ than to ‘acting out’.

Honoring the Free Will of Humanity

From the perspective of a galactic presence of high frequency, forcing entrainment upon others in any way, doesn’t honor free will.

Since these beings have committed themselves to align with universal and divine law, and because they have evolved so that it is now their very nature to abide by divine principles, their offer is for us to choose, if we wish, to ascend in consciousness towards them – and, then, to ‘meet us in the middle’.

Yes, this is part of what is called the ascension process – meeting those of higher dimensional states who are also our ancestors, old friends, new friends and family – of the heart.

And yes, these sort of galactic beings are spiritual from our perspective.

The carrot, here, for us, is their implied offer to meet us in the middle – and hence, the presence of lightships – their inital offer to us to raise our consciousness and realize they are out there.

Actually, they are here….

Further Thoughts on the Attempt to Entrain Humanity to Lower Frequencies and Dimensional States 

It’s quite a bit of effort to entrain a human being towards lower frequencies, and requires enforced habituation of the human being, and repeated focusing of targeted audience towards effected outcomes you desire – that those doing the entraining or habituation unnaturally place on top of the human experience, or into human perception.

Enforced habituation means repeating a message, or transmitting a frequency, over and over and over and over and over and over…. over years and years and years and years and years and years. This tactic is a part of creating what has been called ‘the matrix’.

Enforced habituation is by it’s nature a tactic forced onto it’s target. Habituating a human being towards your effected outcome is not a natural state for the human being.  Enforcing habituation that becomes a part of a human being’s daily life is also not a natural path for the human being.

Thus, enforced habituation, or negative entrainment, consumes significant time, energy, resources and funds, because it constantly asks us to turn away from our innate desire for love and our yearning for truth (for what we feel is true, within), and it asks us to ignore our divine talents and God-given passions and inner guidance, in favor of making external rewards our priority (money, status, respect, survival, and so on).  This sort of entrainment especially asks us to fear outcomes that might be imposed on us for not aligning with the habit – or actions, ways of thinking and feeling, etc. – being required of us.  Negative entrainment, or enforced habituation, is at the basis of everything from advertising to mind control.

It is the tool of the powers that be – or of the powers that were.

Look around you, and we see this technique employed in every aspect of our society and media.

In the UFO realm, negative entrainment, or enforced habituation, is expressed as the array of ‘aliens are bad guys’ movies, for example.  Notice, that this concept has had to be frequently repeated over decades for humanity to continue to remember what we have been told:  ‘Aliens are bad guys, dammit! – Remember that people!’

But What About Technological ‘Entrainment’?

When the consciousness of the population appears to be rapidly rising, the easiest way to actually entrain a human being to a lower frequency and dimensional state, is through technological entrainment.  Technological entrainment works through transhumanist vehicles (actually integrating the technology inside our bodies).

Despite our attention on the negative influences of iPhones and the like, and the fears over ‘entrainment’ to them, let’s look at this from another perspective: Remember when everyone ignored each other reading the paper?

There is a difference between habituating a human being to think or act a certain way, against their free will even, and using a different tool for the same purposes (ignoring your crazy family, for example, or getting some private time while you’re hanging with loved ones, or chatting with your friends while you are around your parents – score!).

Okay – there is one other way that technological entrainment can occur, and that is if we fully give up our sovereignty and follow what we are told like unconscious people in a dream state.  ‘Nuf said, there.

However, consciousness is a powerful force within the human being. Combine consciousness with love, and you have a powerful motivating energy within that can do just about anything.

What about ‘beams’?

What if a transmission is being sent to you at a frequency that can effect you?  This is technological entrainment by transmitted frequency.  We can contrast this with the transhumanist approach of integrating the technology with the living tissue of the human being.  Though, ultimately, transhumanism would combine these two approaches – first, install the technology, then send a transmission (without the receiver’s knowledge).

So – is there entrainment technology that emits frequencies that will effect our state of being?  I have physically experienced an attempt at technological entrainment while at a business conference. I’m  going to give thanks to Catherine Austin Fitts, here, because she described this technology at another conference I attended and this is what made me immediately consciously aware of it when I experienced this, later. So, when it happened in the moment, I knew what was happening.

The first thing that started happening was that I was having mental dissonance – in other words, what I was told was taking place at the conference was much different that what was actually happening.  This immediately raised questions in my mind.  The next thing that was happening was that I was struck by how poor the quality of the presentation was, compared with the intensely positive reactions from the crowd.  The people at my table seemed star struck by the speaker, when clearly the speaker did not have the resume, competence, or quality to deserve the level of attraction she was attaining.  Then I began experiencing the physical effects of what was being transmitted.

The technological entrainment or transmission I experienced felt like an attempt to separate me from my heart frequencies – it felt like a direct attack on my heart energy. How I handled this was the following:  I claimed my physical and energetic space through declaration, I put my hand over my heart as a physical reminder and consciously felt the physical feelings of my heart connection, I regrounded myself within my body, I declared my energetic and physical sovereignty, I asked my guardian angels and Archangel Michael to surround me and to protect my soul connection and my heart connection, and I physically got up and left the conference, and waited outside. After a time, I was able to re-enter the room later and sit at the back of it, and no longer felt these intense energy transmissions.

The spell was broken.

Here is why these self-protection and self-sovereignty techniques work:  The heart frequencies are in a higher dimension than these technologies.

If we can release our fear in the moment, which naturally lowers our frequency, and recommit to embodying our heart frequencies, then nothing can effect our choice to align with our soul connection, which is the same thing as our heart connection.   What I mean is this: we get to choose what happens to us.  (See our article Spiritual Discernment and the Case for Grass Roots Galactic Contact for more on this including a spiritual and a physics based explanation of why this works.)

We have shifted into a time on this planet where our free will must be honored.  And, we can now achieve these higher dimensional states of being en masse.  Exciting!!


I’m not saying that technology doesn’t effect us based on the frequencies it emits, but I am saying that our heart-based intentions, actions and reponses overcome technological entrainment every time: Love is the primary force supporting our authority in this matter, and our soul connection is the authority of our own personal sovereignty.   (See this article for more: Spiritual Discernment and the Case for Grass Roots Galactic Contact.).

That’s why humans are special (wink).

I just want to clearly point out:  The way the word entrainment is generally being used is not a true definition of entrainment, meaning, that what is implied is that we can be forced against our will by technology.  This is simply not so – unless we accept transhumanism or freely give up our sovereignty and choose an unconscious state.  Why is this?  We are divine children of the Creator, that is why.  You have a divinity within you that is sovereign, and you get to choose how to live your life. This is  in alignment with universal and divine law, and forcing any being to comply with imposed outcomes is not.

Now, with true entrainment, which is from lower frequency to higher frequency, the higher frequency presence has to be careful to adjust itself so that it does not cause an unintended shift upward in consciousness, before the human being is ready – i.e., without permission but due to the basic physics involved.

Our discussion of entrainment also highlights the difference in behavior between human or other beings who honor and respect us as human beings and those who do not.  So, who do you wish to meet? And who would you wish to work with, or share your life with?  Who would you rather invite over to dinner?

The Dark Nobles:  Having Compassion for Those Whose for whom the World is Irreparably Changing

Cleary, if you wish to increase your consciousness, live a more loving life, align more closely with who you truly are, and follow your Soul’s path, this is exciting and, even, a wonderful time to be alive.

If you wish to maintain the status quo of human consciousness, or you wish it to go even lower, however, and you are deeply committed to forced outcomes upon humanity, then this is a time that is full of agitation and anxiety, frustration and angering moments.

I’m not sure how this will sound, after that discussion above on entrainment but, I feel this is deeply important:

Let’s have compassion for those whose world is irreparably changing.

For those who are deeply committed to maintaining the status quo, their world is in disarray due to rising human consciousness.  All of their tactics have been unable to control this outcome, or to change it.

And these are our brothers and sisters, also.

We may wish to spend more time with our seemingly fun brothers and sisters of the stars for example.  But, for humanity to truly heal and ascend our consciousness to be able to meet our star families, we will be required to practice compassion and forgiveness.

We can call the groups who have been at the apex, at the helm of the powers that controlled this world the Dark Nobles.  Let’s appreciate this group for what they are:  The Dark Nobles have been catalysts for the awakening of human consciousness.

Without this group, we would not have gotten to here so readily.

This was the true meaning of the end of the Mayan calendar, termed ‘the end of the world’.  December 12, 2012 through December 21, 2012 was the beginning of the end of the world for the dark forces.  It was at this time, that a large mass of darkness – the size of a significant portion of the planet, but in an energetic state, departed planet Earth.  It was at this time, that the darkness left Gaia. This chunk of darkness was the anchor energy holding the dark forces in their high positions on Earth, and was essentially their spiritual power source.

Poof, gone.  Just like that.  End of the Mayan calendar.  Humanity is free – all bets are off.

When are we going to start acting like we have freedom?

You know, I’d like to talk about about the Soul path of the Dark Nobles, and tell you what happens to them on Earth, and here it is:

The Dark Nobles eventually agree to upshift in frequency, and they become guardians of ‘the Peace Portal’.  When this happens and how this happens, in our timeframe here on Earth, I do not know.  But, I have participated in the energy planes in the ceremony in which this occurred, in the presence of Archangel Michael, and it was full of celestial pomp and circumstance, and it was full of honoring and deep respect, regard and gratitude for the role the Dark Nobles, and the role the dark forces in general, have played throughout human history.

The interplay of the dark and the light on Earth has been, and still, an epic journey, and amazing story, an exciting adventure, and a reunion of Souls from around the galaxy.

And so it is.

And now, returning to the realm of extraterrestrial and galactic beings, I just have one question for you:

Why Do the Greys Get to Represent All Extraterrestrial Beings? Lol

Okay, I’m joking a bit, here.

But, moving on from the topic of ‘entrainment towards lower frequencies’, or, more aptly described, enforced habituation, here is what I want to know:

Why are greys the (almost) sole representatives of extraterrestrial beings on media, social media, and the like?

Look at your t-shirts, your emojis, your baseball caps, and all the general imagery of what extraterrestrials look like.

Now I’m not talking the websites focused on the Galactic Federation or channelers bringing through galactic beings and focused on ascension.  I’m talking about the general mass medias and social medias.  Thank goodness for the movie ET or we’d be sorely at a loss for variety, although he basically looks like a grey who is brown with big human eyes.

Yep, thank goodness for Star Wars, Star Trek and Avatar and such.  Perhaps it’s copyrights that prevent beings that look like characters in these shows and movies from being more widely distributed?

The assumption seems to be that only greys are the real extraterrestrials, and the rest (like the variety of beings shown on Star Trek or Star Wars) are made up sci-fi fantasy. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Is anyone else tired of always looking at those large black eyes?  Can we get some gorgeous Pleiadians, or even a suave reptilian or two, out into the mass media and social media?  (‘People of Earth’, anyone?  I love that show!)

I guess, if a galactic being was a gorgeous looking 20-something year old human-looking being, we wouldn’t take galactics seriously – or would we?

Enforced habituation – I’m onto something here, guys, really.

Rant ended.  Sheesh – what did I tell you about higher frequencies causing agitation as we entrain higher? Lol, it happens to us all.

First Contact Will Be Based on Our Readiness to Expand Our Consciousness 

All of this is why first contact will be based on our readiness to expand our consciousness.

What I am saying is that perceived delays in first contact are not so much do to us being fearful, as to advance the opportunity for us to raise our consciousness.

Simply look at YouTube videos of people seeing lightship and UFO phenomena.  Take the blue object that hung over the sky in Southern  California in November of 2015.  What was the reaction of those making videos?  Amazement and excitement.  And, you see this over and over.  Human beings feel awe and wonder initially when viewing mystery objects in the sky.  (Unless it turns out that they are F-16s doing maneuvers above you, then you are just trembling while the ground shakes, lol – just joking (not really) – it helps if Lynard Skynard is playing when that happens.) What I’m saying is that we feel awe and wonder, unless we are, by training, ingrained not to.  This is my personal experience.  Maybe, it is yours also.

And then, it is up to us to develop the discernment to understand whether what we are seeing feels aligned with our highest outcomes for ourselves, personally, and for our human race.

However, great shifts in consciousness can happen quickly, and I believe that they can happen at the mutual consent of our souls.  What this means, is that while the above paragraphs about the interdimensional effects of lightships materializing are my truth in the moment that I write this, these circumstances are not fixed in stone and can change in any moment.  Meaning – humanity may be ready for this at any time, but it will be in alignment with our chosen group soul path, in the moment.

Put this view or proposal in the category of the miraculous, for now. I believe there is a science behind it. And, miracles occur around us with resounding frequency, so why not a miracle in the shift of human consciousness also?  The signs are all over that it is happening as we speak.  I entirely feel that this is possible, and I believe it is probable, also.

Atlantis and Forced Consciousness Upgrades

There is one aspect of this talk about harmlessness and the physics of entrainment that I’d like to address, and it has to do with the history of Atlantis.

In Atlantis, we tried the strategy of entraining the consciousness of the population to higher frequencies.  We did this without asking the permission of the individuals of the population, or even thinking that we should – we assumed it was for the highest good, and we sent out (actually, we flooded) frequencies into the environment through advanced technologies that caused the human and other beings living there to entrain to higher frequencies whether this was their chosen path or not.

We thought we were acting in the highest good of all. But, we weren’t.  We did not understand that forcing other people into consciousness was against their free will.

And, how did that work out?

I write this as a message to all of you who are energy workers and light workers, and to healers and intuitives sensitive to energy who may be saying intentions and making declarations, or doing actions in the physical or non-physical: to ask or direct others to the state of consciousness you desire is not honoring of that person’s free will, and thus, lowers your frequency, and at the same time, also creates the opposing outcome.

Forcing beings to move to higher consciousness creates the opposing outcome because you have chosen a dualistic frame of reference in which to operate, and in creating one aspect of that duality, you also create it’s opposite.

Did the Buddha bang people’s head into a wall and demand they enlighten?

Nope, but this is essentially what we are doing when we force light onto people who are not interested in changing their consciousness, or we force light onto our darker brothers and sisters.  As frustrating as this may seem, free will involves a choice, all around.

Invitation is an attractive position that is honoring of free will.  I believe it is more successful in the long run, also.  But, invitation takes time.


And, honoring free will can be a hard proposition to swallow, when you are desperate to see your star family again, when you long for love of the finest qualities.  But choosing to go against divine principles causes our frequency to lower immediately, and by our conscious or unconscious choice, moves us into a lower frequency range.

And then we get outcomes within that frequency range.

Like anti-entrainment, we move further from the goal we thought we were going for, not closer.  This is the basic physics at play.

And yet, all is in divine timing.

And miracles happen.

Qualifying our Intentions with Our Energetic Parameters

May I suggest the following:  that we consider qualifying our work and our intentions depending on however you personally feel guided.

I use the parameters that my heart guides me towards – although the timing will be divine timing, not human.  For me, these are parameters such as:  ‘in the highest good of all’, ‘in alignment with the higher selves of all’, and so on.  I don’t use my human brain to figure this out – I add this intention and I let go.

This is a way of doing things that involves trust and faith, and complete release of the ego and a conscious choice to align with divine will (without knowing the details of what that is!).

I Met My Teacher of Energy Parameters on an Airplane

I sat on the plane one day next to a gorgeous woman from the Bronx who was being sent to training on the west coast, and throughout the flight, in example after example, she explained the concept to me, this way:

‘I give it to God, honey.’

She was my teacher.

Her words impressed me greatly, and I ponder them to this day.

What she was doing was setting her energy parameters.  She expressed what she desired, and then, she consciously ‘gave it to God’ to handle, His way.

(Yep, I see God as gender neutral but please let’s use Him for the moment?  And – it is the broader message that counts, please personalize this message to your spiritual frame of reference.)

Can I clearly state this?  In my human self, I don’t know what is the best outcome for all, or even for myself, at times it seems.  So, I make my declarations, I set my intentions, I do my work in the world, but always with this caveat – I ask that what I intend be in the highest good of all, in alignment with my Soul’s path, in alignment with the frequencies of my I Am presence, and so on.

So, I ‘give it to God’ and accept that the Creator has dominion over all of these activities, and is the authority of what will transpire.  Am I getting too spiritual for you?  I have lived through some intense lifetimes and remember some big projects gone awry and, this is what I came to in this lifetime, as a result.

And because I took that plane ride.

I’ve got no control over circumstances, and especially no control over outcomes.  I just live my life.

Each of us will tailor what we do and say to the frequencies most closely resonating for us, but I am suggesting that “giving it to God’ has taken a great weight off of my shoulders, and removes me from the karmic cycle, also.  I write this and check in with my heart if it’s in highest good to publish it, and then I also ask that what transpires as a result of publishing my writing be in the highest good of all.  See how that works?

I actually use this process, in pretty much everything I do.  I say pretty much because I am human, and I’m gonna make mistakes.  That’s a given.

Doing this, will you see the changes, in the physical world, in your lifetime?  I have.  At least a couple times.  Enough to give me confirmation, personally.  The rest – I just trust – I’ve ‘given it to God’, and I have faith in life, and in love – in the Creator’s love for us, most of all.  Trust and faith, giving it to God, and the predominance of love.  Those are my strategic components now, when I am working, when I am intending for my life and when I am dreaming of peace for this world and love for humanity.

Will we make mistakes?  Will it be embarrassing?  Will we have screw ups?  Will the light prevail?  My personal answer is Yes to all these questions.

Will divine timing match our personal requirements and human-desired schedule?  Not gonna go there.

Having the Discussion, Raises Our Consciousness 

I feel that first contact will happen when we are ready, when our group consciousness has made the choice and can receive the galactic presence with love rather than fear, universally across the human race, and that harmlessness is at the basis of the galactic strategy.

So, whether meeting the galactic presence widely across humanity is today or in many days, I don’t know.  What I do know is that to raise awareness, to begin having the discussion, is a first step towards getting there, if this is truly our desire.

In the meantime, as individuals, can we visit these ships in our higher consciousness and meditations?  Yes, I feel that we can.  Can we have individual experiences of meeting galactic races in person?  Yes, I feel that we can.  Sometimes this will be in the non-physical. Sometimes, it will be in our dream state, or in meditation. Sometimes, we will individually meet them in the physical also?  I believe that this can happen.

Whatever the question, love is always the answer.  This is the premise behind harmlessness – love and honoring of the self, and love and honoring of all, as one.

Maybe we could learn something by studying these galactic strategies.



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