Signs in the Sky: An Interview with Andrea Scully

Solaris: I have wanted to interview people regarding their personal experiences of the sky and sky phenomena for some time, now.  I meet people and think, gee, I’d love to post that person’s story!  

Today I’m so happy to present our interview with Andrea Scully, who has graciously agreed to be interviewed about her experiences viewing sky phenomena, and her conclusions about how interactions with these phenomena reflect consciousness.

Andrea Scully is Administrator of the Gaia Scene Community Forum and Gaia Scenics’ View blog, serving in leadership roles while co-creating with community.


Solaris: Andrea, thank you so much for being our first guest to be interviewed on Solaris Modalis!  Would you please tell us about your experiences with sky phenomena?

Andrea:  For me, it’s really not about conversations with galactics.  I’m okay with that, but it’s not my experience.

My experience is that the clouds in the sky mirror, or interact with, the conversations that I’m having in real time.  The thoughts that I’m having in real time.  They mirror and interact directly with my consciousness.  That’s what happens for me.

For example, if I’m wondering about situations, and I think, ‘Gee, I wish I had signs or omens’, and I look up at the clouds in the sky, I’ll get ancient alphabets or totems.

One time, my cousin and I were driving across the desert, and it was amazing.  We had dolphins jumping and diving through the sky, we had wild horses. And she saw it too, it wasn’t just me.  And whatever it was showing up in the sky, it was in direct alignment with what we were talking about.

Solaris: Why do you feel that the sky and clouds interact with you in this way?

Andrea: I feel, on some level, that this is what happens for me because I’m so air-oriented.  The mental, or air element, is so strong in me.  I think everyone has alignment with these Devic kingdoms.  For some people it’s earth, for some water, for some fire, for me it’s air. At least, this is the predominate one for me.

Solaris:  Andrea, could you let us know how you define ‘Devic kingdoms’?  What are they?

Andrea: A good question. The Devic Kingdoms by my definition are those natural kingdoms of earth, air, fire and water. They’re in essence the same as elemental kingdoms, or at least they are to my understanding.

The essence of an elemental is not a singular entity, although it is possible to interact with them as such. The On-Aira conversations on my personal blog are just this. I asked for a spokesperson to come forward and one did. She named herself On-Aira for my benefit, as she made it plain that she did not have or need a name.

In her natural realms, she is known by her vibration. Also, she made it clear that she came forth to represent a group consciousness. A collective consciousness that she was an integral part of. Hard to imagine from a human point of view, but this is what I was told in our interactions.

Also, when I asked where she ‘resided’ or what dimension, she told me her kind resides in all dimensions, and permeate all the Kingdoms on Gaia and elsewhere too. Perhaps like a network of nerves inside the body does. She went so far as to say without her collective interaction in my being, my being in form would be not viable. In other words, not able to sustain life.

You can read An Invitation to Commune with the Air Elementals for 40 Days, on my blog, for more.

Solaris:  Thank you!  So, you feel very aligned with the air elementals?

Andrea:  When I first started channeling, and the air elemental came through, she said it was my agreement with her, that we had set up ahead of time.  On-Aira said that we knew that there was a probability that at some time during my life, she would set me up, help me open this channel to the air elementals.   She said I had information I had stored with them, so that through working with her, I could learn to access that, and learn to access my Higher Self.

It’s all chronicled on my blog, Notes from the Center of the Spiral. I have all those channelings in chronological order in an ebook.  Contact me at if you desire to learn more about or to purchase the ebook, titled Me Meeting Me, A Journey Back to Self by Andrea Scully. [Editor – soon to be featured on our GSV sidebar for purchase.]

If anyone is interested in my direct communication with the air elementals, and how that played out for me on a personal basis, it’s all in the book.  There are about 70 channelings in the book, that came through in my automatic writing sessions.  These channelings tell the story of Me Meeting Me, a chronicle, if you will, of becoming reacquainted with my Higher Self.

Solaris:  This is such a great story – that you had an agreement with an air elemental and that you stored information with the air elementals, and then you began automatic writing, and you remembered!

Andrea: That’s what I was told in an automatic writing session by the air elemental who called herself On-Aira, a name I found amusing!

Solaris: So, do the channelings talk about the information that you stored with the air elementals?

Andrea: Yes, they do.

And that is part of what I found so fascinating about that process.  It was this whole suggestion, that I had left a message for myself. I did not remember leaving this message, but the whole idea was so juicy and alluring for me that I found it irresistible. It sounds just like something I would do if I thought I was sure to forget something important later. Like a treasure map, inviting me to an adventure.

I was thinking, why should I do channeling? But I kept getting this inner ‘ding’, and I was thinking why should I do this? Because, I know that I’m a channel for divinity already.

I’m formally dedicated as a pagan priestess, I’m a representative of HER, the Goddess of the Universe, so when I interact with people that is always one of the subtopics that I’m doing as a being.  I don’t care if I get any attention for it.

But, the whole draw into doing channeling through automatic writing was that the idea of doing it kept bugging me, until I did it.

And, the second thing was that I had left a packet of information with this air elemental kingdom.

What On-Aira told me, was that if I came every day for 40 days, they would deliver the package to me.  And it so intrigued me, that I agreed to do it – this premise was so juicy and alluring to me, it got me to do it.

Solaris: What was so juicy and alluring?

Andrea: Well, that just sounds like something really crazy I might do!

Let’s see, I know I would think this: ‘I’m going to the land of amnesia (Earth), where I’m going to forget everything.  How can I leave a ‘note in a bottle’ to myself?  How can I leave a path to reconnect with myself?

Apparently, I did.  And that is the kind of pirate-like adventure story that might really be alluring to me enough to follow it and investigate it.  ‘Ooh, a cool mystical puzzle!’ Yep, it’s on! (Laughing…)

Solaris:  It just brings up these strong emotions in me to hear this.  They are, sort of, gratitude, and ‘wow!’, and wonder, and resonance. What a wonderful experience. You recognized yourself and your own activity in this ‘quest’ that the air elemental was proposing! Lol.

Andrea: I think this is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of.  And, I think it’s what many people are missing.  Well, definitely we are missing that connection with ourselves.  And we are missing the FUN part of the adventure.  We are certainly not missing the shitty part of the adventure!  We sure have the survival part, but we are missing the mystical part and the fun part.  And I know that I’m tired of that and I know most people are.

So, how do we connect again to our natural access to the great mystery?

Solaris:  God, that is beautiful!

Andrea: So, when we are talking about clouds dancing in the sky, in conjunction with my consciousness in any given moment, yeah, that is the great mystery, baby!

Solaris: What you are saying about connecting to ‘the great mystery’ reminds me of when I am working on a physics theory or I’m trying to apply that physics understanding to the lightship shapes that I see in the sky.

Sometimes, I will be looking at a shape, and I will have an image of a ship in my mind.  And then, suddenly, the image I see in my mind is moving and I can see the energy flows of the mechanism of the ship.

Andrea: Yes – why not containers of consciousness expressing themselves in sacred geometric forms?  Why not?  As human beings, we are containers of consciousness in form, are we not ?

Solaris:  Yes.

Andrea: This is where we are conditioned to draw artificial lines of separation.  These lines aren’t really true.  They are like lines on a two-dimensional map compared to the actual terrain.  The actually terrain is something much broader and much more magical.  And,  the true terrain can never accurately be depicted by two dimensional lines on a map.

Maps are useful only in terms of trying to communicate approximately what we are talking about to each other.  But, they are not to be confused with an accurate depiction of the great mystery as any of us perceive it. They aren’t accurate, they are highly distorted, simply by the factor of the way that using language is so limiting.

And then, there is a translation factor, in the way things are spoken, in body language, there is going to be a filter factor in what is going on.  There is always something lost and something gained in a translation.  It is always something lost and something gained. This is the magic and the beauty, and the tragedy and limitations of the interactions themselves. So now we really get esoteric.

Solaris:  What did you mean ‘lines on a two-dimensional map’?

Andrea: These are lines that we draw (metaphorically). Why do we separate ourselves, from believing that any part of consciousness could be a container?

Solaris:  The featured image we used for this post is one of yours.  It is an amazing clear arrow made of a giant arrow-shaped cloud, in the sky (and it is unedited and unretouched).

Can you tell us the story of seeing the arrow?  The arrow cloud is amazing!

Andrea: George, my husband, and I were talking about what direction we wanted to take in terms of where we wanted to live and what we wanted to do about our life story.  And then, we saw this arrow in the sky, as we were discussing it.

Solaris:  And what did that mean to you?

Andrea: We just started laughing!  To me it meant… it was like an omen, because what we were discussing was making a 90-degree turn from what we had been thinking about, so I saw it as an omen of agreement, just as we were driving, this arrow appeared right in front of us.

We see this sort of thing all the time.  Not always this ridiculously specific.  It was like someone cut an arrow out of a cloud right in front of us in the sky.

When George saw it, he said he thought it was an angel.  And that’s another layer, and yes, I feel there is angelic presence, and guidance, and co-creation and protection going on in my life, so yes, all of the above.

I don’t feel agreement with drawing a line saying ‘yes, it’s this’ or, ‘yes, it’s that’, because in my perception, my experience is to perceive layers of meaning.  And, I no longer feel the need to feel confused by that.  I just let my mind expand into that. Into those realities.  And the more I do that, the more of it shows up.  It’s not a multiple choice question.  You can choose them all – all the meanings – and they can all agree to be true.

Solaris:  I agree!

Andrea: It’s like, as soon as there is a point of perception to perceive something, that mere fact is enough to create a distortion.  I’m not saying it makes it not true.  But just that there is a point of perception that is perceiving it, there is something that is not full truth.  But, maybe if you can get the all the whole points of perception, you can get the whole truth.

It’s thoughts like this that keep me humble, and that cause me to respect those with different points of perception.  I may not share them and I may not agree, but there never was a promise that that would be the case, anyway.  And if somebody promised me that, they lied, because that is not the way it played out at all.  Lol!

Solaris:  Andrea, thanks so much for taking the time to share your wisdom today, about the sky and so much more!  It has been fascinating talking with you.

Dear readers, I hope that this discussion of the sky and of consciousness has expanded your views and your vistas, because I know that it has expanded mine!



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