Measurement and New Technology

I was talking with an inventor of new technologies, some time ago.  Some inventors are very focused on gathering data that is the ultimate proof that their new technology actually works.

The issue with this data, is that it lowered the frequency of the tasks being performed.  What I mean is, that the machine off which measurements were attempting to be produced, was functioning at such a high frequency, that it was immeasurable to the inventor.  In my view.

I had this view, because I could feel the energy field of the machine, and what I was feeling was in no way noticed by the inventor’s technological measurement ability.

What did happen, is that actual effects were observed, and then conclusions were drawn.

So, as we look to new technologies, a scientific approach relying on observation, I feel, will produce more reliable assessments of what is truly occurring.

Measurement Asks Us to Go Outside Our Personal Experience, for Verification 

Because if the technology is new, the ability to measure it’s effect with instruments may be beyond our capability.  But our powers of observation, and our telling of our experience, are human oriented tools that will serve us well in these endeavors.

There is another aspect of the need for measurement:  if human consciousness is increasing, it is highly likely that we will create some new stuff, some new ideas, concepts, processes, machines, inventions, that have never been seen before.  Measurement asks something or someone outside of ourselves to validate these new experiences for us.

Using Human Oriented Tools and Abilities to Assess and Create the New, With Success

Validation of new, cutting edge, never been seen before stuff doesn’t come from outside the creation environment.  What would an average person have said to Tesla if he had told them how he was creating energy, without personally observing his ability?  No, those who are creating the new must be such strong proponents of what they experience, of their vision, that their personal will and creativity brings to life that creation, in co-creation with Life which dwells within each of us.  In my view, it is really the full connection to Life, or as I would say, our Soul’s inspiration singing through us, that adds the power to such creations.

We Will Be Able to Measure the Effects and Validity of New Technologies, When We Can Measure the Human Spirit

Look at those who created the new, the never been done before, that have changed our world:  Steve Jobs, Einstein, and so on.  These are human beings whose technologies, and the effects produced by their creations, could not be measured ahead of time.  Steve Jobs used his personal vision to imagine outcomes, and Einstein used his ability to create thought experiments to create new theories.  Their human orientation, their reliance of their own humanity, served them well in creating, and I’d say, was the reason their creations (new technology, new theories, and so on) succeeded in the first place.

New technology, I feel, that is of particular interest to me will have these qualities:  it will be fifth dimensional (5D and higher dimensional), it will be technology of the sort and frequencies also used by the galactic lightships in the sky, and it will be interdimensional, because we humans will be interdimensional (and technically we already are) – we will be living in physical form while using higher frequency new technology.  And, most importantly, they will be utilized in the highest good of all beings.

New technologies that truly aid the human race, and individual human beings, in living a human oriented life in which our Soul’s inspiration sings through us, will be understandable as measurable when we can measure and understand the frequency of the human spirit.  Or, when we can understand that measurement of these frequencies does not matter.

I say this because new technologies that truly shift our world in the highest good of all humanity, will be of this same frequency, that of the human spirit or Soul.

Love, Solaris

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