pleiadesIt is 11:55pm, and I walk out to my deck.  The night sky and the stars and constellations are arrayed in a line above the hill before me:  Sirius, Orion, Pleiades.

And I think, this is someone’s idea of a cosmic joke on me.

I moved here a year ago, when the constellations were arrayed exactly as they are now out my window.  Galactic stories have filled my off time, through the years, like a hobby that took over my life.  Memories and current experiences blend together with a common theme:  I am from the stars, and I know it.  And, I love this planet dearly, and all the stories and friendships that I have built here.

And yet, I walk out on the deck in the cool night air to see:  Sirius, Orion, Pleiades.

It still stuns me that this is the arrangement of stars before me, that this is my view.  Had I tried to search for a view with the night sky lined up so perfectly facing these cosmic places, how hard would that have been to find?

And yet, here they are, here they fell into my lap, perfectly and easily.  Like it is meant to be that I see them.

I love the blue glow of Sirius, and it’s perfect brightness.  Sometimes it appears as if it is dancing before me, in those private moments in the middle of the night when it seems so much closer than usual.

Orion, ‘argh’, for how long I have I looked up at this constellation with this feeling, like I don’t want to look, or remember, even.  I’ve been practicing looking up at it standing tall and without judgment, just being and seeing.

And the Pleiades, always watching, and for me, there is no feeling – there, a presence, constant, watching.  Maybe it’s because they seem to have such happy fairy energy when I see images of what they look like, and I have always been so serious, so focused, that sometimes this lightness annoys me.  Maybe after I’ve learned to fully love myself and enlighten up it will be better, lol.  And doesn’t it seem like everyone is from the Pleiades?  Some of my closest friends, even.

I was moved to write this evening after I felt moved to step out into the darkness and view the stars on the ceiling, ha ha, view the wonderous blanket of sparkles before me.

I have that feeling that I have sometimes… a feeling that time is in stillness, that it is that special moment when the past, present and future are one.

Tonight, this feeling fills me.

A reset.

Different stars will sparkle or flash and catch my attention, and I wonder what secrets they are holding.  They certainly comfort me, make me laugh, send me into awe, and provide hopeful feeling.

I often feel that the stars we can see in the night sky, represent our faith, our hope.  They sparkle and shine the way the light sparkles and shines in our heart.  And they provide that memory, innately, when we are lost and wondering, wondering where is the meaning.

A new beginning.

I have been involved with lots of energy work recently, which I do as out of love and devotion to the path of peace, and healing for myself, which flows out to our world, and our people.  So many big changes have manifested energetically since January 20, 2017, a big marker for me and for this country.  Changes seem to be much more rapidly arriving and manifesting in the physical world than ever before.

We have the chance, now, to move forward.

We have the chance to allow the lights within us to flame into the passionate fire of love and creativity.  We have the chance to change our world.

The pots and pans banging going on in the world is so distracting.  And I’m just getting a funny image in my mind of myself as a child in ponytails, putting my fingers in my ears and going “la la la” as loud as I can because I’m not going to listen!

And this is what I am thinking –

What choice best serves my Now moment?

Is it responding to the offer to fight, or is it focusing?

Is it complaining, once again, about what could be better, or is it looking and making the changes inside, without a zing?

Is it opening to the love in our hearts first and foremost, and being encouraging?

Is it loving our neighbors, as our Selves, so that we love our Selves so very much, and then we open our hearts, and make the whole world sing.

Our past, present, and future are watching.

Love, Solaris

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UFO: Sirius at Night

If you are interested, I recently took videos of a UFO moving in front of the star Sirius, so that the star seemed to be ‘dancing’.  In each video the UFO has slight different characteristics.  Links follow:

Video 1: UFO starts smaller and expands, moves in and out of frame, green flash at 21 seconds.

Video 2: UFO expands it’s size and moves around – with green flash at 11 seconds.

Video 3:  UFO and I are finally coordinated and it stays in the frame the entire time!

All photography and videos by Solaris Modalis are unedited.

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