What I love about this discussion is the topic of interdimensionality. This is the concept of – what are the characteristics of things that seem the same – but are in different realities or frequencies?  This article explores interdimensionality in our skies.  And, the photography is nice. – Susan

What’s the Deal with Metal Ships Versus Lightships?

Why do we see so many videos and photos of UFOs that are clearly a type of metal out on YouTube and the like?

Is it lack of imagination? Lol.

Well, I’d say that there are several things going on here.

The first, is that human beings tend to build things that go up in the sky out of metal. Because that is our technology.

The second is that some off-world beings also build ships out of metal.

And the third, is that there are some beings that build ships out of ‘light’.

Without getting too much into the physics of it, let’s just say that this would seem ‘solid’ to us if we were them, potentially. If they have forms, or a type of body, like we do (a ‘lightbody’).

So, now we can get into the physics. We all know there are different dimensions.

Metal Ships are 3rd/4th Dimensional

It’s my view that metal ships are third and potentially even fourth dimensional. This makes sense because the third dimension is about the physical, and having physical bodies. The fourth dimension, in my view, is about the non-physical, and is closely paired with the third dimension.

How would a metal ship then be fourth dimensional? Perhaps certain cloaking frequencies could facilitate this, making them lighter and invisible to us. And, their sense of time, relative to our perception, is slightly altered because their ability to fly at great speed creates a fourth dimensional frequency.

Characteristics of Third and Fourth Dimensional Visitors

The third and fourth dimensions are characterized by duality and polarity. Thus, the beings we might meet from these same dimensions as us have the potential of embodying the whole range of what being in duality and polarity imply. (Good versus evil, light versus dark, male and female, etc.)

Lightships are 5th Dimensional (and Higher)

When we look up and see clouds-shaped like ships, or we see lenticular clouds that represent a kind of ship, these are lightships. They are not third or even fourth dimensional. How, then, can they be made of clouds, or water vapor?

My sense is that lightships are for our benefit.

It’s the way that they can show us who they are, and that they are here.

And, it’s a way of cloaking or hiding their effects on atmospheric conditions that we might notice, because, in my view, higher frequency ships and energies cause rippling and other effects on actual clouds and cloud banks.

Because, the higher dimensional frequencies of the fifth dimension and higher, are, simply, mostly invisible to us. You typically require one of the ‘clairs’ to experience these dimensions – clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.

Characteristics of Fifth Dimensional Visitors (and Higher)

The fifth dimensional realm is one of connection with the heart space, connection with spirit and our own divinity, of connection with our soul. It is a realm that requires spiritual maturity for a human being to experience.

And so, we could imagine that visitors from this realm would be what we might describe as more spiritual beings. Meaning, that they have moved away from duality and polarity, and live in peace with each other in accordance with divine principles in the highest good of all.

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