galacticThe business of galactic work is quite a different one, one where the whole person matters.

On Friday, I had an unusual encounter in the morning using an unusual communication style.  It was a morning meeting, of sorts.  I’m smiling inside because when I was working in corporate, our “morning meetings” were all talk and all business.  But, this meeting was about encouragement and love.

After last week’s events in the US Presidential election, I found myself somewhat despondent and adrift-feeling on Friday morning.  After spending the debate making declarations, I concluded that the only thing I could change was my Self, the only focus of government that I could truly effect was governing my Self.

Still, I found the state of affairs in this nation’s politics depressing and honestly the distraction of these energies had gotten to me.

So I was walking my dog, early in the morning, and just feeling, letting the feelings pass through me, knowing that I wished to bring my focus to the present, to Now, and that I wished to pour forth my energies Now.

Suddenly I saw a white flash, a white rectangle, appear and disappear very quickly, at the periphery of my vision.  I turned quickly and my dog quickly went right towards the young trees where I had seen it.

My sensitivity is high and energetically I felt immediately that this was more of an angelic type presence.  My dog turned his nose towards where the flash of white had been, sniffed and with a nod of his head acknowledged the energy there, but was completely comfortable with it and turned to pursue more interesting scents.  To me this was confirmation that I had seen something and that there was an unseen presence there.

But on further feeling in to the energy, I felt this was a galactic presence.  What does this mean?  What I perceived was a humanoid being with a very warm and caring presence.  I perceived a human type form and presence and I felt that this person had “come in” to encourage me.  The being felt so familiar, like a friend from long ago, but with their previous place in my life completely hidden behind a curtain of not-knowing.  But, what I saw with clairvoyance was their “uniform”, a ship, activities and goings on, on their ship, and that this was all related to their “world”.

There were no words exchanged at first, just the feelings, just this presence allowing me to sense who they were, so that I could get comfortable with them.  Staying a certain distance from me so as not to approach too closely.  Until I was certain, I knew, this was a friend.

Then, I was ready for whatever came next.

Telepathic and Empathic Communication

It’s hard to explain this communication as it is not words, but long packets of “knowing” that don’t require words.  My conscious mind completely would understand it, if the transmission was slowed down, but because my conscious mind isn’t involved, the information flows at “light speed”, i.e., it is quite fast.  I can receive an entire transmission of a short conversation in about one second.

Over the years, in my dreams, I have remembered these kinds of communications styles.  In one (past life) society I remember, we would have one command, one word, that represented a whole set of things.  Kind of like verbal hieroglyphics.  One simple word could communicate an entire range of actions or steps to be taken.

This communication with a galactic being on Friday morning was different because what was being acknowledged in that one second was the full range of what I had experienced the past week or more, how I felt about it, what I had thought about it, and exactly how I was feeling that morning, my specific thoughts and questions that I was pondering.  If I was to say to another human being, “I really get you”, well that was the general message.  However, at the same time this understanding was communicated, I could see that this other being could actually see all of these things as if they had seen my life, heard my thoughts, felt my emotions, as if they could read all of this, just looking at my field.

Now, as I said, I knew this was a friend.  They were not “prying” into me or crossing boundaries.  This is because my energetic stance with them was, open hearted.  Once I had assessed their energies, I knew I would be open and transparent with them.

Why is this?  I knew from the feel of the being and from the lightship I saw him connected to, that this was a fifth dimensional frequency or higher.  Although this being was more androgynous than a gender, overall I perceived the presence as more male.

I understand that galactic beings of the fifth dimension and higher are naturally telepathic and empathic.  One of the reasons that I have practiced controlling my thoughts and my mind is in preparation to meet these sorts of beings.  That way, I don’t have all sorts of laundry lists (lol) running through my mind and cluttering up any conversation.  I’ve had to practice for several years to get to this place.  A clear mind.
So, it’s not like they are prying, but if you’re in front of one, they are going to know your dominant thoughts because to them it’s like we are talking out loud.

The same goes with emotions and emotional reactions.  This is why, if you are interested in working with galactics now or someday, practicing spiritual development and “letting go” and releasing old emotions and healing emotional wounds will help with your journey.  It’s also how we human beings ascend in frequency and access higher dimensions, so these things go hand in hand quite well.

Strong negative emotions or strongly polarized emotions are quite uncomfortable for them – and if these emotions are strong enough our frequency lowers so much that we can no longer feel or contact fifth-plus dimensional beings, and they will not be able to connect with us.  This includes states of being that suppress our emotions like anxiety, shame, guilt, jealousy, dominance, and so on.

Back to my encounter.

When the galactic being acknowledged “where I was at”, I responded with a simple acknowledgement that included my wish to change states.  To focus on “Now” and to pursue the work I’m guided to do.

Again, the being prompted me with, not words or feelings or even a packet of information.  What they sent me was a light, “heart pulse”.  It was like an offering to connect with them at the heart level.

And I said, “yes”.  Not in words, mind you.  Instead, my whole being raised up in frequency (at the excitement of heart sharing) and I opened my heart towards their heart.  How I do this is to send the feeling of my heart’s love toward their heart. This is a simple feeling of love.  It doesn’t contain any other messages or personal desires.  Just love.

When I opened my heart and let my love flow and focused on their heart, I felt this being do the same.  And the feeling of incredible love poured forth and my heart felt this and opened to match this frequency.  The loving feelings were incredible and so expanding in my heart.  The physical feeling of this is very gratifying and brought tears to my eyes.  I felt awe at these loving feelings and I felt gratitude.

Suddenly, I Remembered

In addition, I remembered.  Suddenly, in the midst of this great flow of love, I remembered that all is well.  I remembered my strength.  I remembered my commitment to my journey, to my soul purpose, to being here on earth, to my work as a part of humanity.

The relief of these feelings poured into me, and I felt my confidence and optimism returning.  I felt my commitment to my mission, the possibility that my dreams could come true, are coming true.  I delighted and delighted at receiving this expression and this sharing.

Here were my reinforcements, my shore leave, my restoration and my confirmation all rolled up into one.  I walked a bit with my dog and then turned to ask if I could share at the heart again with him.  I breathed in and out of my heart, I felt my resolve strengthen.

And then I thanked this being, acknowledged I was done, acknowledged his mission of “moral support” through his presence, acknowledged that I was “good to go” now, and I turned and went forth to continue my day.

Morning meeting, concluded.

Love, Solaris

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